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Old Market Halifax


The Old Market

Old Market was an area of Halifax town centre, adjoining Corn Market and Market Street.

It was the site of the town market.

The name Old Market is still retained.

In the 16th/17th century,

were here.

The Union Cross Tavern still stands on the market place.

In the 17th century, Sir Arthur Ingram attempted to obtain a charter to control and run the town's market, but the Vicar of Halifax led a successful protest against this, arguing that the market had been held since time immemorial.

In 1790, the market here was superseded by the New Market.

Starting on 26th July 1866, the street was widened Before the work could begin, Halifax Corporation had to buy the projecting front of Mr E. Bray's shop there.

The market is discussed in the collection of Prints by J. R. Smith and Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax.

See Old Market Gaol

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