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Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Streets in Calderdale : E

Streets in Calderdale



Eagle Street, Todmorden

Earl's End, Ovenden

Earl Street, Claremount
Recorded in 1871, 1874 and 1936.

Ran north-east between St Thomas Street, Claremount and Parsonage Street, Claremount. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Earls Terrace, Ovenden

East Bolton, Illingworth

East Byland, Illingworth

East Fountains, Illingworth

East Lee Lane, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

East Longley, Sowerby Bridge

See East Longley Farm, Norland

East Mount, Brighouse

East Mount Place, Brighouse

East Parade, Sowerby Bridge

East Park Road, Lee Mount
After World War II, the name of Japan Street, Ovenden was changed to East Park Road

East Royd, Hipperholme

East Street, Brighouse
Recorded in 1891

East Street, Lightcliffe

East Street, Sowerby Bridge

East View, Elland

East View, Halifax

East View Lane, Holywell Green

East View, Lee Mount

East View, Luddendenfoot

East View, Mytholmroyd
Cragg Road.

See West View, Mytholmroyd

East View, Sowerby Bridge

East Villa, Greetland

Eastcliffe, Halifax
Bank Top

Eastgate, Elland

See Dog Lane, Elland

Eastwood Avenue, Illingworth

Eastwood Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Eastwood Close, Illingworth

Eastwood Grove, Illingworth

Eastwood Lane, Todmorden

Some of the buildings here are listed

Eastwood Lee Lane, Todmorden

Eastwood Road, Todmorden

Eastwood Street, Brighouse

Eastwood Street, Ovenden

Eaves Avenue, Hebden Bridge
The Milking Bridge over Colden Water is here

Eaves Mount, Hebden Bridge

Eaves Road, Hebden Bridge

Ebenezer Court, Halifax
Recorded in 1874, 1905 and 1936 off Pearson Street

Ebenezer Yard, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Pearson Street

Ebor Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 at Savile Park

Eccles Parlour, Cottonstones

Edge End, Mixenden

Edge Hey Green, Hebden Bridge
There were stocks here

Edge Lane, Heptonstall

Listed buildings in Edge Lane

See Everhill Shaw, Heptonstall, Halstead Green Farm, Heptonstall, Hoar Side Farm, Heptonstall, Lower Fold, Heptonstall, New Edge Farm, Heptonstall, Old Edge, Heptonstall, Popple Close Farm, Heptonstall and Workhouse Green Farm, Heptonstall

Edge Moor Close, Halifax

Edgehey Green, Heptonstall

Edgeholme Lane, Warley
Named for Edge Holme

Edingdon Road, Mytholmroyd

Ediths View, Sowerby Bridge

Edmund Street, Todmorden

Edward Close, Southowram

Edward Street, Brighouse

Edward Street, Clifton
Clifton Common. Houses here were built by Benjamin Blackburn

Edward Street, Hebden Bridge

Edward Street, Sowerby Bridge

Edwards Road, Pye Nest

Edwards Terrace, Lee Mount

See Cropley's Buildings, Ovenden

Egerton Street, Sowerby Bridge

Egremont Street, Sowerby Bridge

Egremont Terrace, Sowerby Bridge

Eiffel Buildings, Hebden Bridge
The houses here are good examples of double-decker houses

Eiffel Street, Hebden Bridge
A good example of top-and-bottom housing.

See Eiffel Tower, Hebden Bridge

Elbow Lane, Luddenden

Elcho Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874, when it was off Lister Lane.

Recorded in 1944, when it was at Godley Bridge

Elder Lea, Illingworth

Eldon Place, Halifax
Recorded in 1874 off Hopwood Lane t

Eldon Royd Street, Halifax

Eldon Street, Halifax

Eldon Street, Todmorden

Eldroth Mount, Halifax

Eldroth Road, Halifax

Eleanor Street, Rastrick

Elephant Terrace, Halifax
Salterhebble Hill.

Named for the Elephant & Castle pub

Elgin Place, Sowerby Bridge

Elizabeth Street, Elland
(Possibly) named after a member of the Langdale family

Elizabeth Street, West Vale

Elland & Obelisk Turnpike
Aka Kirklees & Elland Turnpike Road. Turnpike road proposed in 1814
to commence at the tollgate on the Halifax & Huddersfield Turnpike Road near Elland Bridge, and to extend from thence in an easterly direction through and over the several townships of Elland, otherwise Elland-cum-Greetland, Southowram, Brighouse, otherwise Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse in the parish of Halifax, and through and over the township of Clifton, otherwise Hartshead-cum-Clifton in the parish of Dewsbury, to join the Dewsbury & Elland Turnpike Road at or near a certain obelisk in the last-mentioned township, belonging to the Sir George Armytage

It ran along the valley bottom from Elland to Brighouse, and beyond, was opened in 1815, replacing the earlier route via Southowram, Brookfoot, and Brighouse Wood Lane.

