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Mr Rhodes [1???-1???]
Mr Rhodes [1???-1???]
Mr Rhodes [17??-18??]
Charles Rhodes [1859-1911]
Christopher Tate Rhodes [1843-1934]
Eliza Rhodes [1846-1???]
Elizabeth Rhodes [13??-1373]
Elizabeth Agnes Rhodes [1892-1933]
Francis Rhodes [18??-1???]
Frederick Rhodes [1821-1???]
G. Rhodes [18??-19??]
George Walker Rhodes [1854-1935]
Godfrey Rhodes [1850-1900]
Harold Whitaker Rhodes [1897-1917]
Henry Rhodes [1809-1???]
Henry Rhodes [1818-1883]
Captain Henry Brooke Rhodes [18??-19??]
Herbert Rhodes [1???-18??]
Herbert Rhodes [1886-1917]
Herbert Rothwell Rhodes [1858-1???]
Isabella Rhodes [1499-15??]
J. Rhodes [18??-18??]
James Rhodes [18??-19??]
James Rhodes [1832-1???]
James Rhodes [1851-1???]
Rev James Armytage Rhodes [1785-1871]
John Rhodes [1???-1???]
John Rhodes [16??-1???]
John Rhodes [1759-1818]
John Rhodes [18??-1???]
Joseph Rhodes [1???-17??]
Joseph Rhodes [17??-18??]
Joseph Rhodes [17??-18??]
Joseph Rhodes [1756-1840]
Joseph W. Rhodes [18??-19??]
Leonard Rhodes [1923-1944]
Lewis Rhodes [1887-19??]
M. Rhodes [1???-191?]
Norris Rhodes [1887-1917]
Sam Rhodes [1888-1917]
Rev Samuel Rhodes [17??-18??]
Samuel Rhodes [1810-1884]
Sydney Rothwell Rhodes [1835-1880]
Thomas Rhodes [18??-18??]
Thomas George Rhodes [18??-19??]
Vernon Rhodes [1???-19??]
Walter Rhodes [15??-16??]
William Rhodes [1846-1???]

Rhodes, Mr

He married Unknown.


  1. Dorothy [1754-1824] who married Rev John Ralph
  2. John

Rhodes, Mr
[1???-1???] He married Sarah, daughter of Edward Brooke.


  1. Herbert
  2. Henry

Rhodes, Mr
[17??-18??] A builder and contractor in Halifax.

His work on Coley Church [1817] was his last contract before his death.

He married Unknown.


  1. Samuel
  2. daughter
  3. daughter
  4. daughter

Both parents died young, leaving the children in the care of their foster father and guardian, James Edward Norris

Rhodes, Charles
[1859-1911] Born in Hipperholme.

He was a leather dresser.

In 1880, he married Rachael Barker [1859-1949] in Halifax.

Rachael was born in Northowram


  1. Albert [1880-1930]
  2. Norris
  3. Clement [1894-1939]

The children were born in Northowram.

The family lived at Northowram

Rhodes, Christopher Tate
[1843-1934] Son of Samuel Rhodes.

Born 14th August 1843.

Local solicitor

Rhodes, Eliza
[1846-1???] Daughter of Henry Rhodes.

She was a mill hand [1871].

In 1871, she and her widowed mother Eliza were living with William Mallinson and his wife. In 1891, Eliza was a servant with Mary A. Waterhouse [aged 65] and Mary H. Waterhouse [aged 36] at Sunnybank, in the Francis Street area of Halifax.

In 1901, 1911, she was a servant with John Halliday and family at 67 Clare Road, Halifax.

She died at Clare Road, Halifax [17th December 1912] (aged 66).

She was buried at Illingworth Church [20th December 1912].

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £196 13/1d. Probate was granted to Rhodes Mallinson (joiner), Harry Broadbent (boiler stoker), and Edward Haigh (warp beamer

Rhodes, Elizabeth
[13??-1373] Prioress of Kirklees Priory [1361-1373]

Rhodes, Elizabeth Agnes
[1892-1933] An Irishwoman.

In 1919, she married Samuel Redmayne Rhodes, whom she had met whilst he was serving with the Royal Army Service Corps.

They move back to Rhodes's home in Hebden Bridge.

