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Allan Morton [1854-1923]
Allen Morton [1808-1850]
Andrew Morton [18??-19??]
Armitage Morton [1877-1924]
Benjamin Morton [1731-1815]
Cross Morton [1870-1942]
David Morton [1803-1846]
Douglas Morton [1899-19??]
Douglas Morton [1939-19??]
Edmond de Morton [15??-15??]
Edmund Morton [1861-1936]
Edward Morton [1820-1???]
Edward John Morton [18??-1???]
Enos Morton [1817-1880]
Ethelbert Morton [1893-1916]
George Morton [1851-1901]
Hannah Morton [1805-1882]
Harold Morton [1879-19??]
Harry Morton [19??-1940]
Jabez Morton [1849-1912]
James Morton [18??-18??]
James Morton [1826-1906]
Job Morton [18??-19??]
John Morton [17??-1???]
John Morton [17??-18??]
John Morton [1767-18??]
John Morton [1835-1???]
John Morton [1846-1???]
John Tatham Morton [1866-1908]
Joseph Morton [1???-1???]
Joseph Morton [17??-18??]
Joseph Morton [1816-1864]
Joseph Morton [1840-1889]
Joseph Morton [1864-19??]
Joseph Morton [1893-1917]
Joseph Henry Morton [1917-1941]
Leonard Morton [1899-1918]
Mary Morton [1718-1788]
Matthew Morton [1838-1???]
Norman Morton [1889-19??]
Percival Clare Morton [1882-1918]
Reuben Morton [1836-1878]
Sam Morton [1887-1915]
Stephen Morton [17??-1???]
Rev Thomas Morton [18??-19??]
Tom Morton [1887-1915]
Walter Morton [18??-19??]
Walter Morton [1869-19??]
Walter Morton [1877-1900]
William Morton [1790-18??]
William Morton [1886-1917] 

Morton, Allan
[1854-1923] Butcher at Commercial Street, Brighouse.

On 22nd June 1911, he provided the ox for the ox roast at Round Hill, Rastrick to celebrate the coronation of George V.

In 1878, he married Isabella Scott [1853-1898] at St Matthew's Church, Rastrick.


  1. Allan [1871-1951]

Allan Junior had butcher's shop at Commercial Street, Brighouse and next to St Matthew's Church, Rastrick.

The family lived at East Street, Rastrick.

Morton, Allen
[1808-1850] On 13th June 1842, he married Dinah Tattersall at Elland Parish Church.

Dinah was the daughter of
Enoch Tattersall


  1. Betty [1843-1903] who married Henry Naylor
  2. Harriet [1845-1927] who never married
  3. Jabez
  4. Hannah [1849-1878] who never married

The children were all born in Norland.

After Allen's death [1850], Dinah married John Hollas

Morton, Andrew
[18??-19??] Physician and surgeon [1895]. He was at 25 Rhodes Street, Halifax [1905]

Morton, Armitage
[1877-1924] Son of Joseph Morton.

Born in Halifax.

He was a physician at Leeds General Hospital [1901]. He tended his half-brother, John Tatham, in his final illness.

In 1902, he married Martha Gertrude Smithies at Elland Parish Church.

The family lived at

He was buried at Elland Parish Church

Morton, Benjamin
[1731-1815] A native of Kirkheaton. A maltster, manufacturer and farmer at Slead Syke, Brighouse. He and a group of neighbours established in Independent congregation which went on to build Bridge End Congregational Chapel, Rastrick.

In 1779, his wife encouraged the congregation to organise themselves to build a new Chapel when finances ran out on their initial plans.

When the congregation at Bridge End declined during the ministry of Rev William Northend, some of the members left Bridge End and met at the Kiln, Slead Syke.

He was buried at Kirkheaton

Morton, Cross
[1870-1942] He was a wiredrawer [1891].

On 21st February 1891, he married Alice Oade at Halifax Parish Church.

They moved away from Brighouse.

They both died in Warrington

Morton, David
[1803-1846] He was a clothier [1824].

On 16th August 1824, he married Hannah Morton in Huddersfield.


  1. Mary [1826-1901] who married Dan Gledhill
  2. Jonathan [1850-1869]
  3. Joseph [b 1832]
  4. Reuben
  5. Martha [1844-1921] who married Charles Hall

David died in 1846.

In 1851, Hannah married William Moore [1800-1860]

Morton, Douglas
[1899-19??] Son of Walter Morton.

Born in Elland.

He was a doffer worsted [1911].

