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Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Foldout

Some Unidentified People

A number of entries have been created in Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion for unidentified or hypothetical people

These are, frequently, fathers whose wife or children are known but whose own identity is not yet known here

Others are simply people whose full name is not yet known, for example

Mr Smith
Miss A. B. Jones
Misses Brown
Captain Green

M. L. Ackroyd
Mrs Adams
Dr Aitken-Davies
E. Akroyd
W. Akroyd
H. R. Allen
J. Ambler
C. Appleyard
H. W. Armitage
R. Armitage
R. H. Ashworth
Mr Aspinall
W. Asquith
Rev C. Atkinson
S. D. Atkinson

Mr Baker
Mr Baldwin
G. R. B. Bancroft
H. Bancroft
Rev G. L. Barber
H. Barber
W. Barber
Mr Barker
Rev J. Barker
J. Barker
T. E. Barker
J. E. Barlow
J. Barraclough
C. Barrett
E. Bates
H. S. Bates
R. Baxter
W. Beaumont
Rev R. C. Bedford
Dr J. J. Bell
Rev J. Bennetts
Mr Benson
C. W. Bentley
J. W. Bentley
W. Bentley
D. Berry
P. Bevan
Mr Bevel
J. A. Binns
Rev P. E. Binns
A. Blackburn
Rev J. R. Blackburn
Rev J. Blanchfield
Mr Bolton
Mr Booth
Rev Charles Booth
E. W. Booth
Mr Boothe
Mr Bottomley
Mr Bradley
Mr Brearley
D. H. C. Briggs
J. B. Briggs
C. S. Broadbent
W. Broadbent
K. Broadley
Mr Brook
J. Brook
J. Brook
Mr Brooke
A. B. Brooke
Mr Brooksbank
Mr Brown
Mr Brown
Dr Brown
J. Brown
J. T. Brown
S. Brown
Miss Buckley
G. J. Butterworth
Rev J. Butterworth

Rev P. Calvert
W. E. Calvert
J. Cardus
J. B. H. Carmichael
Dr Carter
H. E. Carter
M. J. Casterton
J. E. Chalmers
Mr Chambers
G. W. Chambers
Mr Clark
L. H. Clark
Mr Clarke
G. G. Clarke
W. A. Clarke
Miss Clay
T. Clay
P. Clayton
W. Clayton
Mr Clegg
Mr Clegg
Mr Cockcroft
L. A. Collins
Rev S. Collis
Sergeant Cooper
W. Cordingley
Mr Cornthwaite
J. Crabtree
Rev T. P. Crawford
Mr Crossley
Mr Crossley
E. W. Crossley
J. Crossley
R. Crossley
Mr Crowther
S. Crowther
Dr T. Crowther
W. Crowther
Mr Culpan
Dr Cumming

G. B. Davies
S. M. Davies
Rev W. D. Davies
Miss Dean
J. F. Dearden
Mr Denham
B. Denham
W. Dixon
Mr Dobson
Dr T. F. Drake
F. Duckitt
Mrs Dyson
J. H. Dyson

J. Earnshaw
Miss Eastwood
Mr Eastwood
Mr Eastwood
E. A. Eastwood
Major C. C. Edwards
S. Edwards
Rev T. Entwistle
Mr Eshold

J. W. Farquhar
Captain Farrar
Miss H. Farrar
J. Farrar
Captain Farrer
E. Fawcett
J. Fawthrop
Constable Feather
C. Fielding
J. Firth
T. Firth
Councillor Fishwick
F. W. Fleming
J. Fletcher
J. Fletcher
Mr Foster
Dr Foster
C. T. Foster
J. Foster
T. Foster
S. W. L. Fox
S. Furness

Mr Gamble
Mr Garside
Rev A. Garside
J. Garside
Mr Gibson
G. H. Gibson
Rev J. Gibson
L. Gill
S. H. Gill
C. E. E. Glasgerdine
G. Goldacres
Mr Goodman
E. H. Green
Mr Greenwood
Mrs Greenwood
C. Greenwood
J. W. Greenwood
PC Greenwood
Mr T. Greenwood
W. Greenwood
J. W. P. Gregson
Mr Gregson

