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District of Calderdale to the south of Brighouse and on the opposite side of the Calder.

See Population, Parish statistics and Manor of Wakefield

Rastrick & Brighouse Horticultural Society
The Leeds Mercury [21st September 1839] reported

On the 18th September 1839, the first exhibition of the Rastrick & Brighouse Horticultural Society was held at the above Rastrick & Brighouse British School.

Mr Joseph Travis Clay was the Chairman


See Brighouse Horticultural Society

Rastrick Beck
Flows down into the Calder at Bridge End.

See The beck that runs through Rastrick

Rastrick Board of Guardians
A part of the Halifax Poor Law Union.

Those who have served on the Board of Guardians for Rastrick township have included

  • John Taylor – a licensed victualler [1869]

Rastrick Botanical Naturalists' Society
19th century society. Held their meetings at the Dyers' Arms, Birds Royd

Rastrick Bowling Club

Rastrick Bowling Green Company Limited
Established in 1902 for the purpose of constructing a bowling green and, if necessary, a tennis court in Rastrick.

The directors were

with J. Barlow of Brook Grain Hill [Secretary]

They took a 15-year lease on a plot of land – Robinson's Field – near the bottom of Toothill Bank, Rastrick, and proposed to make a bowling green 45 yards by 40 yards

Rastrick Bridge
The early name for the main Calder crossing between Brighouse and Rastrick.

It was a house which stood near this bridge which gives Brighouse its name.

This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country.

See Brighouse river crossing

Rastrick Brighouses
An old name for Bridge End

Rastrick British Restaurant
British restaurant opened at New Road Sunday School, Rastrick

Rastrick Building Company Limited
Company formed to build St John's School, Rastrick

Rastrick Burial Board
See Rastrick Cemetery and Thomas Sheffield

Rastrick Carnival
Ended in the 1960s

Rastrick Cemetery

Rastrick: Churches & Chapels

Rastrick Churchwardens
See Churchwarden and Churchwardens & Precentors for Rastrick-cum-Brighouse at Elland Church

Rastrick Common Post Office
Recorded in 1940.

See Rastrick Post Office

Rastrick constables
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Police Officers in Rastrick

Rastrick Constitutional Club
7 Church Street. Built in 1897.

In 1917, George Crowther was secretary.

In 1973, there were reports of poltergeist activity at the club.

See Sam Blackburn

Rastrick Co-operative Store
There were several branches of the Brighouse District Industrial Society in and around Rastrick:

Rastrick Cricket Club
Established in 1863.

There is record of a match between The Eighteen of Rastrick and The Eleven of Lascelles Hall at Grantham Park, Rastrick [22nd September 1860], for £5 a side. The Rastrick team disputed the umpire's decision on two occasions in the game. Lascelles Hall were so disgusted at their ungentlemanly behaviour that they walked off the field and went home. The stakeholder awarded the tie and the prize money to Lascelles Hall.

A new pavilion was opened on 15th April 1905 by Sir Thomas Brooke-Hitching.

Recorded in 1917 at Round Hill Rastrick when Johnny Booth was secretary

See Spence Ormerod

Rastrick Cross
By the entrance to the churchyard of St Matthew's Church, Rastrick, there is the base of a cross – of the 9th/10th/11th century, possibly Anglian or Saxon

Recorded in 1602.

See Henry de la Croix, Hanna del Crosse and Crowtrees monolith

This is mentioned in the 16th century.

See Fixby

Rastrick Finishing Company
Slade Lane

Rastrick Fire Station

In 2011, it was announced that this, Brighouse Fire Station, Elland Fire Station, and would close and the resources be combined into a single new unit at Rastrick

Rastrick Free Library

Rastrick Free Wanderers Football Club
Established in the 1880s. The club joined the Yorkshire Union in 1890

Rastrick Gas Company
Birds Royd. The gas company was formed in 185?.

In 1874, J. Tetlow was Manager.

It was sold to Rastrick Local Board in August 1895, shortly after Rastrick became a part of the new Borough of Brighouse. In 1896, Brighouse Town Council raised £100,000 with the sale of their

Brighouse Corporation 3% Redeemable Stock

to buy the Rastrick gas undertaking, to pay for the improvement of the water supply, and for sewerage work.

Production ended in 1917 and the site was bought by Blakeborough's.

See Thomas Sheffield

Rastrick Glee & Madrigal Society
Musical society established in 1864

Rastrick Hall
This was the manor house for the Manor of Rastrick. Owners and occupiers of the hall included Thomas Hanson and the Hanson family, Thomas Thornhill [1660] and the Thornhill family, and John Fryer [1809].

Around 1836, the Fryer family demolished the Hall and built Holly Bank House on the site

Rastrick Handloom Weavers
With other workers, they formed a co-operative at New Road, Rastrick in 18??, bringing the co-operative movement to Brighouse. They were associated with the Sowerby Bridge Flour Society.

