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Town to the west of Halifax and on the western edge of Calderdale.

See Population, Parish statistics and Todmorden & Lancashire

The Todmorden Advertiser
First published by Richard Chambers on 5th November 1853. A weekly edition appeared in 1854.

In 1905, it was published by Frederick Lee & Company.

It later became The Todmorden News & Advertiser.

See John Blackburn

Todmorden Album
A website with a collection of photographs of people and places in and around Todmorden.

See Roger Birch

Todmorden Amateur Band
Recorded in September 1862

Todmorden & Cornholme Manufacturing & Company Limited
Ran the Vale Bobbin Mill, Cornholme between 1860 and 1894.

In December 1894, a winding-up notice was published and the Vale Bobbin Mill was advertised for sale.

See Cornholme Manufacturing Company

Todmorden & District Canine Society
Recorded on 1st March 1890, when they held their first show – with around 350 entries – at Todmorden Drill Hall and Carr Mill, Todmorden. They also included pigeons in the entries

Todmorden & District Carriage Company Limited
Livery stables, carriage and omnibus proprietors and bus, coach and private hire company established by Jonathan Gledhill and registered in March 1875. The company used the horse-buses of John Ormerod.

An advertisement for the business in 1882 announced that they were

... prepared to supply four-in-hand, tandem turnouts, omnibusses, waggonettes, drags, cabs, in first-class style

The first route was a Saturday service to Cornholme. This was followed by a service to the Woodman Inn at Charlestown, and a third to the Waggon & Horses at Walsden.

Their horses were stabled behind the Golden Lion.

In 1888, Mitchell Helliwell was Manager and Jonathan Gledhill was Secretary.

In 1900, their livery stables were at Canal Yard, Todmorden.

In December 1912, the horses and carriages of the Company were sold for £500.

See Edward William Bell Sendall

Todmorden & District Licensed Victuallers Wine & Beer Sellers Association
Established 1894.

See William Hollinrake and William Singleton

The Todmorden & District News
Newspaper published by Waddington & Bayes In July 1869. It was originally a 4-page paper, but subsequently increased to 8 pages.

In 1917, it was published in Fridays by Waddington & Sons

Todmorden & District Nursing Association
Recorded in 1912`1913.

In 1912, Mrs Greenwood gave £1,000 towards the Todmorden District Nursing Scheme

On 14th February 1913, the first annual meeting of the Todmorden & District Nursing Institute was reported

Todmorden & District Weavers' & Winders' Association
Recorded in March 1900.

James Wilkinson was Secretary until August 1911

See Todmorden Weavers' Association

The Todmorden & Hebden Bridge Advertiser & General News-letter
Aka Todmorden Advertiser & Hebden Bridge Newsletter. Newspaper published in November 1853. It was initially a monthly publication.

From 8th August 1857, it was published weekly on Friday.

In 1917, it was published by Frederick Lee

The Todmorden & Hebden Bridge Historical Almanack
The first edition appeared on 1st December 1865.
Containing a record of important local and other events from an early period to the present time

Published annually by W. Barker and John Firth, Thomas Dawson, and Mason & Howorth

Todmorden & Hebden Bridge School Board
Aka United District School Board of Todmorden. School Board set up in 1873.

See Cragg Vale Junior & Infant School, Crimsworth Board School and Roomfield Board School

Todmorden & Lancashire

Todmorden & Millwood Industrial & Co-operative Society Limited
Recorded in 1905

Todmorden & Walsden constables
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Police Officers in Todmorden & Walsden

See Todmorden & Walsden Select Vestry [1838], Todmorden Constables and Walsden Constables

Todmorden & Walsden Overseers of the Poor
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Overseer of the Poor for Todmorden & Walsden.

See Mankinholes Riots and Todmorden Board of Guardians

Todmorden & Walsden Select Vestry
So called because they met in the church vestry.

This was a forerunner of the Local Boards and Town Councils.

Small townships such as Todmorden & Walsden were governed by a committee of mainly self-appointed local individuals with money and time on their hands. These men were drawn from the freeholders, ratepayers and clergy. They could be described as

the Gentlemen, Clergy and principal inhabitants

They appointed officers from within their own ranks to serve the community

Todmorden & Walsden Website
Linda Briggs and Dorothy Hargreaves have created a comprehensive and accessible website with a vast collection of photographs and articles about Todmorden, Walsden and the western end of the Upper Calder Valley

Todmorden Angling Society
See Portsmouth Reservoir, Todmorden

Todmorden Antiquarian Society
Established in 1865

Todmorden Art Group
A non-profit making group of local artists. They present exhibitions of work by local artists.