During World War I, he served with the Royal Navy.

The Halifax Courier [22nd July 1916] reported that

he celebrated his 18th birthday last week, and was in the recent North Sea battle on the flagship, and had a miraculous escape from death

Morton, Douglas
[1939-19??] Labourer of Brighouse.

In 1973, he murdered his neighbour, James Ellis

Morton, Edmond de
[15??-15??] In 1558, a Presbyterian, he fled from religious persecution by the Catholics in Scotland to settle and establish many potteries in the Salendine Nook/Elland/Huddersfield district.

The last of family's potteries closed in the 1980s

Morton, Edmund
[1861-1936] Born in Huddersfield.

He was a joiner.

On 24th December 1881, he married Ada Wood [1864-19??] at Elland Parish Church.

Ada was born in Brighouse


  1. Eliza [b 1882]
  2. Tom

The family lived at

  • 109 Elland Road [1901]
  • 10 Church Lane, Brighouse [1911]

Morton, Edward
[1820-1???] Son of William Morton.

Born in Halifax.

In 1841, he is listed as a Pot maker.

Later, he is living in Oldham with his brother, David. Both are mechanics

Morton, Edward John
[18??-1???] Yarn agent at Hipperholme. Recorded in February 1867, when he was a partner in the Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Company

Morton, Enos
[1817-1880] Son of John Morton.

Born in Lindley.

He was a farmer of 10 acres employing 6 labourers [1851] / an earthenware maker [1861].

He established Enos Morton & Sons, potters, at Salendine Nook.

On 16th June 1841, he married (1) Mary Walker [1822-1866] at Huddersfield.


  1. Robert [b 1843] who was a pot maker [1861]
  2. Hannah [b 1845]
  3. Mary Ann [b 1847]
  4. Emma [b 1848]
  5. John [b 1852]
  6. Enos [b 1855]
  7. Dan [b 1857]

On 4th April 1873, he married (2) Ellen Beaumont [1830-1893] at Lindley St Stephen.


  1. Beaumont [b 1873]

The family lived at

  • Huddersfield [1851]
  • 169 Salendine Nook [1861]

He died at Salendine Nook [15th July 1880]

Morton, Ethelbert
[1893-1916] Son of Walter Morton.

Born in Elland [30th June 1893].

He was a member of St Paul's United Methodist Chapel, Elland, Sunday School & Boys' Brigade / a member of Elland Liberal Club / assistant manager & instructor at Elland Baths / a woollen worker [1911].

During World War I, he enlisted [4th October 1914], and served as a Lance Corporal with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

After training in Doncaster, he was sent to France [April 1915].

He was killed in action [11th July 1916] (aged 24).

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [6A & 6B], on Elland War Memorial, on the Memorial at Southgate Methodist Chapel, Elland, and on the Memorial at Elland Boys' Brigade

Morton, George
[1851-1901] Born in Stainland.

Son of William Morton, cloth finisher.

He was a cloth finisher of Stainland [1871] / a cloth finisher [1881] / a woollen finisher [1891].

In [Q2] 1871, he married Rebecca Chadwick [1850-1908] at Halifax Parish Church.

Rebecca, of Stainland, was the daughter of William Chadwick, excavator

She was a worsted weaver [1881]



  1. Mary E [b 1874] who was a barmaid at the West Ward Hotel, Halifax [1891]
  2. Albert Ed. [b 1881] who was a brickyard labourer [1908]
  3. Joe Willie [b 1883] who was a cotton operative [1901]
  4. Sam
  5. Fred [b 1889]

The family lived at

  • Burrwood, Stainland [1881]
  • Burwood Road, Stainland with Old Lindley [1891]
  • Burr-Wood, Stainland [1901]

George died [Q1] 1901 (aged 49).

Rebecca died in 1908 (aged 58) 

Morton, Hannah
[1805-1882] Born in Longwood.

On 16th August 1824, she married David Morton in Huddersfield.


  1. Mary [1826-1901] who married Dan Gledhill
  2. Jonathan [1850-1869]
  3. Joseph [b 1832]
  4. Reuben
  5. Martha [1844-1921] who married Charles Hall

David died in 1846.

In 1851, she married William Moore [1800-1860].

She was landlady of the Swan Inn, Outlane [1861, 1871, 1882].

She died at the Swan [21st June 1882].

Probate records show that he left a personal estate valued at £397 16/1d.

The will was proved by daughters Mary Gledhill of Quarmby & Martha Hall of Quarmby and John Gledhill of Crosland Moor (weaver) 

Morton, Harold
[1879-19??] Son of Joseph Morton.