See Handloom

Rastrick House
In the 18th century, William Rastrick was recorded at a house called Rastrick House.

In 1813, a house was built for John Clay on land which he bought from the Fryer family.

Owners and tenants have included

In 1941, the house was used to accommodate evacuees from Coventry.

The house was demolished in early 1972 to build a housing estate.

The remaining gates and railings of the house are listed.

The coach house stood on the Foxcroft Estate, but was demolished [around 2010] after a fire caused by vandals.

The gate lodge can be seen at the end of Field Top Road and Field Lane

Rastrick House Lodge
The lodge to Rastrick House stands at the end of Field Top Road and Field Lane, Rastrick

Rastrick Liberal Club
Recorded in 1917 at Greenhead Lane, New Hey Road, when Albert Broadbent was secretary

Rastrick Library, Crowtrees Lane
The Library opened on 22nd November 1912, superseding the earlier library on Ogden Lane.

John William Clay gave 2,250 sq yards of land, and William Smith gave the building and the grounds.

A house and a garden for the librarian were built behind the Library.

Rastrick War Memorial stands in the gardens of the library.

See Rastrick Free Library

Rastrick Library, Ogden Lane
In 1912, it was superseded by the new library on Crowtrees Lane

Rastrick Local Board
Formed in 1863. The Board replaced the earlier Highway Commissioners. The offices were in Ogden Lane / Stack Garth at Rastrick.

Those who served on the Board included Dr Frederick Fielding Bond, James Bottomley, Thomas Bottomley, George Helm, John Edward Blackburn Howe, Hanson Ormerod and Thomas Sheffield.

In 1891, Brighouse Local Board and Rastrick Local Board proposed incorporation of the 2 boards. It became a part of the Borough of Brighouse in 1893.

See John Exley Dyson, Local Board, Rastrick Gas Company and Rastrick Lockup

Rastrick Local History Group
The Group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Rastrick Library

Rastrick Lock-Up
This was in the former Rastrick Local Board offices in Ogden Lane, Rastrick.

It is now a private house.

See Rastrick Police Station

Rastrick, Manor of
The manor was held by the Earls of Warren. It subsequently passed to the Thornhill family, the Toothill family, and C. C. Thornhill [18??].

See Rastrick Hall

Rastrick Mechanics' Institute
A Mechanics' Institute formed on 23rd August 1860. Meetings were held at Rastrick National School

Rastrick: Mills

Rastrick [No 4885] Masonic Lodge
Masonic Lodge.

They were at the Masonic Rooms, Brighouse [1937]. They met on the first Wednesday of the month [1937].

Masters and members of the Lodge have included

  • R. Townson – Master [1937]

Rastrick or Brighouse?
There is some confusion as to whether a particular location is in Brighouse or in Rastrick. Old documents were not always clear. Strictly, Brighouse lies north of the Calder and Rastrick lies on the south.

Nevertheless, many of the places which are shown here as Brighouse should really be shown as Rastrick, and vice-versa

Rastrick Overseers of the Poor
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Overseer of the Poor for Rastrick

Rastrick Parish Centre
Built in 1971 on the site of St Matthew's Church School.

Like St Matthew's Church, it is a joint effort of the Anglicans and the Methodists

Rastrick Parish Church

Rastrick Police Station
See Brighouse Police Station and Rastrick Lock-Up

Rastrick Post Office
In 1845, Joseph Walker was postmaster.

In 1861, William Walker was postmaster.

In the early 1900s, this was at 8 Church Street.

The letter box is still set into the wall there.

See Rastrick Common Post Office

Rastrick Private Subscription Bowling Club
Recorded in 1917 at Toothill Bank, when John Barlow was secretary

Rastrick: Pubs & Inns

Rastrick School Board
School Board set up in July 1881 with A. T. Clay as chairman.

There were several board schools in Rastrick: John Street Board School, New Road Board School and Gooder Lane Board School.

See Thomas Sheffield

Rastrick: Schools

Rastrick Society for the Prosecution of Felons
Prosecution society established on 17th November 1806, to protect the inhabitants of Rastrick. They published a list of rewards which would be paid
to any person – other than members – who shall give information which leads to apprehension or conviction of offenders

Rastrick Station

Rastrick Surveyor of the Highways
Those who held the post of Surveyor of the Highways for Rastrick included:

Rastrick Viaduct, Bridge End
This 6-arch viaduct opened in 1840 to take the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway over the road at Bridge End, Rastrick.

See The beck that runs through Rastrick

Rastrick, Vicars of

Rastrick Ward, Halifax
One of the Electoral Wards of Halifax.

See Craig Whittaker

Rastrick Water Company
See Thomas Sheffield

Rastrick Workhouse

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