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Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Foldout

People with Missing Dates

A great many entries refer to people for whom I do not have either the date-of-birth


or the date-of-death


or neither


Even where a date is shown, this may only be approximate and based on the date of baptism or the age shown on a census return

Please email me if you can supply any missing dates for any of the following people

Because of the time which it takes to update this particular list, information may already have been added to some of the people listed here

Henry Beaumont Ackroyd
Joe Ainley
John Ainley
Joah Aked
Joseph Aked
Rev William Aked
Robert Akroyd
George Aldam
Patricia Allen
J. Ambler
Rev J. K. Archer
Robert Armitage
Job Aspinall
John Aspinall
Joseph Aspinall
Thomas Aspinall
William Aspinall

John Bailey
Joseph Bairstow
Richard Bairstow
Abraham Baldwin
Percy Bancroft
Abraham Barker
Abraham Barker
John Schofield Barker
Joseph Barker
Mary Alice Barker
Richard Barraclough
James Bates
Sowden Bates
John Beaumont
Luke Beaumont
W. Beaumont
Peter Bell
Samuel Arundel Bell
John Bentley
Joshua Bentley
Richard Bentley
Benjamin Berron
Henry Binns
Rev J. R. Blackburn
Joe Boocock
Mr Bottomley
Ely Bottomley
Joseph Bottomley
Samuel Bottomley
William Bottomley
Alfred Briggs
Eliza Briggs
Rev Henry Briggs
Thomas H. Briggs
Rev Thomas Broadhurst
R. Broadley
Joseph Brook
Joseph Brook
T. Brook
Thomas Brook
Rev Joseph Brooksbank
Mr Brown
George Dyson Buckley
John Buckley
Rev F. G. Bullock

James Calvert
Edward Carter
Job Carter
Mrs Kathleen M. Cawdry
John Cawthrey
John Chadwick
Tommy Cheesebits
John Chester
Albert Clay
John Clay
William Clay
John Rylott Clayton
P. Clayton
Dr A. H. Clegg
Hanson Clegg
Arthur Cockroft
Rev John A. Coghlan
Ephraim Collins
Joseph Chappell Collins
Richard Copley
William Jacob Copplestone
Elizabeth Cordingley
William Cordingley
Richardus Cormye
Ann Crabtree
Joseph Crabtree
Joseph Crabtree
Abraham Craven
Simeon Crossley
William J. Crossley
Albert Cusworth

John Denham
James Denton
James Dewhirst
Adin Dey
Thomas John Dobson
Herbert Drake
William Thomas Drake
Rev Frank Drinkwater
John Dyson
Samuel Dyson

A. Earnshaw
James Earnshaw
John William Eastburn
Charles William Eastwood
Joseph Eastwood
Thomas Eastwood
Albert Ellis

Edward Farrar
Jacob Farrar
John Farrar
James Farrer
Jonathan Farrer
Abraham Fawcett
James Feather
Mr Fielden
Samuel Fielden
Walter Fielden
Eli Fielding
Thomas Fielding
Esther Firth
Samuel Firth
T. Firth
Samuel Fleming
Wilfred Fleming
Jno H. Fletcher
Luke Fletcher
Mrs Foster
J. Foster
Margaret Fox
Judge Frankland
John French

Samuel Garforth
Rev J. Garrad
J. Garside
John Garside
Robert Gibson
John Gill
John Gill
James Gledhill
Jonathan Gledhill
Josiah Gledhill
Joseph Gosling
W. Gothard
George Grandage
Aquilla Green
James Greenwood
John Greenwood
John Greenwood
Morris Greenwood
W. Greenwood

Abraham Haigh
James Haigh
Luke Haigh
Mary Haigh
Rev Henry Hall
James Halstead
John Halstead
Rev J. Hanson
Joshua Hanson
William Hanson
Charles Harrison
John Harrison
W. Harrison
Edwin Hartley
John Hartley
Mary Selina Harwood
Rev T. G. Harwood
Alfred Helliwell
J. Helliwell
James Helliwell
Joseph Helliwell
W. H. Helliwell
George Benjamin Hepworth
James Hepworth
Samuel Hey
Joseph Highley
Louis V. Hirst
J. Hitchen
Mr Hodgson
Roland Hodgson
Thomas Lee Hodgson
Nathaniel Holden
Tom Holden
Donald Holdsworth
James Holdsworth
Samuel Holdsworth
Mr Holgate
Henry Hollinrake
James Hollinrake
John Holroyd
Fanny Holt
James Holt
Thomas Holt
J. Hopkinson
Thomas Hopkinson
Charles Edward Horsfall
Rev James Hortage
Rev Jack Howarth
Joseph Howarth
James Hoyle
L. Hoyle
Robert Hoyle
Thomas Hoyle
William Hoyle
William Hoyle
Albert Hudson
James Hurst

Phebe Illingworth
Jack Ingham
William Ingham

Abraham Jackson
Arthur William Jackson
John Jackson
Rev Nicholas Jackson
Peter Jackson
Hanson Jagger
Thomas Jagger
John Jennings
John Jennings
Fred Johnson
Richard Johnson
William Johnson
Francis Jones

John Kershaw
Professor James Kershaw
Timothy Kershaw
James King
John King
Samuel King
William King
John Kitson