He was a director of Enos Morton & Sons / a director of Joseph Morton & Sons, Limited [1949].

On 24th February 1904, he married Florence Amy Edwards [1780-1849] at St Philip's Church, Bloomsbury, London.

Florence Amy was the 4th daughter of H. W. Edwards of John Street, Bedford Row, London

Weddings notices mentioned that their future home was to be Newbury, Huddersfield Road, Halifax.

The family lived at Heath Crescent, Halifax [where Florence Amy died 1949]

Morton, Harry
[19??-1940] Of 24 Pear Street, Halifax.

During World War II, he served as a Leading Aircraftman with the Royal Air Force.

He died 16th May 1940.

He was buried at All Saints' Church, Dudwell [4 1243].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Morton, Jabez
[1849-1912] Son of Allen Morton.

He was a slater [1878].

In 1878, he married Ellen Longbottom [1845-1917] in Halifax.

Ellen was born in Norland


  1. Hannah Jane [1880-1970] who married James William Schofield
  2. Edith [b 1882]

Morton, James
[18??-18??] Landlord of the Hope Inn, Halifax [1860].

In 1860, he was one of a number of publicans charged with the adulteration of their beer by using grains of paradise in brewing. He was fined £50.

Druggist Richard Toone was charged and fined £125 for supplying the grains

Morton, James
[1826-1906] Son of blacksmith David Morton.

Born in Dewsbury / Huddersfield.

He was a blacksmith [1850] / a whitesmith [1851] / an engineer employing 7 men, 3 boys [1871] / a mechanical engineer [1881] / a beer house keeper at the Barley Mow, Elland [1890, 1891, 1893] / a general mechanic machine tool works [1901]

In November 1893, he was fined £1 plus costs after being charged with having his house opened during prohibited hours on the afternoon of Sunday 15th October 1893. He had given beer to a Mrs Robinson, whose son had married one of Ramsden's daughters.

In 1850, he married Sarah Clay [1829-1907] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah, of Warley, was the daughter of piecemaker William Clay


  1. David [b 1851] who was an engineer [1871]
  2. William A [b 1853] who was an engineer [1871]
  3. Alfred [b 1856] who was an engineer [1871] a mechanic (artisan) [1881]
  4. Mary Ellen [b 1859]
  5. Sarah A [b 1864] who was a boot fitter [1881]
  6. Ralph [b 1866]
  7. Susan [b 1869]
  8. son [b 1871]

The family lived at

  • 11 South Knight Street, Halifax [1851]
  • 11 Bath Parade, Halifax [1871]
  • 1 Back Providence Place, King Cross Road, Halifax [1881]
  • 96 Wakefield Road, Sowerby Bridge [1901]

Living with them [in 1881] were visitors Rebecca Tempest [aged 30] (clerk's wife), Fred Tempest [aged 9] Charly Tempest [aged 7] William Hutchinson [aged 5] and Annie Frances Hutchinson [aged 1].

Living with them at the Barley Mow, 86 Westgate, Elland in 1891 were 11 lodgers.

Living with them in 1901 was nephew Charles Edward Clay [aged 30] (engine maker boring machinist) 

Morton, Job
[18??-19??] In 1886, he was in partnership with Joseph Law, making paper at Booth Wood Mill, Rishworth. They had acquired the business of Clarke & Luke.

In November 1890, they conveyed the business to David Scott

Morton, John
[17??-1???] He was a manager at the Howcans of Samuel Halliday.

He became an earthenware manufacturer at Cinderhills, Siddal which he took over from Samuel Halliday.

In 1783, he bought

from Mrs Sarah Dearden and others two closes of land known as Upper and Lower Mires and a close of land at Siddal Wells, Southowram, with coal mines, veins and seams of coal, clay, etc., under the same

He married Unknown.


  1. Joseph

He lived at Clipster Hall, Siddal. Around 1789, he purchased coal beneath the Clipster Hall estate.

See Morton's John Morton & Sons

Morton, John
[17??-18??] Hatter in Halifax [1787]

Morton, John
[1767-18??] He married Mary.


  1. Joshua [b 1812]
  2. Rhoda [b 1812]
  3. Enos

The family lived at Pot Ovens, Lindley [1841]

Morton, John
[1835-1???] Of Salendine Nook.