See Platform One Gallery

Todmorden Band of Hope Union
Established in 1869.

On 31st July 1897

the finest show of teetotallers ever seen in Todmorden [took part] in the Union's procession [when] between 5,000 and 6,000 persons were present

See Band of Hope and Cornholme & Shore United Band of Hope

Todmorden Board of Guardians
The first meeting was held on 28th March 1888 at Todmorden Town Hall

See Mankinholes Riots, Todmorden & Walsden Overseers of the Poor and Todmorden Poor Law Union

Todmorden Book Club
Established in 1798.

Recorded in 1888 when George Slater was Secretary, T. Schofield was Treasurer, and Jeremiah Slater was Librarian.

See Todmorden Book Club

Todmorden Borough
The incorporation of Todmorden was mentioned in 1886 – see George Stone.

The Todmorden charter was presented to Queen Victoria on 13th May 1896. The borough was established on 22nd August 1896.

See Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, Todmorden Centenary Way and Yorkshire-Lancashire Border

Todmorden Borough Council
The former Todmorden Urban District Council became a Borough in 1896. The first Municipal Elections for the new Borough of Todmorden were held on 2nd November 1896.

See Lionel Fielden Cockcroft, Caleb Hoyle and Todmorden Town Council

Todmorden Borough Football Club
Established in 2002. They play at Bellholme

Todmorden Botanical Society
Founded by Abraham Stansfield and John Nowell on 26th May 1852. Stansfield was president, and Nowell was vice-president for the rest of their lives. The Society's meetings, research facilities, and library were held at the White Hart, Todmorden. The Society organised field-trips to destinations as far as Ireland

Todmorden Boundary Walk
A 22-mile walk around the boundary of Todmorden. The walk is held annually and organised by Todmorden Rotary Club and Todmorden Inner Wheel Club

Todmorden Brass Band & Glee Club
Recorded in 1875

Todmorden British Restaurant
British restaurant opened in 1941

Todmorden Bus Station
Stansfield Road

Todmorden Cage Bird Association
Recorded in December 1896, when they held their annual show at the Golden Lion, Todmorden and on 2nd December 1899 when they held their 7th annual show at the same venue

Todmorden Carnival

Todmorden Catholic Club
Eagle Street

Todmorden Centenary Way
A 20-mile signposted circular route for walkers around Todmorden.

Created to celebrate the granting of Borough status to the town

It links with the Calderdale Way, and the Pennine Way

Todmorden Choral Society
Recorded in 1935

Todmorden Church Lads' Brigade
Recorded on 20th November 1909, when they celebrated their 7th anniversary

Todmorden: Churches & Chapels

Todmorden Churches Together

Todmorden Circuit
The Methodist circuit was formed in 17??. Heptonstall Chapel became a part of the circuit in 1799

Todmorden Citizens' League
A group of local Baptists and Nonconformists. In 1904, 46 members were prosecuted for refusing to pay the education rate

Todmorden Coat of Arms
The Todmorden arms show

and the motto

By Industry, we Prosper

Todmorden Colomobophile Society
Recorded in 1891 in reports of 62 pigeons being entered in the 162-mile race from Bath to Todmorden, and almost all the birds arrived home

The Todmorden Comet
A satirical newspaper published by J. N. Walton in 1840.

Abraham Stansfield was the editor of the paper.

After 13 fortnightly editions, it ceased publication on 30th January 1841

Todmorden Commercial Spinning & Manufacturing Company
Established in 1854 and registered in 1855. They began business at Shade Mill, and then built Alma Mill, Walsden. They later moved into Square Mill, Walsden

Todmorden Communists
On 23rd February 1932, over 600 people – including William Holt, Walter Newell, Edwin Rowan Howell, Fred Sutcliffe, and William George Silman - marched through Todmorden, protesting against mass unemployment and the means test.

The five men were arrested, and went on trial in March 1932.

On 16th March 1932, after a hearing which lasted 26 hours, they were sent for trial at Leeds Assizes.

On 21st April 1932, there were rowdy demonstrations at the start of the trial at Leeds Assizes. 10 men – mostly members of the Unemployed Workers' Movement – were arrested, tried and sentenced the same day. Amongst the group was Edward Kennedy of Halifax.

The trial ended on 6th May 1932, with guilty verdicts against Holt, Newell and Howell

Todmorden Community Brass Band
The Band Room is on Wellington Road, Todmorden [2010]

Todmorden Conservative & Constitutional Association
Established in 1870.

