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Local Slums

The overcrowded housing in towns and cities is one of the consequences of the Industrial Revolution, when workers needed to live close to the factories and mills where they were employed.

Until the restructuring after World War II, when run-down areas were redeveloped or the occupants were moved to the new tower blocks and housing estates, there were several slums in and around Halifax.

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the local slums

Back-to-back houses
Blind back house
Bogden, Sowerby Bridge
Buttress Brink, Hebden Bridge

Caddy Field, Halifax
Cat Fold, Halifax
Cellar dwelling
Chapel Fold, Halifax
Charlestown, Halifax
The City, Cote Hill
The City, Halifax
Cripplegate, Halifax

Duffy's Park


Galleried Houses
Granger Report

Hodgson's Fold, Halifax

Infant mortality
Isle of Man Yard, Halifax

One-up-one-down house


William Ranger
Ratton Row, Halifax

Saint Peter's Square, Southowram
South Street, Halifax

Wood's Court, Sowerby Bridge 

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