In 1862, he was one of the Three Greenhorns who went to Canada

Morton, John
[1846-1???] Son of Joseph Morton

He was brickworks manager [1881] / firebrick manufacturer [1901]. He established John Morton (Thornton Fireclay) Limited, at Birks Fireclay Works, Thornton, Bradford.

In 1871, he married Maria Louisa Aspinall [1854-1???] in Halifax.


  1. Lewis John [b 1872]
  2. Edith Harriet [b 1874]
  3. Florence Daisy [b 1882] who married [1899] William Dixon or George Normanton Carter

The family lived at

  • 2 Morton's House, Siddal [1881]
  • Ash Grove, Thornton, Bradford [with sister-in-law Martha A. Bullock (aged 62) 1901]

Morton, John Tatham
[1866-1908] Son of Joseph Morton.

He qualified as a solicitor [1887]. He was solicitor [1901] / clerk to Southowram School Board / one of the founders of the Sunday Lecture Society / a member of St James's Lodge of Freemasons.

In 1897, he married Gertrude Mary Robertshaw.

Gertrude Mary second was the daughter of Thomas Robertshaw


  1. daughter [b 1901]

The family lived at

  • 2 Elm View, Skircoat, Halifax [1901]
  • Leicester Terrace, Halifax [1908]

An obituary notice [November 1908] read

John Tatham Morton [...] for a few years laid aside with a serious illness. For the last 2/3 years he was confined to bed with some spinal trouble attended by Dr Alderman and his brother Dr Armitage Morton of Elland.

Morton, Joseph
[1???-1???] Son of John Morton.

He produced made black ware pottery at his pot ovens at Cinderhills.

He married Unknown.


  1. Joseph

Morton, Joseph
[17??-18??] Son of Joseph Morton. He was a pot maker of Southowram [1803] / an earthenware manufacturer at Cinderhills [1829] He established Joseph Morton & Sons at Hipperholme and J. S. Morton & Sons Limited at Siddal.

In 1803, he married Ann Whitehead from Saddleworth.


  1. Joseph

Morton, Joseph
[1816-1864] Son of Joseph Morton.

He was a pot manufacturer [1837] / a brick maker [1841, 1851, 1864].

On 4th May 1837, he married Mary Tatham [1817-1888].


  1. Alice [1839-1856]
  2. Joseph [b 1840]
  3. Benjamin [b 1843]
  4. David [b 1844]
  5. John
  6. Ann Whitehead [b 1848] who married [1872] butcher Abraham Greenwood

The family lived at

  • Cinderhills, Siddal [1841, 1851, 1864]
  • Hardcastle Buildings, Siddal [1871]

Mary died at Rhodes Street, Halifax [8th August 1888].

Joseph and Mary were buried at Elland Cemetery.

See Pot Ovens, Southowram

Morton, Joseph
[1840-1889] Son of Joseph Morton.

He was educated at Mr Farrar's School.

He was a firebrick manufacturer employing 27 men and 13 boys [1881].

In April 1863, he married (1) Elizabeth Ann, daughter of John Helliwell Fleming.


  1. Joseph
  2. John Tatham

The family lived at Hardcastle Buildings, Siddal [1871].

Living with them [in 1871] was visitor Albert Fleming [aged 16] (boot maker) 

In 1876, he married (2) Ann Armitage [1844-1906] from Dewsbury.


  1. Armitage
  2. Harold [b 1879]
  3. Hilda Mary Victoria [b 1882] who married Clement Sheldrake

The family lived at 1 Mortons House, Siddal [1881]; Mortons Place, Siddal [1891]; 6 Whinney Field, Halifax [1901]

Living with them in 1891 was visitor William M. Armitage [aged 23] from Dewsbury.

Living with them in 1901 was visitor Mary Armitage [aged 47].

He died 25th July 1889 [aged 48].

He was buried at Elland Cemetery

Morton, Joseph
[1864-19??] Son of Joseph Morton.

Born in Halifax.

He was a firebrick manufacturer [1901] / a firebrick maker (employer) [1911].

About 1898, he married Louisa Clara Caroline Gatley [1877-19??] who was born in Malta.


  1. Eileen Clara [b 1900] who married [1933] Howard Leslie Jones of Birmingham
  2. Eveleyn Melita Gatley [b 1907] who married Cyril James Sharp
  3. Joseph Francis Braithwaite [b 1910] who was a brick manufacturer & married [1935] Sarah Gertrude, daughter of Tom Marsh

He lived at Mount House, Siddal [1901, 1905, 1911].

