Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Photograph

Grave of William Whitaker & Family

Brighouse Parish Church

The grave of William Whitaker & family at Brighouse Parish Church


In memory of 
Susy Furness, of Brighouse, 
who died the 4th day of October 1856, 
aged 52 years.
In remembrance of 
Sarah, the late wife of William Whitaker 
who departed this life September 27th 1860, 
aged 71 years.
Farewell bright soul, a sad farewell, 
till we shall meet again above,
in the sweet groves where pleasures dwell, 
and trees of life bear fruits of love.
Also the above named William Whitaker, 
who died December 3rd 1872, 
aged 79 years.
Also of Mary, widow of John Fawcett,
who died October 16th 1896, 
aged 66 years.

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