In 1884, they moved to Bankfoot, Pavement.

Recorded in 1888, when John Fielden was President.

See Todmorden Conservative Club

Todmorden Conservative Club
Established in 1???.

On 7th March 1913, the club bought the former Fielden Temperance Hotel & Coffee Tavern for the purposes of extension. The membership was then 238.

The Todmorden Conservative Club Company was recorded in 1917 at Fielden Square, when Thomas Woodhead was secretary.

See Rev Arthur W. Fox, Lydgate Conservative Club and Todmorden Conservative & Constitutional Association

Todmorden constables

See Todmorden & Walsden constables and Walsden constables

Todmorden Co-operative Flour Society
Recorded in 1861 at Gauxholme when Thomas Fielden was bookkeeper. Todmorden Flour Mill Society

Todmorden Co-operative Hall
See The Tichborne Claimant

Todmorden Co-operative Institute
Rochdale Road

Todmorden Co-operative Society

Todmorden Co-operative Store, Rochdale Road
A branch of the Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society

Todmorden Cottage Hospital
Proposed in 1905. It appears to have come to naught

Todmorden Cricket Club
Samuel Fielden allowed part of his Centre Vale estate to be used by the club.

Officers at the Club have included

The park is still the club's home ground.

It is claimed that this is the only Yorkshire team to play in the Lancashire league, but the cricket ground is both in Yorkshire and Lancashire, and the historic and true county border runs through the middle of the ground. The border follows the true river course, not the diverted course which was constructed in the 1830s. The cricket ground is to the south of the Calder, but the cricket ground and the school were built after the river was diverted, and the border runs through both. The pavilion of the cricket club is in Lancashire.

Past members of the club include J. B. Briggs, Hampton Neil Dansie, Harold Dawson, Kenneth Fiddling, Peter Greenwood, Johnny Horsfall, Richard Horsfall, Peter Lever, François Du Plessis and Derek Shackleton

See In a league of their own

Township which comprised Todmorden and Walsden.

See Hundersfield

Todmorden Cycling Club
A meeting at Stansfield's Temperance Hotel, Todmorden on Monday, 29th February 1892 decided that the local cyclists' club become the Todmorden Cycling Club. The club was formerly established in 1893

Todmorden (Derdale) Cotton & Commercial Company
Aka Derdale Cotton & Commercial Company. A co-operative manufacturer. Recorded in 1861, when James Stansfield was junior secretary. The Company built Derdale Mill, Todmorden [1862]. The company closed in 1869 at the time of the Cotton Famine

The Todmorden Echo
The newspaper appeared on Wednesday 16th March 1887. It ceased publication on Wednesday 18th September 1889

Todmorden Edge
See Pighill, Walsden and Todmorden Golf Club

Todmorden Edge North, Todmorden
Parkin Lane. Early 19th century house

Todmorden Edge South
Parkin Lane. House dated 1697.

John Wesley is recorded as first visiting the house on 6th May 1747, and is said to have preached from a window here.

William Grimshaw held the first Methodist Quarterly meeting here on 18th October 1748.

The listed barn is inscribed HMK for Henry and Martha Kailey

Todmorden Esperanto Society
Formed on 26th May 1908.

See Esperanto

Todmorden Fair
Local fairs were held at Easter – on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

A fair was also held at Michaelmas. This was the back-end fair

Todmorden Farmers' Alliance
Recorded on 7th February 1900, when a meeting at the York Hotel, Todmorden decided to wind up the company

Todmorden Female Florists' Society
Established in Blind Lane, Todmorden. Recorded in March 1856, when the members presented Mr Thomas Heyworth of Woodhouse with a gold pencil case and pen-holder
as a token of respect for his valuable services as secretary for more than 20 years

The Rose of Paradise Lodge was a division of the Society

Todmorden Fire Brigade
Recorded in 1888 when Fred Davies was Superintendent and there were 7 fireman.

In 1900, Edward Heywood, from Oldham, was appointed Superintendent of the brigade and driver of the engine at a salary of 30/- per week, with house, coal and gas.

See George Arthur Cooper and Todmorden Fire Station

Todmorden Fire Station
Rochdale Road. The original fire station was built in the 1890s. It is now converted into houses.

A new fire station was built in 19??.

See Todmorden Fire Brigade

Todmorden Flood Relief Fund
Established on 11th July to help those who suffered in the floods of 9th July 1870. Several local businesses, churches and individuals subscribed to the Fund, and the Committee was made up of several local worthies

Todmorden Floral & Horticultural Society
Their first exhibition was held on 27th August 1859. In 1861, R. Allen was Honorary Secretary.