Living with them in 1911 were lodgers Francis W. Gatley [aged 32]; Walter V. Gatley [aged 22]; Edward H. Gatley [aged 8]

Morton, Joseph
[1893-1917] Son of Alice (née Oade) [1870-1927] & Cross Morton [1870-1942].

Born in Rastrick.

During World War I, he served as a Corporal with the 11th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

He died in Greece [20th March 1917].

He was buried at the Karasouli Military Cemetery, Greece [D 868]

Morton, Joseph Henry
[1917-1941] Son of Mary Jane & John Morton of Elland.

During World War II, he served as an Engine Room Artificer 4th Class with the Royal Navy.

aboard battleship HMS Barham

He died 25th November 1941 (aged 24)  when his ship was torpedoed by German Submarine U-331 and sank in the Mediterranean Sea, off Alexandria, with the loss of 862 of her crew of 1311.

He is remembered on the Plymouth Naval Memorial [51 2], on Elland War Memorial, and on the Memorial at Elland Boys' Brigade

Morton, Leonard
[1899-1918] Of 62 St James's Road, Halifax.

Son of Elizabeth Ann & William Henry Morton of Halifax.

He was a salesman for Freeman, Hardy & Willis, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Rifleman with the 12th Battalion Rifle Brigade.

He died from gas poisoning in Wimereux hospital [20th September 1918] (aged 19).

He was buried at the Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, France [IV B 11].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Stannary Congregational Church, Halifax

Morton, Mary
[1718-1788] Of Sheffield.

She married Richard Hopwood.

She owned Lower Wat Ing, Norland.

There is a memorial to Richard and Mary in Halifax Parish Church

Morton, Matthew
[1838-1???] Farm worker.

He married Sarah [1839-1???].


  1. Rebecca [b 1860]

The family lived at Clover Hill Farm, Skircoat [1861]

Morton, Norman
[1889-19??] Son of David Morton, , mechanic.

He was a farm labourer of Broadroyd Farm, Stainland [1911].

On 23rd August 1911, he married Elizabeth (Bessie) Howe at Halifax Parish Church.

Elizabeth was the daughter of
John Howe.

Her sister Florence Jane Howe was a witness to the marriage.

Around 1914, the Howe family left Halifax for Canada, except for Elizabeth & Norman who stayed behind in Stainland


They lived at Sowood Green, Stainland [1917]

Morton, Percival Clare
[1882-1918] Son of Mary & Thomas Miles Morton of West Bank, 144 Lister Lane, Halifax.

He was chief assistant solicitor at Halifax Town Clerk's Office.

In [Q3] 1912, he married Lily Smith in Ormskirk.

They lived at 13 Part Street, Southport.

During World War I, he enlisted [June 1916], and served as a 2nd Lieutenant with the 5th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was was one of about 15 men who were driven out of their position by the enemy and took cover in a ruined farm house. They lay flat in the farmyard for some time before 2nd Lieutenant Morton got up to look around and was hit by a machine gun bullet.

He died as a POW in a German Casualty Clearing Station [13th April 1918] (aged 36).

He was buried at the Anzac Cemetery, Sailly-sur-la-Lys, France.

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Halifax Parish Church: Church Members (WWI) Memorial, and on the Memorial at Halifax Freemasons

Morton, Reuben
[1836-1878] Son of Hannah & David Morton.

Born in Longwood.

He was an outworker [1871].

He married Eliza Gledhill (Hallas) [1837-1859].

Eliza was the illegitimate daughter of Ruth Gledhill.

Ruth was the daughter of Anthony Gledhill, & married [1843] Martin Hallas



  1. David [b 1858] who was a farmer's boy [1871]

Eliza died in 1859.

In 1861, 1871, David was living with his Hallas grandparents

Morton, Sam
[1887-1915] Son of George Morton.

He was a cotton operative [1901] / a cotton spinner of New Road, Stainland [1910] / employed by R. & J. Holroyd Limited.

In [Q2] 1910, he married Esther Cooper [1887-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Esther, of Saddleworth Road, Greetland, was born in Bradford, the daughter of Samuel Cooper (deceased, lock keeper).

She was a worsted twister [1911]


In 1911, they were living at 39 Saddleworth Road, Greetland with Hannah & James Pitchforth

He was in the Territorials [1910].

During World War I, he enlisted when War broke out, and served as a Lance Corporal with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died 20th December 1915 (aged 28).

