Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Photograph

Woodside Flour Mills, Elland

Some images of Woodside Flour Mills, Elland

Woodside Flour Mills, Elland

[Dated 1890]

This image [BR30.JPG] was kindly submitted by Brian Riordan

Looking from West Vale towards Salterhebble. Lumby's West Grove Boiler Works stands on the left of the Calder.

The North Dean Grease Works can be seen above and to the right of Lumby's.

Woodside Flour Mill stands on the right, along the Calder & Hebble with The Zoo – on the skyline – in the centre of the photograph.

The flat Sheffield Royd can be seen on the right.

The dark band crossing the land is said to be an uncompleted road linking West Vale to Elland bridge.

This image is from Stephen Gee's collection and appears here with his kind permission

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