See Walter Lord

Todmorden Flour Mill Society
Established in 1855 and supported by the Bridge End Co-operative Society. They occupied Gauxholme Corn Mill.

Like other mills at the time, they carried on the illegal practice of adding a small amount of alum to the flour to make it white. After one of their millers was dismissed for some misdemeanour, he reported this practice to the police who raided the mill and confirmed the allegations. The Society never recovered from the stigma and went bankrupt in 1861.

See Isaac Fielden and Todmorden Co-operative Flour Society

Todmorden Football Club
Recorded in 1888 when William Ormerod was President, A. Helliwell was Treasurer, and J. W. Fielden was Secretary.

They held meetings at the Golden Lion, Todmorden.

Their match ground was at Longfield and their dressing rooms were in the York Hotel

Todmorden Free Public Library
Aka Todmorden Library. Strand, Rochdale Road, Todmorden. The foundation stones were laid on 22nd August 1896. The library opened on 27th November 1897 by William Ormerod.

Provision was made for 18,000 volumes. Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society donated 8,400 which were formerly in their members' library. Many other organisations and individuals contributed books to the collection. When it opened, there were 9,216 books in the lending library, and 2,000 in the reference section.

The library was presented to the town by Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society.

In 1909, Fred Lord was Librarian.

In 19??, Todmorden Co-operative Society backed plans to build a new library, reading room, museum, and lecture theatre. This came to naught when the surveyor left and took the plans with him.

See Blackheath barrow and Toadcarr Library, Todmorden

Todmorden Gas Company
From 1830, the Fielden family offered a gas supply from their Waterside Mill works.

The rival Todmorden Gas Company was formed in 1845. Abraham Ormerod was the Chairman. The Todmorden Gas Works were built in 1847 at a cost of £10,000.

On 27th October 1859, it was decided to light the streets of Todmorden with gas.

John Fingland was manager of Todmorden Gas Works [1869]

Todmorden Giant
See Thomas Fielden

Todmorden Golf Club
Opened at Todmorden Edge on 4th May 1895 by the Captain, F. W. Horsfall. In 1906, the club moved to Rive Rocks. The 9-hole course at Rive Rocks, Cross Stone was designed by Jesse Horsfall.

The farmhouse there, dated 1764, was converted into the club house.

Recorded in 1912, when the membership was 118.

Helen Gray was a member.

Todmorden Gun Club
See Willie Lord and Thomas H. C Scratcherd

Todmorden Hall
Hall Street. Aka Todmorden Old Hall

Todmorden Handbell Ringers
Recorded on 18th February 1888, when they performed at Burnley Mechanics' Institute and on 3rd March 1888, at Liverpool and Southport

Todmorden Harmonic Society
On 20th October 1852, Mrs Sunderland performed with the Society.

On 15th November 1869, they amalgamated with the Todmorden Musical Union

Todmorden Harriers
Disbanded by 1911.

See Abraham Greenwood Eastwood

Todmorden Health Centre
See Abraham Ormerod Clinic, Todmorden

The Todmorden Herald
Published by Richard Dewhirst & Sons. Christopher Ramshaw was editor [1905].

It ceased publication on 3rd April 1912.

On 11th June 1912, the sale of the printing plant was advertised

Todmorden History Website
A website with photographs and articles about Todmorden

Todmorden Horticultural Society
An Annual Dahlia Show is recorded in 1835.

See William Throp

Todmorden Hosiery Company
Halifax Road. Recorded in 1905

Todmorden Hounds
Disbanded by 1911.

See Abraham Greenwood Eastwood

Todmorden Hounds
Hunting took place in Todmorden until the end of the 19th century. The dogs were kept in kennels behind the Hare & Hounds

Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society
The Society was established in 1846 by a group of local factory workers who protested against the prices of flour and other foods

See J. W. Bentley, John William Halstead, William Jackson, Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society Memorial, Todmorden & Millwood Industrial & Co-operative Society Limited, Todmorden Co-operative Flour Society, Todmorden Free Public Library and Todmorden Library

Todmorden Inner Wheel Club
See Todmorden Boundary Walk

Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee
Abbr: TJOC. A joint venture between Todmorden Corporation and the London, Midland & Scottish Railway Company established in 1931 to provide bus and rail transport in Todmorden

Todmorden Joint Stock Mill Company
Established in 1856.