In June 1933, Agnes was charged with the murder of her husband whose charred body was found on a bed at their home, Snow Booth Farm, Hebden Bridge. She was found wandering around Hebden Bridge town centre and said to a constable

I have tried to commit suicide. I have killed my husband. I know he is dead. I killed him with a hammer

She then set fire to the bed and tried to burn herself. She had 5 cuts on her throat where she had tried to cut her throat with a razor. The next day, she jumped into the river at Hebden Bridge, but could not sink.

Mr Rhodes was known to be a brutal man and their married life had been unhappy, Mrs Rhodes suffering years of abuse. She was imprisoned at Strangeways, Manchester, and sentenced to death at the Leeds Assizes.

A petition – headed by Rev Frodsham – that the sentence be commuted was dismissed.

About 1 week before she was due to be executed, the Home Secretary commuted the sentence to life imprisonment

Rhodes, Francis
[18??-1???] Son of William Rhodes and favourite nephew of Rev James Armytage Rhodes.

In 1849, he married Charlotte Maria Cooper Darwin at St George's Church, Hanover Square, London.

She – and her husband – both had family connections with naturalist Charles Darwin

On their marriage, Francis changed his name to Francis Darwin.

He inherited the Mytholm Estate in Hebden Bridge from his uncle and aunt in 1866. In 1868, he sold the property.

In 1881, he was living at Creskeld Hall, Leeds

Rhodes, Frederick
[1821-1???] Son of William Rhodes, engineer.

He was an engineer of Warley [1849].

He married (1) Unknown.

In 1849, he married (2) Sarah Ann Slater at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah Ann was the daughter of
James Slater

Rhodes, G.
[18??-19??] Recorded in 1905, when he was selling watches at 3 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge

Rhodes, George Walker
[1854-1935] Born in Hipperholme.

He was a gardener [1877].

On 30th June 1877, he married Mary Procter [1854-1???] in Halifax.

Mary was born in Colne


  1. Willie [b 1882]
  2. Herbert

The children were born in Coley.

The family lived at

  • Trough Farm Cottage, Coley [1891, 1901]
  • Spring Gardens, Norwood Green [1911]

Rhodes, Godfrey
[1850-1900] Son of Samuel Rhodes.

Whilst a young man, he had an accident when his arm was caught in a gate in a strong wind and was amputated. He had to have a prosthetic limb.

He was a solicitor [1881, 1891] / Clerk to the Sowerby Bridge District Council / Clerk to the Southowram District Council He served his articles with John Haigh, Official Receiver in Bankruptcy in Huddersfield. His first office was in Horton Street. He moved to larger premises in Commercial Bank Chambers in partnership with Richard W. Evans, as Godfrey Rhodes & Evans [1886]

On 13th October 1875, he married Annie Gomersall [1853-1???] in Dewsbury.

Annie was the daughter of Tom Gomersall of Dewsbury


  1. Lewis
  2. son
  3. daughter
  4. daughter

The family lived at

  • Ashleigh, Willow Hall Road, Halifax [1881]
  • Lindenholme, Skircoat, Halifax [1891]

He died at Lindenholme [14th December 1900] (aged 50).

He was buried at Sowerby Bridge Cemetery

Rhodes, Harold Whitaker
[1897-1917] Son of Elizabeth & Walter Rhodes of Valley View, Shelf.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 8th Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He died 11th April 1917 (aged 20).

He was buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium [XI C 38]

Rhodes, Henry
[1809-1???] He was a mason [1832] / a stone mason [1841] / a mason [1851] / a stone mason [1861] / a bricklayer [1867]

On 20th February 1832, he married Eliza Benson.

Eliza was born in Leeds


  1. James
  2. John [b 1834]
  3. Eliza [b 1836] who (probably) died before 1846
  4. Hannah [b 1838]
  5. Maria [b 1840] who married William Mallinson
  6. Elizabeth [b 1843]
  7. Eliza

The family lived at

  • Ovenden [1841]
  • Old Bank, Halifax [1851]
  • Bank Bottom, Halifax [1861]

Henry died 28th October 1864 (aged 56), In 1871, the widowed Eliza and daughter Eliza were living with William Mallinson and his wife

Rhodes, Henry
[1818-1883] Son of William Rhodes, a wireworker.

