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Kitson ...

The entries for people & families with the surname Kitson are gathered together in this SideTrack.

This Page does not include people with other forms of the surname.

The individuals listed are not necessarily related to each other.

Arthur Kitson [1889-1917]
Edward Kitson [18??-1???]
George Kitson [17??-1805]
George Kitson [1783-1843]
George Kitson [1829-1905]
George Henry Wray Kitson [1873-1941]
Harry Kitson [1899-1918]
Henry Kitson [1852-1921]
Isaac Kitson [1871-1945]
John Kitson [18??-1892]
John Kitson [1818-1???]
Joseph Kitson [17??-1836]
Joseph Kitson [1803-1870]
Joshua Kitson [16??-1???]
Joshua Kitson [16??-1720]
Leonard Kitson [18??-19??]
Luke Kitson [1826-1873]
Oliver Kitson [18??-19??]
Riley Kitson [17??-18??]
Robert Kitson [16??-17??]
Thomas Kitson [16??-1???]
Thomas Kitson [16??-1709]
Titus Kitson [18??-1???]
William Kitson [1???-1???]
William Kitson [1864-1918]
William Henry Kitson [1885-1951]

Kitson, Arthur
[1889-1917] Son of Henry Kitson.

Born in Elland [13th June 1889].

He was a member of Elland Primitive Methodist Sunday School / a labourer at brick works [1911] / employed by Hawkyard's / employed by Hoyle & Company, Longwood.

On 9th October 1910, he married Mary Alice Hayes [1888-1977] at Elland Parish Church.

Mary Alice, of 30 Turnpike Street, Elland, was born in Elland, the daughter of Samuel Hayes


  1. Annie [1911-1992]
  2. Hilda [1912-2008]
  3. Lena [1914-1914]
  4. Norah [1915-2008]

The children were born in Elland.

The family lived at

  • 18 Casson Place, Elland [1911]
  • 23 Westbury Street, Elland [1917]

During World War I, he enlisted with the Northumberland Fusiliers [April 1916], then served as a Private with the 2nd Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

He died of wounds in hospital in France [3rd April 1917].

He was buried at the Savy British Cemetery [I G 8].

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial.

In 1920, Mary married Arthur Warrington

Kitson, Edward
[18??-1???] Son of Joseph Kitson. From 1836 until 1868, he carried on the pottery at Ainley Top. He then established a brickworks at Grimscar.

See J. & E. Kitson

Kitson, George
[17??-1805] Innkeeper of the Old Cock, Halifax [1801].

In December 1801, he was listed in bankruptcy hearings

He married Unknown.


  1. daughter
  2. daughter
  3. daughter who died 29th May 1805

He died in 1805, sometime after his youngest daughter

Kitson, George
[1783-1843] Of Brookfoot, Brighouse.

He died in 1843 (aged 60).

He was buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse [31st December 1853] (T50) 

Kitson, George
[1829-1905] Son of Joseph Kitson.

Born in Siddal Hall, New Lane, Siddal.

In 1854, he married (1) Margaret Wood [1831-1856] at Halifax Parish Church.

They had no children.

In 1857, he married (2) Mary Hall [1828-1866] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Jonathan William Gill Hall [b 1853]
  2. Arthur Lewis [1858-1931]
  3. Margaret Lily [1861-1947]

In 1871, he married (3) Elizabeth Brooks Townend [1842-1929] in the Halifax Registry Office.

Elizabeth came from Doncaster


  1. Isaac
  2. George Henry Wray
  3. Emma Jane [1874-1928]
  4. Joseph Edward [1876-1933]
  5. Sarah Elizabeth [1879-1941]
  6. Mary Louisa [1881-1971]
  7. Ann Eliza [1883-1970]
  8. William Henry
  9. Charles Townend [1888-1951]

Kitson, George Henry Wray
[1873-1941] Son of George Kitson.

He played for Halifax Rugby League Football Club

Kitson, Harry
[1899-1918] Son of William Kitson.

Born in Brighouse.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 3rd Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment.

He died in France [25th March 1918].

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial [5]

Kitson, Henry
[1852-1921] Son of Henry Kitson, clothier.

Born in Batley.

He was a spinner of Thornhill Lees [1871] / a card cleaner at woollen mill [1881] / a dye ware labourer [1891] / a gas stoker [1901].

In [Q2] 1871, he married Harriet Armitage [1854-1918] in Dewsbury at Holy Innocents, Thornhill Lees.

Harriet a mill operative of Thornhill Lees, was born in Batley Carr, Dewsbury, the daughter of James Armitage, butcher


  1. Fred [b 1872] who was a dye ware labourer [1891]
  2. Emily [b 1874] who was a worsted twister [1891], a worsted twister [1901]
  3. Annie [b 1877] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  4. James Henry [b 1879] who was a worsted doffer [1891], a boiler shop labourer [1901]
  5. Harry [b 1888] who was a worsted doffer [1901]
  6. Arthur
  7. Edith [b 1895]

The family lived at

  • Moor Road, Thornhill, Dewsbury [1881]
  • Grove Place, Elland [1891]
  • 16 Gog Hill, Elland [1901]

Kitson, Isaac
[1871-1945] Son of George Kitson.