In 1882, there was an extensive legal case in which the company was accused of taking water from the River Burn – near Burnley

to the detriment of local mill owners

See Edward Lord, Jonathan Gledhill, Joseph Edwards Handley, George Howorth and Josiah Lord

Todmorden JPs
The Foldout lists some of the Justices of the Peace who are recorded as residing in, and acting for, the Todmorden Petty Sessional Division, comprising the 6 townships of the Todmorden Union

Todmorden Labour Exchange
Rochdale Road. The Labour exchange opened on 3rd August 1911 at Newell's Buildings

Todmorden Liberal Club
Recorded in 1874.

In 1891, they had 283 members.

In December 1896, they acquired the Oddfellows' Hall, Todmorden.

Officers of the Club have included

See Dulesgate Liberal Club, Todmorden and Wilfrid H. Wilson

Todmorden Liberal Council
See Joseph Edwards Handley

Todmorden Library
See Todmorden Free Public Library

Todmorden Literary & Scientific Society
Established when the Todmorden Natural History Society and Toadcarr Library [?] were discontinued.

The Society declined. The Athenæum was formed

Todmorden Local Board
See James Ashworth, James Kershaw, Local Board, Edward Lord, Josiah Lord, Public baths, Todmorden, Todmorden & Walsden Select Vestry and Todmorden Mechanics Institute

Todmorden Lock #19

Todmorden Male Voice Choir
Recorded on 8th June 1907, when they won Third Prize at Lytham Music Festival.

Members included James Willie Barker

Todmorden Market
The first market was a stall – built of a door supported by 2 butter tubs – and opened by the wife of Joan o' th' Cloggers in 18?? at the toll-house, White Hart Fold.

In December 1801, a meeting at the White Hart, Todmorden addressed the questions of establishing a market in the town and of fixing a date on which this should be held. It was decided that the most proper day would be the Thursday in each week and each successive Thursday, and that the first market should be held on Thursday, the 4th day of February next [1802].

The market was held at Eccles's Fold, and later moved to the Royal George, Todmorden.

On 29th December 1879, a New Market House – built at a cost of about £2,900 – was opened by John Fielden.

On 30th September 1905, a fire caused £1,000 damage at the market hall.

See Markets

Todmorden Market Stall-Holders' Association
Formed on 2nd January 1908, with E. Wood as Secretary

Todmorden Masonic Hall Company
Built Todmorden Masonic Hall.

See Jonathan Gledhill

Todmorden, Mayors of

Todmorden Mechanics' Institute
A Mechanics' Institute was established in 1836. The Methodists met here until Bridge Street (Central) Methodist Church, Todmorden was built in 1838.

A second Institute was established in December 1859 at the Sobriety Hall.

The first officers of the Institute included Samuel Fielden [first President], James Green [Vice-president], A. G. Eastwood [Vice-president], William Dewhirst [Vice-president], and Joshua Fielden [Treasurer].

The Wellington Road Baptists held their meetings here.

In the 1860s, the land was acquired to build Todmorden Town Hall. On 2nd March 1860, they moved to The Strand.

The Toadcarr Library, Todmorden merged with the Institute in 18??.

Their festivals were held at the Oddfellows Hall

The Institute was dissolved in 1872. The Todmorden Almanac records that

On 7th May 1863 or 9th June 1873, a sale of the effects of the defunct Todmorden Mechanics' Institute realized £118 9s 6d. The money was offered to Todmorden Local Board, but the Board declined the offer and the money was invested elsewhere. On 27th March 1877, £130 14s 8d, representing the principal and interest, was handed to the chairman of the Local Board

Todmorden: Mills

Todmorden Monthly Cattle Fair
Recorded on 1st October 1891.

In 1898, it was held on Thursday, 29th September 1898, and appeared to be an annual event.

Recorded on 26th September 1901

Todmorden Moor
See Amateur Astronomy Centre, Todmorden, Carr & Craggs Moor, Todmorden Moor Coal Mine and Todmorden Moor Colliery Company

Todmorden Moor Colliery Company
They operated at Cloughfoot [1905]

Todmorden Musical Society
They held their first concert on 19th October 1870.

On 1st June 1876, John Fielden was elected President. He paid off the Society's debt of over £61.

Other members and officers of the Society have included Frederick Ashworth, John Shackleton Gill, Thomas Law, Samuel Lord and John Holroyd Wadsworth

Todmorden Musical Union
In 1856, they practised at the Sobriety Hall.