He was a wire worker of Hipperholme [1839] / a wire drawer [1841] / an iron worker [1845] / a wire worker employing 1 man [1851] / a wire worker employing 4 men and 3 boys [1861] / a wire worker employing 3 men and 2 boys [1871] / a wire worker [1878] / a wire worker employing 3 men and 1 boy [1881].

On 13th June 1839, he married (1) Ruth Elizabeth Mallinson.

Ruth Elizabeth was the daughter of
John Mallinson,

Ruth Elizabeth died [Q2] 1842.

On 17th February 1845, he married (2) Sarah Mallinson [1825-1???].

Sarah was the daughter of John Mallinson, and sister of his first wife


  1. Mary [b 1844]

Sarah died before 1878.

On 11th December 1878, Henry married (3) Dinah Ann Holmes [1834-1906] at Bradford.

Dinah Ann was born in Oxenhope

In 1841, Henry & Ruth were living with Ruth's parents, Sarah & John Mallinson at Lane Ends, Hipperholme.

The family lived at

  • 65 Hope Street, Horton, Bradford [1851]
  • College Road, Little Horton, Bradford [1861]
  • Lane Ends Green, Hipperholme [1871]
  • 22 Darfield Street, Bradford [1881]

Living with them [in 1851] were lodgers Sarah Bateman [aged 27] and Emily Bateman [aged 1].

Living with them in 1861 was sister-in-law Martha Mallinson [aged 38].

Living with them in 1881 was niece Mary H. Barraclough [aged 26].

Henry died at Bradford [Q4 1883] (aged 66).

Dinah Ann died in Keighley [Q1 1906] (aged 73) 

Rhodes, Captain Henry Brooke
[18??-19??] Younger son of Mr Rhodes and Elizabeth.

On the death of their mother, his older brother Herbert succeeded to the Birks Hall estate.

Herbert died without issue, and Henry succeeded and became tenant for life of the estate under the will of his grandmother

Rhodes, Herbert
[1???-18??] Elder son of Mr Rhodes and Elizabeth.

On the death of his mother, he succeeded to the Birks Hall estate.

He died without issue, and his brother, Captain Rhodes, succeeded and became tenant for life of the estate under the will of his grandmother

Rhodes, Herbert
[1886-1917] Son of George Walker Rhodes.

Born in Coley.

He was a domestic groom [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd/5th Battalion (T. F.)  South Staffordshire Regiment.

He died of wounds [19th April 1917].

He was buried at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, France [IV C 9].

He is remembered on Coley War Memorial, and on Bailiff Bridge War Memorial

He is remembered on Coley War Memorial,

Rhodes, Herbert Rothwell
[1858-1???] Son of Sydney Rothwell Rhodes.

Tobacconist at 2 Corn Market, Halifax [1881]

In November 1881, he married Emma Wadsworth [1863-1???]

Emma, of Horne Street, Halifax, was the daughter of the late John Wadsworth grocer of Cross Hills, Halifax

Rhodes, Isabella
[1499-15??] One of the last nuns at Kirklees Priory

Rhodes, J.
[18??-18??] Wire worker at Hipperholme.

In February 1850, he was declared insolvent

Rhodes, James
[18??-19??] Of 26 Clifton Road, Halifax.

In 1903, he was one of the first people to be granted a car registration and a motor drivers' licence

Rhodes, James
[1832-1???] Son of Henry Rhodes.

He was a mason of Northowram [1868].

In February 1868, he married Naomi Mallinson.

Naomi was the daughter of Thomas Mallinson, a wiredrawer

Rhodes, James
[1851-1???] Son of Thomas Rhodes.

Born in Halifax.

He was partner in Thomas Rhodes & Sons Limited / a sewing machine & musical instrument dealer & complete house furnisher [1891].

He married Emma [1851-1???]

Emma was born in Mirfield

They lived at 26 Clifton Road, Skircoat [1891].

Living with them (as servants) in 1891 were (James's?) widowed sisters Martha J. Holroyde [b 1843] and Olive Wheeldon [b 1849]

Rhodes, Rev James Armytage
[1785-1871] A wealthy man, property-owner and magistrate in Hebden Bridge

Rhodes, John
[1???-1???] Of Halifax. He issued tradesmen's tokens – possibly worth ¼d bearing the image of a lion rampant

Rhodes, John
[16??-1???] He was Constable of Northowram [1693]

Rhodes, John
[1759-1818] Son of Mr Rhodes.