Mr Haigh
Fred Haigh
H. Haigh
H. Hainsworth
J. Hainsworth
W. H. Hall
W. H. Hall
Mr Halliday
F. Hamer
F. Hamer
Mrs M. Hampson
Mr Hanson
F. Hanson
W. E. Hare
Mr Harrison
C. Harrison
G. V. Harrison
Mr Hartley
F. Hartley
Rev J. Hartley
J. Hartley
Mr Heap
R. Hebblethwaite
Mrs Helliwell
J. Helliwell
W. H. Helliwell
J. Hemingway
Mr Hepworth
Mr Herring
Canon J. B. Hill
Rev T. Hill
T. R. Hill
Rev W. F. Hill
Mrs Hines
Mr Hirst
Mrs Hirst
E. Hirst
J. G. Hirst
C. H. Hitchen
Mr Hodgson
B. Hodgson
Rev D. C. Hodgson
Canon H. W. Hodgson
Rev J. Holden
R. Holden
Mr Holdsworth
Rev J. F. Holdsworth
M. Holdsworth
Mr Holgate
Mr Hollinrake
Mr Holroyd
Mr Holroyd
Mr Holt
C. Holt
G. Holt
Miss Hopkinson
Mr Horsfall
Mr Horsfall
PC J. Horsfall
R. Horsfall
Mr Horton
Mr Houghton
A. Howarth
H. Howarth
H. Hoyle
L. Hoyle
Rev J. Hubbard
Miss Hudson
Rev T. A. A. Hughes
Rev W. T. Hughes
R. Hurst

Mr Illingworth
A. Illingworth
Mrs Ingham
Mr Ingham
Rev D. P. Ingham

Rev D. Jackson
D. Jackson
W. Jackson
J. Jagger
Rev J. James
Rev Jennings
F. E. Jennings
Mrs Jinninson
Mr Johnson
Mr Jones
Rev A. E. Jones
Rev E. A. Jones
Rev J. Jones

Constable Kaye
J. Keighley
W. Kendall
Mr Kershaw
Mr Kershaw
Mr King
Rev E. King
Rev J. G. Knowles
T. Knowles

Captain Laws
Rev A. Leach
J. Lightowler
Rev T. Lister
H. Longbottom
Mr Lord
G. Lord
G. Lumb
Rev A. S. Lyne

Mr MacNab
A. M. Mann
T. Mann
Mr Marsden
D. Marshall
Colonel G. W. Marshall
M. Marshall
Dr R. H. Marshall
A. B. G. Maude
I. Maude
Mr Meikle
Mr Mellor
Rev A. Merry
D. Metcalfe
H. H. Metcalfe
Mr Midgley
Mr Midgley
W. Midgley
J. F. Milner
Mr Mitchell
J. Mitchell
J. Mitchell
S. Mitchell
W. R. Mitchell
A. H. Morrel
Mr A. Morris
S. Moss
R. C. Murduck
Mrs Murgatroyd
Mr Naylor
Mr Naylor
W. Naylor
J. Nicholl
W. Nicholl
Mr Nicholson
Rev G. Nicholson
M. E. B. Nicholson
Mrs Noble
Rev J. Noonan
F. Normanton
Rev H. R. Norris
Mr Northend

Mr Oddy
J. W. Ogden
T. Oldfield

Mr Parker
T. Parker
Rev F. C. Parkinson
R. K. Patchett
Rev J. S. Pearson
T. A. Pearson
R. Peel
Rev J. R. Perry
Mr Pickles
A. Pickles
C. Pickles
H. D. Pike
Mr Pilling
A. Pilling
A. Pollard
Mr Priestley
B. Priestley