Albreda de Lacy
John Law
Richard Law
John Admiral Laycock
Rev A. Leach
William Leach
Albert Lee
Frank Lee
Joseph Lee
John Lightowler
Desmond Liley
Fred Lister
Eva Hannah Longbottom
William Longbottom
William Wormald Longbottom
Benjamin Lord
Eli Lord
Maria Amanda Lord
Ben Lumb
Eli Lumb
George Lumb
George Lumb

David Mallinson
Edward Mallinson
James Mallinson
John Mallinson
Thomas Mallinson
William Henry Mallinson
Mr Marsden
Gledhill Marsden
Richard Marsden
George Marshall
Samuel Marshall
Wilfred Martin
John Mellor
Joseph Mellor
R. Midgley
Robert Midgley
Robert Midgley
William Midgley
James Walter Milnes
Mr Mitchell
C. Mitchell
Eleanor Mitchell
James W. Mitchell
John Mitchell
William Mitchell
Priscilla Morris
George Moss
Grace Murgatroyd
John Murgatroyd
Richard Murgatroyd
Richard Aked Murgatroyd
Thomas Murgatroyd

Charles Naylor
John Naylor
Robert Naylor
Thomas Naylor
Alexander Nicholl
J. Nicholl
Northend Nicholl
H. Francis Nicholson
Edward Noble
Ephraim Noble
Richard Northend
Richard Northend

Thomas Oates
Joseph Ogden

Elizabeth Paley
John William Parker
Edward James Parkinson
Robert Parkinson
James Patchet
Harry Pearson
James Pearson
John Pearson
John Pearson
John Peel
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles
John Pickles
John Pickles
John Pickles
John Thomas Pickles
Thomas Pickles
John Pollard
Francis Priestley
Joseph Priestley
Joseph Priestley
R. Priestley
William Priestley

A. Radcliffe
Hellewell Radcliffe
William Radclyff
Elizabeth Ramsden
John Ramsden
Robert Ramsden
James Ratcliffe
Colonel William Rawson
William Rawson
Eliza Rhodes
J. Rhodes
David Riley
James Riley
Albert Roberts
Andy Roberts
Arthur Roberts
Kenneth Roberts
Samuel Roberts
Samuel Drake Roberts
Alfred H. Robinson
Benjamin Robinson
William Royde
Joseph Rukin
William Rushworth

George Saltonstall
Robert de Saltonstall
Henry de Savile
Sir John Savile
Margaret de Savile
Nicholas Savile
Sibil Savile
Thomas Savile
Sarah Schofield
Rev Edwin Scott
James Scott
C. W. Shackleton
Joseph Sharp
Arthur Shaw
James Shaw
James William Shaw
John Shaw
John Anthony Cobham Shaw
Joshua Shaw
Charles Sheard
James Sheard
Matthew Sheard
Samuel Sheard
William Shepley
Joshua Simpson
Francis Skidmore
Mr Smith
Rev Christine Smith
David Smith
Dorothy Smith
H. George Smith
Harry Smith
Rev James Albert Smith
Joseph Smith
Joshua Smith
Samuel Smith
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Joseph Smithies
George Sparling
Jabez Spencer
William Henry Spencer
Joshua Stansfeld
Peter de Stansfeld
Abraham Stansfield
Fred Stansfield
Joseph Stansfield
Nicholas Stansfield
Robert Stansfield
Thomas Stansfield
W. H. Stansfield
Henry Stott
Luke Stott
Mary Stott
Mrs Annie Sugden
Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Sugden
Frank Sunderland
John W. Sunderland
Thomas Sunderland
Alfred Sutcliffe
Edwin Sutcliffe
Ellis Sutcliffe
G. W. Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe
John Sutcliffe
Robert Sutcliffe
Samuel Sutcliffe
Samuel Sutcliffe
William Sutcliffe
William Sutcliffe
William Sutcliffe
Benjamin Sykes
Frederick William Sykes
J. Sykes

Harry Tasker
Edward Tattersall
Arthur Gilbert Taylor
David Taylor
Edward Panther Taylor
Rev George Taylor
Mr Thomas
E. Thompson
James Thompson
Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson
L. Thompson
Frank Turner
John Henry Turner
W. Turner

George Ulrick
Abraham Uttley
George Uttley
Michael Uttley

Richard Wade
Robert Wade
Mary Wadsworth
Michael Wainhouse
Richard Walker
Sarah Walker
James Walmsley
John Walsh
Billy Walton
J. H. Walton
J. N. Walton
John Walton
Christopher Ward
Joseph Wardle
John Waterhouse
Michael Waterhouse
Robert Waterhouse
George Webster
George Webster
Dr Harold Whitaker
Rev J. Pemberthy White
Mr Whitehead
Rev J. T. Whitehead
Emily Whiteley
George A. Whiteley
James Whiteley
John Whiteley
Joseph Whiteley
Joseph Whiteley
Ellen Whitley
Richard Whitley
George Widdop
John Wilcock
Fred Wilkinson
H. Wilkinson
Harry Wilkinson
Hedley Vickers Wilkinson
J. Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
Feargus Wilson
George Wilson
Harold Wilson
James Wilson
Joseph Wilson
Thomas William Wilson
Walter Fletcher Womersley
Albert Wood
Ernest Wood
Joseph Wood
Joseph Wood
Arton Woodhead
Thomas Woodhead
Bethel Wormald
J. E. Wormald
James Wormald
Kenneth Wright 

There are so many of these people – over 4000 – that I have only listed a random sample of 0 of them here

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