On 15th November 1869, they amalgamated with the Todmorden Harmonic Society

Todmorden Natural History Society
Established in 1828. It closed in 1843. The Todmorden Literary & Scientific Society arose from the ashes

Todmorden New Technical Institute
Plans are recorded in 1935

The Todmorden News & Advertiser
Originally The Todmorden Advertiser.

It was published by Waddington's Printers & Publishers. Sam Tonkiss was editor 1946-1967.

In 1971, the paper was taken over by Halifax Courier Limited.

One of the remaining local newspapers.

Joint-editors of the Hebden Bridge Times and the Todmorden News have included Kenneth Lord, Roy Greenwood [1976], Jim Dumsday [1980], John Wheatcroft [1984], Pat Swift [1987], and Sheila Tordoff [1995].

See Roy Greenwood and Todmorden Today Website

Todmorden Oddfellows

See James Bracewell, Oddfellows' Hall, Todmorden, Todmorden Oddfellows' Friendly Society and Frank Whitehead

Todmorden Oddfellows' Friendly Society
A friendly society. In 1840, they built a new hall, 22 cottages and 2 shops.

See Spring Gardens, Todmorden

Todmorden Old Book Club
Recorded in 1868 and 1899. They met at the Golden Lion, Todmorden.

See George Slater

Todmorden Old Brass Band
Aka Old Todmorden Band.

Recorded on 25th August 1888, when they won 1st prize at a contest in Nelson.

See Robert Cunliffe and Walter Mitchell

Todmorden Old Library
Aka Todmorden Book Club. A book club founded on 1st January 1798.

The club met

each Monday on or before the full moon

at the Golden Lion Inn.

It ended in 1902 and the books were sold at auction.

See Toadcarr Library, Todmorden and Todmorden Library

Todmorden Old Workhouse
Pex Wood Road.

On 6th February 1898

a portion of the property known as The Old Workhouse fell with a terrible crash and caused considerable alarm to the occupants of the four tenanted houses. No one was injured

Now known as Pex Place.

See Todmorden Union Workhouse

The Todmorden Omnibus
Aka Todmorden Omnibus or Local Oracle. A newspaper published by J. N. Walton in 1831. It was discontinued after a few months

Todmorden Omnibus Company
The company launched the first motor bus service on 1st January 1907.

In 1931, the company merged with London, Midland & Scottish Railway in 1931.

In 1971, the company merged with bus operators in Halifax. See Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee

Todmorden, Ontario, Canada

Todmorden Operatic & Dramatic Society
See Hippodrome Theatre, Todmorden

Todmorden Orchestra

Todmorden Orme Billiard League Shield
Recorded in the early 1900s. The Weavers' Institute team were champions in 1911-1912.

See Billiards

Todmorden Parish Church
St Mary's Parish Church was Todmorden Parish Church until 1832 when it was superseded by Christ Church.

Christ Church continued to be the Parish Church until 1992 when St Mary's was re-dedicated

Todmorden, Parish of
In 1910, the Parish of Todmorden was within the Lancashire Diocese of Manchester.

In 1994, Cross Stone and Todmorden parishes merged.

See St Paul's Church, Cross Stone and Todmorden Parish Church

Todmorden Permanent Benefit Building Society
Town Hall, Todmorden. Recorded in 1888 when A. Bowden was Treasurer and Thomas Fielden was Secretary.

In 1891, there were reports that the Society might be wound up

Todmorden Philharmonic Society
Recorded in 1851, when Robert Lord was murdered after attending the Society

Todmorden Photographic Society
Founded in 1906

The Todmorden Pocket Railway Guide
Published by Thomas Dawson [1897]

Todmorden Police Station
Burnley Road.

See John Barrett, Black Swan, Todmorden, PC Blackburn, Superintendent R. Brown, Joseph Hodgson, Superintendent Percy Hollis, William Peckitt and Vale Street Police Station, Todmorden

Todmorden Pool
Centre Vale Park. Opened in 1973. The baths are still in use

Todmorden Poor Law Union
Formed on 15th February 1837 when the townships of Erringden, Heptonstall, Langfield, Stansfield, Todmorden, Wadsworth and Walsden were united. There were 18 on the Todmorden Board of Guardians

Because of opposition to the building of a Todmorden Workhouse, in 1844, the Union was given permission to abandon the requirement to provide a workhouse.

In 1911, it extended from Todmorden to Mytholmroyd.

See Mankinholes Riots and Todmorden & Walsden Overseers of the Poor

The Todmorden Post
Weekly newspaper published about 1855.

In 1860, Samuel Ward Walton was the publisher.