A. Radcliffe
C. Ramsden
Mr Rawnsley
Rev L. R. Rawnsley
Mrs Rawson
W. Rayner
Rev W. Reed
Canon A. C. Rees
T. M. Reid
Mr Rhodes
Mr Rhodes
G. Rhodes
Rev A. Richardson
Miss L. M. Richardson
J. A. Riley
E. Roberts
H. W. Roberts
Mr Robertshaw
Rev C. B. A. Robertshaw
T. Robertshaw
W. H. Robertshaw
Mr Robinson
Rev C. J. Robinson
G. W. Robinson
Rev J. H. Robinson
PC Robinson
R. Robinson
Mr Rushworth
F. W. Rushworth

N. Schofield
PC Schofield
J. Scholefield
Miss E. M. Scott
Rev J. Scott
W. Scott
W. H. Scott
C. W. Shackleton
Lieutenant Sharp
Mr Shaw
Mr Shaw
E. T. Shaw
Rev S. Shaw
S. T. Shaw
S. W. Shaw
R. J. Sheard
Mr Shepherd
W. Shuttleworth
J. Simpson
Rev F. Slater
W. Slater
Mr Smethurst
Mr Smith
A. Smith
B. Smith
B. G. Smith
Det Sgt S. J. Smith
G. A. Smith
G. F. Smith
H. Smith
J. W. Smith
W. Smith
J. Sokald
Colonel Spencer
B. Spencer
L. Spink
Mr Standeven
T. Standeven
Mr Stansfield
H. Stansfield
Rev J. Stansfield
W. Stead
Rev R. Stephens
Mrs Stocks
Mr Stocks
H. R. Stocks
Mr Stott
Rev W. Styan
H. E. Sugden
J. Sugden
T. Sunderland
Mrs Sutcliffe
Mr Sutcliffe
Mr Sutcliffe
Mr Sutcliffe
Mr Sutcliffe
Mr Sutcliffe
G. W. Sutcliffe
J. Sutcliffe
Captain J. E. Sutcliffe
J. W. Sutcliffe
W. Swale
J. Swift
Mr Sykes
Mr Sykes
Mr Sykes
F. Sykes
PC Sykes

Mr Taylor
F. Taylor
G. H. Taylor
T. Taylor
Mr Thomas
Rev J. E. Houghton Thomas
Rev L. Thomas
W. Thomas
E. Thompson
G. Thompson
G. M. C. Thompson
Rev H. S. Thompson
J. Thompson
T. H. Thompson
W. B. Thompson
J. E. H. Thwaite
W. Thwaite
Rev N. Tidswell
W. A. Tonkinson
Mrs Turner
Mr Turner
Miss Turner
Mrs Turner
PC Turner

J. Waddington
W. Wade
Mr Wadsworth
E. Wadsworth
A. B. Wakefield
Mr Walker
Miss Walker
H. Walker
J. Walker
T. J. Walker
J. Walsh
D. Walton
J. H. Walton
J. N. Walton
A. A. Ward
Captain E. S. Wason
Mr Waterhouse
Mr Waterhouse
Mr Watson
C. Watson
J. W. Wheelwright
Mr Whitaker
Captain A. Whitaker
J. H. White
Mr Whitehead
F. Whitehead
Mr Whiteley
Mrs A. Whiteley
J. W. Whiteley
Rev R. L. Whiteley
Rev T. E. Whiteley
Rev E. I. Whitley
N. Whitley
J. Whittaker
Mr Whitworth
Rev G. S. Wilby
Rev R. W. Wilde
Rev J. Wilkinson
Major General J. H. Wilkinson
L. Wilkinson
S. Wilkinson
S. Wilkinson
Rev T. R. Wilkinson
Mr Wilson
Miss Wilson
G. Wilson
J. Wilson
Rev M. Wilson
T. E. Wilson
Mr Womersley
W. E. Womersley
Mr Wood
Mrs Wood
W. Wood
B. Woodhead 

There are so many of these people that I have only listed a random sample of 0 of them here

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