He was buried at the Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Belgium [II C 23].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Clay House, Greetland

In [Q3] 1920, Esther married Alfred Garside and was living at 41 Saddleworth Road, West Vale

Morton, Stephen
[17??-1???] Coiner. He was imprisoned at York Castle [9th September 1759]

Morton, Rev Thomas
[18??-19??] Curate at Coley [1892]

Morton, Tom
[1887-1915] Son of Edmund Morton.

Born in Rastrick [2nd November 1887].

He was a general labourer.

He married Ruth.

During World War I, he served as a Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy Drake Battalion R.N. Div.

He died at Gallipoli [24th May 1915] (aged 27).

He was buried at the Skew Bridge Cemetery, Turkey [Sp Mem B 53].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Brighouse Parish Church

Morton, Walter
[18??-19??] Player with Halifax RLFC [1905]. He won caps for England while at Halifax

Morton, Walter
[1869-19??] Son of Benjamin Morton, woollen spinner.

Born in Elland.

He was a woollen cloth finisher [1891] / a gas worker [1901, 1911].

In [Q1] 1891, he married Alice Blackburn [1872-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Alice, of Elland, was born in Norland, the daughter of Joseph Blackburn, inn keeper.

Could this be Joseph Blackburn landlord of the Town Hall Inn, Elland [1888-1900]?



  1. Ethelbert
  2. Rennie [b 1895] who was an apprentice gas fitter [1911] and served in the Royal Navy [1916]
  3. Ruby [b 1897] who was a woollen winder [1911]
  4. Douglas
  5. Laura A [b 1900]
  6. Reginald [b 1902]
  7. Victor [b 1905]
  8. Stanley [b 1908]

The family lived at

  • 9 Back Upper Langdale Street, Elland [1891]
  • 1 Granville Street, Elland [1901]
  • 67 Quebec Street, Elland [1911, 1916]

In 1901, daughter Ruby was staying with her grandparents Fred and Mary Ann Wadsworth, at 33 Elizabeth Street, Elland.

Living with them in 1911 was Walter's sister Martha Morton [b 1868] (char woman) 

Morton, Walter
[1877-1900] Of William Street, Rastrick.

He became a regular soldier [April 1895], and served in Malta [for 3 years].

He died of peritonitis in Wynberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa [13th July 1900] (aged 23).

Morton, William
[1790-18??] He was an earthenware manufacturer at Cinderhills [1829] / a pot-maker at Sinderhills [1841] / a pot-maker [1854]

On 4th February 1808, he married Sarah, only daughter of Thomas Nicholl, at Bradford.


  1. Martha [b 1808]
  2. Harriet [1810-1851] who married Joseph Holt
  3. Ann [b 1813]
  4. Sarah Ann [b 1815] who married William Webster
  5. William [b 1817]
  6. Edward
  7. Mary Ann [b 1822]
  8. Amelia [1825-1889] who married Gamaliel Vickerman
  9. Emma [b 1827]
  10. David [b 1830] who went to live with his brother, Edward, in Oldham
  11. Fanny [b 1832] who married (possibly) John Sharp
  12. (possibly) John [b 1838]
  13. (possibly) William [b 1843]

The family lived at Cinderhills, Siddal [1841]. Several members of the family were born, lived and/or died at Siddal Hall.

William may be dead by 1851.

Sarah, now a housekeeper, was living with two daughters at Cinderhills [1851]

Morton, William
[1886-1917] Son of Jane & Dan Morton of Moor Side, Old Lindley.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 8th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment.

He died 28th September 1917 (aged 31).

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium [LXIV E 2]


The Morton family
The Mortons – a Scottish family – established many potteries in the Salendine Nook/Elland/Huddersfield district from the 16th century when Presbyterian Edmond de Morton fled from religious persecution by the Catholics in 1558.

They chose the Salendine Nook area because there was a ready supply of a particular type of clay which was good for making their pottery.

The family went on to work as farmers, potters and clothiers.

In October 1689, Michael Morton registered his barn at Salendine Nook as a meeting house for Dissenters – see Salendine Nook Baptist Church.

Other members of the family have included John Morton, Joseph, Joseph, and Enos.

It has been suggested that some branches of the family may originally have been descended from Spaniards of the Armada who were shipwrecked in Scotland.

Around 1858, one member of the family established a pottery at Exley and then moved to Siddal.

The family were involved with several companies

some of which may be duplicated here.

Question: Can anyone clarify the relationship between the various companies?


See Samuel Brighouse and Titus Kitson

Morton surname
There are over 50 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Morton, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Morton:

Marriages 1859, 1877, 1888, 1907, 1937

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