In 1861, Waddington & Bayes bought Walton's business.

In 1911, it was described as a small monthly.

It later became the Todmorden Times.

The last edition was published on 21st December 1881

Todmorden Post Office
The first Post Office in the town was established at the Golden Lion, Todmorden.

In 1821, Edmund Blomley was Postmaster at the Golden Lion.

Subsequent Postmasters have included

In 18??, the Post Office moved to Market Place.

On 23rd August 1883, the Post Office moved from Market Place to Hall Street.

A new Post Office opened on Rochdale Road [1st July 1904].

In 1924, the Post Office was moved to Todmorden Hall.

The Rochdale Road building was then variously occupied by Louie de Vere Green's ladies' hairdressers, the Ceylon Billiard Hall, and the Snow White Laundry.

See Lydgate Post Office, Todmorden

Todmorden Power-Loom Weavers' Association
Recorded on 4th September 1888

Todmorden Pride
A volunteer group.

See Fielden Wharf, Todmorden

Todmorden Prosecution Society
Prosecution society established on 20th March 1817.

They held their meetings at the Golden Lion Inn which was their headquarters until they moved to the York Hotel in December 1868. It was recorded in 1885 and in 1888 when S. B. Priestley was Secretary and George Slater was Treasurer

In 1888, they held quarterly meetings at the York Hotel on the first Thursday in January, April, July and October.

See Robert Gibson and Jesse Lord

Todmorden: Pubs & Inns

Todmorden Railway Station
Rise Lane.

The first railway train passed through Todmorden on 2nd January 1841.

A branch line was opened from Todmorden to Burnley in 1849.

The station opened on 1st March 1866.

A horse-bus carried passengers on to Burnley.

On 6th January 1872, a night-watchman was killed at the station.

In 1881, a large retaining wall was constructed to prevent landslides on the canal side.

On 25th April 1868, a guard was killed at the station.

On 22nd June 1912, 2 trains collided at the station.

On 11th November 1965, the Todmorden to Stansfield Hall section closed.

The Platform One Gallery is at the station.

See Copy Pit Railway Line, Cornholme Railway Station, Eastwood Railway Station, Gauxholme Viaduct, Hall Royd Junction, George Hartley, Portsmouth Railway Station, Queen Hotel, Todmorden, John Ramsbottom, Stansfield Hall Railway Station, Summit Tunnel, Todmorden Station Partnership and Walsden Railway Station

Todmorden Riots

Todmorden Rotary Club
The Club organises the Todmorden Boundary Walk

Todmorden Rugby League Club
The club plays at Centre Vale Park. Neil Cowie played the club. The club discontinued in 2004

Todmorden Rural District Council

See Rural District Council, Todmorden Borough Council and Todmorden Urban District Council

Todmorden Saint Cecilia Choir
Recorded on 9th June 1900, when they won 5th prize at a choral contest in Pateley Bridge. Their conductor was George Walmsley

Todmorden Samaritan Society
Established in March 1854

Todmorden School Board
Recorded in 1874.

See James Ashworth and Father Maximilian E. Tillman

Todmorden: Schools

Todmorden Scientific Association
Established around 1877. Recorded on 21st November 1891, when they held
a conversazione and microscopical soirée

in Patmos Schoolrooms.

Members of the Association have included Barker Crabtree, Abraham Crossley [first Secretary], Thomas Howorth, Robert Law, Thomas Lee, and T. Stenhouse

Todmorden Service Station
Aka Fielden Wharf, Todmorden

Todmorden Shakespearian Society
Recorded on 28th February 1908, when they made their first public performance – a production of As You Like It – in the National School, Burnley Road.

On 6th April 1908, they held their first annual meeting. Rev Edward James Russell as re-elected President

Todmorden Skating Rink Company
Recorded on 11th May 1909, when they opened a roller-skating rink at Castle Grove Hall, Halifax Road

Todmorden Social Club
Recorded in 1917 at Halifax Road when Luke Dewhurst was secretary

Todmorden Sports Centre
Ewood Lane. There is a new swimming pool. Opened in June 2000

Todmorden Sports Centre Pool
Ewood Lane.

At Todmorden Sports Centre

Todmorden Station

Todmorden Station Partnership
Inaugurated between Northern Rail and the communities of Todmorden (June 2006) and Mytholmroyd (September 2006) 

See Mytholmroyd Station and Todmorden Station

Todmorden Steam Laundry
See Shuttleworth's Steam Laundry

Todmorden Sunday School Jubilee
The first jubilee was held on 14th June 1859

Todmorden Sunday School Union
Recorded in 1900, when they held meetings at Castle Grove United Free Methodist Church, Todmorden.