Woollen merchant in Halifax. He went into partnership with his nephew Rawdon BriggsRhodes & Briggs.

Much of his time was spent on the Continent in the export side of the business.

He was a Trustee of Northgate End Chapel [1797].

He was a partner in the Halifax Commercial Banking Company Limited and Rawson's Bank.

He was a partner in Rawson, Rhodes & Briggs [1807].

He married Faith Rawdon.

Faith was the daughter of Mr Rawdon

They lived at Savile Green, Halifax [1803]

He extended Savile Green, building large rooms in the centre part of the houses and a kitchen at the back

There was a memorial medallion bust – by Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey RA – to him in Northgate End Chapel

Rhodes, John
[18??-1???] Manufacturer of plain and fancy knitted hosiery with business at 13 Horton Street, Halifax. The business was established around 1870 and their products included cardigans, jackets, jerseys, children's clothes, skirts, shawls, capes, gaiters and stockings. They also supplied knitting machines and sewing machines

Rhodes, Joseph
[1???-17??] Of Skircoat. He had property at Ball Green, Soyland and Southowram Bank.

He married Sarah.


  1. Elizabeth [1740-1810] who married William Holland
  2. Thomas
  3. William
  4. Joseph
  5. Sarah
  6. another daughter

Rhodes, Joseph
[17??-18??] Son of Joseph Rhodes. He was landlord of the Neptune Inn, Brookfoot.

He married Unknown.


  1. son
  2. daughter
  3. daughter
  4. daughter

Rhodes, Joseph
[17??-18??] Governor of the Ovenden Workhouse.

He married Betty [1751-1835].

He was dead by 1835

Rhodes, Joseph
[1756-1840] Of Bank Top, Southowram.

He married Susannah [1758-1843].


  1. Hannah [1789-1848]

Joseph died 17th November 1840 [aged 84]. Susannah died 6th January 1843 [aged 85].

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram

Rhodes, Joseph W.
[18??-19??] Station master at Hipperholme Station [1905]

Rhodes, Leonard
[1923-1944] Son of Florence & Leonard Rhodes of Fixby.

Born in Birmingham.

He worked for Ainley Brothers (Elland) Limited.

He lived at 4 Greystone Avenue, Elland.

During World War II, he enlisted [1942], and served as a Private with the 1st Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was taken a POW in Tunisia, and escaped.

He died of wounds in Italy [1st February 1944].

He was buried at Anzio War Cemetery, Italy [III B 3].

He is remembered at Elland Cemetery, on Elland War Memorial, on the Memorial at Saint Mary the Virgin, Elland, and on the Memorial at All Saints' Church, Elland

Rhodes, Lewis
[1887-19??] MA, JP.

Son of Godfrey Rhodes.

Baptised July 1887.

He was educated at Oxford. He became a solicitor in Halifax. He qualified in June 1904 He was Chairman of William Asquith Limited [1949] / a partner in Godfrey Rhodes & Evans / a Director of the British Law Insurance Company Limited / notary public to Sowerby UDC and Southowram UDC.

In February 1909, he married Emily Louise Walton.

See Thomas Brown

Rhodes, M.
[1???-191?] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on Coley War Memorial

Rhodes, Norris
[1887-1917] Son of Charles Rhodes.

Born in Northowram.

He was a member of St Matthew's Church, Northowram & Sunday School / a member of the local Rifle Club whose HQ was at the Travellers' Rest, Hipperholme / a member of the Bolton Unity at Shelf / a cowman on a farm / employed by Brear & Brown Limited / a mineral water manufacturer (own business).

In 1908, he married Miriam Ogden [1887-1969] in Halifax.

Miriam was born in Ovenden


  1. Charles [1909-1988]

The family lived at

  • 9 Back Clough, Northowram [1911]
  • Whitehall Street, Hipperholme
  • 3 Ringsby Terrace, Halifax

During World War I, he enlisted [28th November 1915], and served as a Gunner with D Battery with the 246th Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

He was killed by shellfire at the 3rd Battle of Ypres [29th October 1917].