He was head gardener at the Royal Halifax Infirmary / gardener for Joseph Crossley at Copley Wood House / a farmer at Snydal Farm, Southowram [1903, 1905].

On 3rd June 1902, he married Harriet Fox.


  1. Marjorie [1903-1991]

Kitson, John
[18??-1892] In 1883, he bought Soil Hill Pottery.

He married Hannah.


  1. Albert
  2. daughter

After John's death, Hannah and the family carried on the pottery business

Kitson, John
[1818-1???] A dyer of Halifax.

In June 1849, he and John Swallow, were convicted of manslaughter after throwing Robert Holdsworth out of a window in an argument.

At York Assizes, on 11th July 1849, the 2 men were sentenced to be transported for 18 years. They were amongst the 209 convicts who left England for Western Australia on the Mermaid [30th December 1850]

Kitson, Joseph
[17??-1836] Established Blackley Pottery around 1810. In 1826, he moved to a larger pottery at Ainley Top.

He married Unknown.


  1. Edward

Kitson, Joseph
[1803-1870] He was a farmer at Kitson Lane, Norland [18??].

On 16th March 1826, he married Elizabeth Wilson [1805-1891].


  1. Isaac [1826-1881]
  2. John [1827-1894]
  3. George [b 1829]
  4. William [1831-1846]
  5. Sarah [1833-1887]
  6. Mary [1835-1906]
  7. Joseph [1837-1879]
  8. Maria [1839-1876]
  9. Edward [1842-1878]
  10. Emma [1845-1905]

Kitson, Joshua
[16??-1???] He was Constable of Northowram [1696]

Kitson, Joshua
[16??-1720] Of High Sunderland.

The Northowram Register records that he

was well at dinner, went out with his man about some work, complain'd of a pain in his side, went into an alehouse which was near, died immediately 16th June 1720

Kitson, Leonard
[18??-19??] Landlord of the Black Horse, Stainland [1915].

In October 1915, he was charged with permitting drunkenness on his premises, after Leonard Carter was found asleep in the kitchen.

Kitson was fined £1 3/6d, and Carter was fined 7/6d or 7 days for being drunk on the premises

Kitson, Luke
[1826-1873] Of Brighouse.

He married Agnes [1828-1892].


  1. Joseph Benjamin [1854-1859]

Members of the family were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse

Kitson, Oliver
[18??-19??] Partner in Kitson & Whitworth.

He lived at Woodman House, Elland [1905]

Kitson, Riley
[17??-18??] He was a liquor merchant in Copper Street, Halifax [1816] / a porter dealer and wine and spirit in Copper Street, Halifax [1822] / wine & spirit merchant at Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1834] / wine & spirit merchant at 2 Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1837]

Kitson, Robert
[16??-17??] He was Constable of Northowram [1710-11]

Kitson, Thomas
[16??-1???] He was Constable of Northowram [1686]

Kitson, Thomas
[16??-1709] Of Upper Brear, Northowram.

He married Mary [16??-1700].


  1. Joseph [16??-1690]

The epitaph on the family memorial in Halifax Parish Church is recorded in the book Monumental & Other Inscriptions

The Northowram Register records

Thomas Kitson of Over Briar, Northowram buried 1st December 1709

A very big fat man


Kitson, Titus
[18??-1???] From around 1850, he had a pottery at Siddal. The Morton family took this over in 1858.

In 1866, he leased Woodman House Pottery and bought it in 1868.

He managed Edward Kitson's brickworks at Grimscar.

In 1897, he recommended the Soil Hill Pottery business to Isaac Button

Kitson, William
[1???-1???] Police Constable in King Cross [1857]

Kitson, William
[1864-1918] Born in Southowram.

He was a joiner (dye works) [1888].

In 1888, he married Eliza Jane Sutcliffe [1859-1912] in Halifax.

Eliza Jane was born in Southowram


  1. Joseph [1894-1962]
  2. Harry

The children were born in Brighouse.

The family lived at

  • 44 Elland Road [1901]
  • 7 Wilton Street, Brookfoot [1911]

Kitson, William Henry
[1885-1951] Son of George Kitson.

Born 3rd April 1885.

Farmer at Highfield Farm, Southowram [1930].

On 9th June 1930, Mrs Margaret Buick pleaded guilty to stealing 3 cauliflowers from him

On 17th February 1906, he married Edith Mary Bradbury at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Eva [1905-1991]
  2. Ivy [1908-1967]
  3. John William [1911-1917]
  4. Irene May [1913-1914]
  5. Jack [1914-1974]
  6. Edgar [1916-1985]
  7. Reggie [1919-1978]
  8. Alice [1924] who died when 1 day old

He died on 31st December 1951 and was cremated at Scholemoor Crematorium, Bradford


Kitson surname
There are over 20 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Kitson, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Kitson:

Baptism 1842; Marriages 1810, 1859, 1914; Death 1907

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