Recorded on 11th January 1908, when they held their annual conference at Todmorden Unitarian Church and Sunday School. William Walton was appointed President for the year

Todmorden, The Great Wall of
A retaining wall built in 1881 to prevent landslides on the canal side at Todmorden Station

The Todmorden Times
4-page weekly newspaper which evolved from the Todmorden Post. It began on 14th June 1862. It was partly printed in London

Todmorden Today
The website of the Todmorden News

Todmorden Tourist Information Centre
Burnley Road, Todmorden Opened in 1988 by TV weatherman John Kettley. The centre is run by a Trust

Todmorden Town Council
On 1st April 1974, Todmorden Borough Council became Todmorden Town Council.

The Parish council has 6 wards and 18 seats.

See Mayors of Todmorden and Todmorden & Walsden Select Vestry

Todmorden Town Hall
Opened on 3rd April 1875

See Todmorden Town Hall Memorials

Todmorden Town Hall Company
Established around 1860, to build a Town Hall for Todmorden. In 1861, Robert Allen was Secretary.

See James Green

Todmorden Toy & Model Museum
Rochdale Road

Todmorden Trades' Council
Recorded in February 1900, when the annual meeting – representing 10 local trade – was held. Officers of the Council have included

  • W. H. Aughton [1899]
  • J. Wilkinson [October 1900]

Todmorden Tradesmen's Early Closing Association
Recorded in February 1897.

See Early closing day and William Makepeace Thackeray

Todmorden Tradesmen's Supply Company Limited
Recorded in 1912 in an advertisement for Alfred Newall

Todmorden Union Workhouse
Lee Bottom, Mankinholes. In 1847, the Todmorden Poor Law Union used 3 buildings at Gauxholme, Stansfield and Wadsworth as workhouses.

The Union workhouse opened in 1879 after considerable local opposition – notably John Fielden, an opponent of the Poor Law. Accommodation was originally for 100 people. In 1890, the buildings were extended to accommodate 250.

It was known as Beggarington.

It became Stansfield View Hospital. In 1940, the hospital provided care for the mentally handicapped.

It was demolished in 1996 and the site cleared.

See John Lord and Todmorden Old Workhouse

Todmorden Unitarian Church Burial Society
Established in 1856 Todmorden Unitarian Church.

In August 1913, it was decided to wind up the Society

Todmorden Unitarian Society
Formed in February 1823. The meeting house opened in 1824

Todmorden United Services Club
Recorded in 1920

Todmorden Urban District Council
In 1894, an application for the grant of a Charter of Incorporation was submitted by the people of Todmorden. This was accepted and Todmorden became an Urban District Council, and the first meeting was held on 31st December 1894.

In 1896, the Charter was granted and Todmorden became a Borough.

See Todmorden Borough Council, Todmorden Rural District Council and Urban District Council

Todmorden Vale Agricultural Society
They held meetings at the Golden Lion, Todmorden.

On 10th May 1870, they held their first show in a field at Roomfield Lane. The weather was wet and boisterous, but the show was a success.

Recorded in 1888 when John Fielden was President, James Suthers of Victoria Villas was Secretary, and J. Chaffer of Ridge Bank was Treasurer

Todmorden Viaduct
Built in 1840 by Robert Stephenson to carry the Manchester-Leeds Railway over Burnley Road near the centre of Todmorden

Todmorden, Vicars of

Todmorden Ward, Halifax
One of the Electoral Wards of Halifax

Todmorden Ward, Todmorden
One of the Electoral Wards of Todmorden. Recorded in 1905

Todmorden Waterworks
Recorded in 1911

Todmorden Weavers' Association
Established in 1880.

In 1888, there were upwards to 400 members.

Recorded in 1891.

On 25th September 1911, W. J. Tout was appointed Secretary.

See William Calvert and Todmorden & District Weavers' & Winders' Association

Todmorden Weavers' Institute

See Todmorden Orme Billiard League Shield

Todmorden Working Men's Club
Halifax Road. 2 villas built about 1841 by – and for – Joseph Firth and William Howarth next to their Albion Mill.

One is now North View, Todmorden.

Recorded in 1912, when the membership was 329.

See Todmorden Working Men's Club War Memorial

Todmorden Working Men's Social Club
Halifax Road.

Recorded in 1917 at Halifax Road when Luke Dewhurst was secretary

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