Tolls were abolished in 1880.

It is now the A6025

The obelisk in the name refers to the Dumb Steeple.

See James Maude Stott

Elland Hall Caravan Site, Elland

Elland Lane, Elland

See Old Earth Farm, Elland

Elland Riorges Link, Elland
Elland bypass.

See Riorges, France

Elland Road, Brighouse
The major road along the valley from Elland to Brighouse.

Part of the Elland & Obelisk Turnpike Road

Elland Road, Elland

See W. T. Knowles & Sons

Elland Road, Ripponden
The major road from Ripponden to Barkisland, Greetland and Elland.

The first part – from Halifax/Rochdale Road to Ripponden Railway Station – was also known as Station Road

Elland Road, Sowerby Bridge

See Ripponden bridge

Elland Wood Bottom
This is part of the main road from Halifax to Huddersfield, which comprises Ward's End, Commercial Street, Portland Place, Prescott Street, Skircoat Road, Spring Hall,, Huddersfield Road, Salterhebble Hill, Huddersfield Road, Elland Wood Bottom, Halifax Road and Calderdale Way.

Ellen Holme Lane, Luddendenfoot

See Swamp Cottage, Luddendenfoot

Ellen Holme, Luddendenfoot

Ellen Royd Lane, Luddendenfoot

Ellen Royd Street, Halifax
Range Bank

Ellenroyd, Halifax
Recorded in 1850 and 1874 at North Bridge / Range Bank / Range Lane, Halifax

Ellett's Court, Halifax

Ellison Street, Lee Mount

Ellistones Gardens, Greetland

Ellistones Lane, Greetland
Aka Outram's Lane [1854].

See Ellistones Lane Toll House

Ellistones Place, Greetland

Elm Avenue, Sowerby Bridge

Elm Avenue, Todmorden

Elm Cottage, Halifax
Area of Dunkirk

Elm Gardens, Halifax

Elm Grove, Shelf

Elm Place, Halifax

Elm Place, Sowerby Bridge

Elm Street, Stainland

Elm Terrace, Brighouse

Elm View, Halifax

Elmfield Terrace, Halifax

Elmwood Drive, Brighouse

Elmwood Street, Brighouse

Elmwood Street, Halifax

Elphaborough Close, Mytholmroyd

Elphin Court, Mytholmroyd
A sheltered housing complex

Elphin Grove, Mytholmroyd

Elsinore Avenue, Elland

Elsinore Court, Elland

Elwell Close, Shelf
Named for Mr Elwell of Aydon & Elwell

Ely Street, West Vale

Emmet's Court, Halifax
Aka Emmitt's Court. Recorded in 1874 off Gaol Lane / Woolshops

Emmet's Lower Court, Halifax
Aka Lower Emmott's Court, Halifax. Off Gaol Lane.

Recorded in 1850, 1871 and 1881

Empsall Row, Brighouse

Emscote Avenue, Halifax

Emscote Gardens, Halifax

Emscote Grove, Halifax

Emscote Place, Halifax

Emscote Street, Boothtown
One of a number of streets parallel to Boothtown Road, between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North.

Emscote Street South, Halifax
Bell Hall

Ena Street, Siddal

Enderby Close, Ovenden

Engine House Lane, Halifax
Skircoat. Recorded in 1905

Enville Road, Elland

Ernest Street, Halifax
Recorded in 1905 off Alabama Street / Queens Road

Ernest Street, Todmorden

Erringden Road, Mytholmroyd

Erringden Street, Todmorden

Eskdale Avenue, Shelf

Eskdale Mount, Hebden Bridge

Essex Street, Halifax

Essex Street, Hebden Bridge

Eton Street, Halifax
Off Gibbet Street. East of Harrow Street and west of Franklin Street.

Recorded in 1908

Eton Street, Hebden Bridge

Eton Terrace, Mytholmroyd

Eversley Lodge, Halifax

Eversley Mount, Halifax

Eversley Place, Halifax

Eversley Road, Hebden Bridge

Some of the buildings here are listed

Every Street, Todmorden
A popular local joke is
I've walked down every street in Tod

Ewood Court, Mytholmroyd

Ewood Drive, Mytholmroyd

Ewood Hall Avenue, Mytholmroyd

Ewood Hall Drive, Mytholmroyd

Ewood Lane, Todmorden

See Fielden Centre, Todmorden

Excelsior Close, Sowerby Bridge

Exchange Buildings, Halifax
Business accommodation at 41 Northgate.

Owners and tenants have included

See Exchange Chambers, Halifax

Exchange Street, West Vale
In 1905, it was called Richmond Street

See Richmond House

Exeter Street, Halifax

Exeter Street, Sowerby Bridge

Exley Bank, Exley

See New Road, Siddal

Exley Gardens, Exley

Exley Lane, Elland
Runs from Exley to Elland.

See New Road, Siddal

Exmoor Street, Halifax


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