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SideTrack : Sowerby ...

Entries beginning Sowerby ... and The Sowerby ... are gathered together in this Sidetrack.

Aka Sowerby Town.

Hilltop village west of Sowerby Bridge.

See Population, Parish statistics and Manor of Wakefield

Sowerby almshouses
Towngate. Founded in 1728. In his will, Elkanah Horton provided 6 almshouses in Sowerby Town for 3 poor men and 3 poor women of Sowerby, natives of the township, unmarried and aged over 60. Each received 2/6d per month.

John Rawson rebuilt the property in 1862 as a memorial to his only child, Gertrude Elizabeth. They were then known as Rawson's Almshouses.

Rawson set up a trust whereby each occupant received 5/- per week.

In the 1950s, the income from the property was 16 5/- and this was uneconomical compared to the £3,000 which was needed for repairs. The charity could not afford the upkeep, and the property was demolished in the 1960s to make way for new housing and shops.

See Sowerby Post Office

Sowerby Board of Guardians
A part of the Halifax Poor Law Union.

Those who have served on the Board of Guardians for Sowerby township have included

  • James Nicholl, Townend, Sowerby [1869]
  • Israel Wylde, Sowerby Bridge [nominated 1869]
  • William Barker, Sowerby [nominated 1869]
  • John Haigh, Sowerby [nominated 1869]

Sowerby Board of Health
Established in 18??.

See Thomas Mellor

Sowerby Bowling Club
See Edwin Meadowcroft

Sowerby Chapel

Sowerby Church Institute
The building was originally the King's Head, Sowerby

Sowerby Conservative Club
Towngate. Built in 18??.

It is now 3 private dwellings

Sowerby Conservative Working Men's Club
Recorded in 1917, when S. Hellewell was secretary

Sowerby constables
The transcripts of the Sowerby Constables' Accounts in the Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society give a fascinating insight into the life and times of Sowerby in the 17th century.

The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Police Officers in Sowerby

See Constable, Ducking stool, Sowerby Bridge and Sowerby stocks

Sowerby Croft, Norland
Late 16th century house and the local centre of much woollen, manufacturing and farming activity. John Watson stayed here many times. Gilbert Waterhouse lived here in 1567. In 17??, Joseph Hulme married a daughter of the Taylor family who lived here from the 17th century.

A gazebo / bath house – still standing – was built here around 1750.

Around 1830, Rev John Fearby Haslam established an evening school here.

The house is now private accommodation

Sowerby Dean
Another name for Stansfield Pond, Sowerby.

See Stansfield Pond, Sowerby

Sowerby Division
In 1885, the North Division of the West Riding was divided into 5 constituencies – including the Sowerby Division – each returning 1 MP.

Stansfield and Langfield were a part of the Sowerby Division [1885].

See Major Robert H. Barker, J. W. Ogden and Arnold Williams

Sowerby Division Conservative Union
Recorded in 1917 at Ryburn Buildings, Sowerby Bridge when Fred J. Preston was the agent

Sowerby Division Liberal Association
See Joseph Edwards Handley

Sowerby Female Union Society
Recorded in 1808

Sowerby Free Wanderers Football Club

Because so many of their members were away fighting in World War I, the club did not play in the 1914-1915 season.

See William Henry Emmett, W. Hoyle and F. G. S. Rawson

Sowerby Gaol
The gaol stood at Pinfold Green, Sowerby

Sowerby Hall
King Street / Towngate, Sowerby.

Built by Joshua Horton. The house is dated IH IH 1646 for Isobel and Joshua Horton.

There are carved stone heads on a moulding over a side window/entrance to the Hall.

In 1857, it was sold to John Rawson. He divided the Hall into 5 dwellings – Numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10

It is now subdivided into 3 dwellings.

See King's Head, Sowerby and Sowerby Well

Sowerby Helm
Recorded in 1855, when there was a branch of the National Land Company here

Sowerby Library

As part of a cost-cutting exercise by Calderdale Council, the library was one of several considered for closure in 2006/2007

Sowerby Long Bridge
Hollins Mill Lane. Bridge #2 over the Rochdale Canal. Built around 1798

Sowerby Longroyd
Recorded in 1855, when there was a branch of the National Land Company here

Sowerby, Manor of
In Domesday Book, this was one of the 9 berewicks belonging to the Manor of Wakefield. It appears there as Sorebi.

The manor was held by the Earls of Warren, Jordan de Thornhill, the Thornhill family, John de Breose, and the Duke of Leeds

Sowerby MPs

Sowerby Police Station
Police House, King Street

Sowerby Post Office
A Post Office was opened in a 17th century building in Towngate [1904]. The building was owned by the Rawson family and John Selwyn Rawson [1914].

A datestone is said to record Captain Rees 16??.

This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country.

The Post Office moved to the parade of shops which were erected on the site of the Sowerby Almshouses [1960]. The building – dated 1928 – was at Tillotson Avenue [2011]

Sowerby Prosecution Society
Prosecution society recorded in 1757

Sowerby Ramble
An area of land around Erringden Park above and to the south of Mytholmroyd. It was a part of the Forest of Sowerbyshire.

See Hebble End Bridge, Hebden Bridge

Sowerby Saint Peter's Cricket Club

Sowerby School Board
School Board set up in 18??. Recorded in 1884.

See Brearley Baptist Church Day School and John Selwyn Rawson

Sowerby Selling Plate
See Halifax & Caldervale Agricultural, Steeplechase & Racing Company Limited

Sowerby stocks
On 26th May 1646, the sum of 12/- was paid to James Cowper and Edward Houlgate for the purchase and setting-up of a pair of stocks by the Sowerby Constable.

The stock were last used in 1858, when Bacca Jack spent 6 hours in them

Sowerby Subscription Band
Formed in 1???. Disbanded in 1???

Sowerby Surveyor of the Highways
Those who held the post of Surveyor of the Highways for Southowram included:

Sowerby Tennis & Bowling Club

Sowerby Tunnel
Tunnel for the Manchester-Leeds Railway.

Invitations to tender for the contract for the construction of the tunnel was advertised in April 1838.

It was to commence in a field between Longbottom Mill and Hollins Mill and terminate opposite Sowerby Bridge Gas Works, a distance of about 1¼ miles.

It opened in 18??

Sowerby Urban District Council
See Sowerby Bridge Urban District Council and Urban District Council

Sowerby, Vicars of

Sowerby Well
A well and drinking fountain made of marble with a lower bowl for animals at Sowerby Hall. It was erected by Selwyn and Gerald Rawson in memory of their uncle John Rawson. It was unveiled in April 1900.

The well is dated JSR 1900 GER and inscribed

John Rawson of Brockwell, died February 8, 1899

Recorded in 1621, when he married

See Population

Sowerby Workhouse
At Bentley Royd, Sowerby.

See Stephen Jennings

Sowerby Worsted Manufacturing Limited
Cloth merchants in business at Canal Mills, Sowerby Bridge.

The mill was destroyed by fire on 20th April 1980, and the business moved to late 18th century warehouse in Walker Lane, Sowerby Bridge.

This too was destroyed by fire.


Sowerbyshire, Forest of

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