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [4-6 & 162], on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at Saint John the Baptist, Coley,

He is remembered on the Memorial at Saint Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe or on the Memorial at Saint Matthew's Church, Northowram,

Rhodes, Sam
[1888-1917] Son of Sarah Ann (née Schofield) & Samuel Henry Rhodes of 8 Jowett's Row, Brighouse [1911].

Born in Rastrick.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 9th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

He died 14th October 1917.

He was buried at Locre Hospice Cemetery, Belgium [III B 29].

He is remembered on Bailiff Bridge War Memorial

Rhodes, Rev Samuel
[17??-18??] He was one of a number of students from Idle College who served at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland from its foundation in 1814. He became Minister in 1817. He lived beneath the Church. He supplemented his salary of £70 per annum by weaving. His wife – who had been a governess for Mr Holland at Slead Syke – kept a draper's shop. In 1827, he moved to Smallbridge

Rhodes, Samuel
[1810-1884] Son of Mr Rhodes.

Born in Halifax [9th September 1810].

Both his parents died young, leaving Samuel and his sisters in the care of their foster father and guardian, James Edward Norris.

He was Bailiff [1841] / High Bailiff, County of Yorkshire at Halifax [1851] / High Bailiff (The Local) County Court [1867, 1881].

He was strongly against anyone drinking water from lead pipes. Around 1855, he built The Dudwells, Halifax

in honour of the magnificent and never-failing spring of pure, bright, sparkling water in the wells close by

He was a benefactor of All Saints' Church, Dudwell, and carted over 400 cart loads of stone from his own quarry for the construction of the Church and School.

He married Amelia, daughter of Gamaliel Rothwell.

Newspaper accounts of Samuel and Amelia's wedding said that

Amelia was the daughter of G. Rothwell and a direct descendant of Lord Chancellor Hyde whose sister married King James II


  1. Samuel [b 1832]
  2. Emma [b 1833]
  3. Sydney Rothwell
  4. Mary [b 1837]
  5. Selina [b 1839]
  6. Clara [1842-1889]
  7. Christopher Tate
  8. Julia Maria [b 1846] who married John William Strong
  9. Arthur [b 1847]
  10. Godfrey

The family lived at

He died at The Dudwells, Halifax on 2nd February 1884 [aged 73].

He was buried at Elland Cemetery.

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £1,512 19/-.

His will was proved by his executors: his daughter Clara, Rev William Brookes and George Aked Blackburn (grocer).

Daughter Clara died at her home West View, Hopwood Lane, Halifax [21st September 1889] (aged 47).

See Charles Ambler

Rhodes, Sydney Rothwell
[1835-1880] Son of Samuel Rhodes.

Baptised October 1835.

He was a commission agent.

In 1858, he married Emma Louisa Tipton.


  1. Herbert

He died in Halifax

Rhodes, Thomas
[18??-18??] In 1866, he established the business which – when he was joined by his sons – became Thomas Rhodes & Sons Limited.

He married Unknown.


  1. William
  2. James

Rhodes, Thomas George
[18??-19??] Pharmaceutical chemist.

In 1898, he married Norah Catherine, daughter of William Dyer, at Blackburn.


  1. daughter

The family lived at The Mount, Stansfield, Todmorden [1901]

Rhodes, Vernon
[1???-19??] Organist at Halifax Parish Church [1939-1941]

Rhodes, Walter

On 29th June 1600, he married Elizabeth Joanna Barstow [1581-1659] in Halifax.


  1. Henry
  2. Zachariah

Elizabeth Joanna died in Providence, Rhode Island, USA [1659]

Rhodes, William
[1846-1???] Son of Thomas Rhodes.

Born in Halifax.

He was partner in Thomas Rhodes & Sons Limited / a sewing machine & musical instrument dealer & complete house furnisher [1891].

He married Henrietta [1859-1???].

Henrietta was born in Halifax

They lived at 24 Clifton Road, Skircoat [1891]


Rhodes surname

The Surname is discussed in the book Halifax & District Surnames by George Redmonds.

There are over 40 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Rhodes, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Rhodes:

Marriages 1804, 1857, 1883, 1913; Deaths 1806, 1907

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