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The entries for people & families with the surname Fox are gathered together in this SideTrack.

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The individuals listed are not necessarily related to each other.

Abraham Fielding Fox [1853-1938]
Rev Arthur W. Fox [18??-19??]
C. J. Fox [18??-19??]
Charles Fox [1859-1907]
Charles Edward Fox [1864-1938]
Charles James Fox [1840-1926]
David Fox [1832-1887]
David J. Fox [1947-]
David Wright Fox [18??-1???]
Edward Fox [1???-1???]
Evelyn Mary Jessamine Fox [19??-19??]
Friend Fox [1883-1916]
George Fox [1624-1691]
George Fox [1805-18??]
Henry Savile Fox [18??-19??]
Henry Sutcliffe Fox [1895-1917]
Herbert Fox [1863-1914]
James Fox [1811-1869]
James Fox [1828-1878]
John Fox [1799-18??]
John Fox [18??-1???]
Rev John Fox [18??-19??]
John Fox [1813-1859]
John Fox [1828-1900]
John Fox [1844-1900]
John Fox [1886-19??]
Joseph Fox [1780-1836]
Joseph Fox [1834-1877]
Rev Joseph Fox [1836-1910]
Lewis Fox [1886-1946]
Sir Lionel Wray Fox [1895-1961]
Madame Anne Fox [19??-1???]
Margaret Fox [19??-]
Miles Fox [1814-1906]
Ralph Fox [1900-1936]
S. W. L. Fox [1???-18??]
Samuel Fox [1870-19??]
Thomas Fox [17??-17??]
Thomas Fox [1843-1???]
Rev W. Fox [18??-1???]
William Fox [1773-18??]
William Fox [18??-19??]
William Fox [1815-1891]
William Fox [1818-18??]
Rev William Harper Fox [18??-1???]
William Henry Fox [1845-1908]

Fox, Abraham Fielding
[1853-1938] Son of William Fox.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a joiner [1871, 1881] / a joiner & builder (employer) [1901, 1911] / partner in William Fox & Sons.

In 1889, he married Annie Ord [1857-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Annie, of King Cross, Halifax, was born in Halifax, the daughter of Cowle Thompson Ord, a warehouse man

They had no children.

They lived at

  • 39 Pleasant Street, Warley [1891]
  • 14 Princess Street, Sowerby Bridge [1905, 1901, 1911]

Fox, Rev Arthur W.
[18??-19??] MA.

Minister at Todmorden Unitarian Church [1905, 1917].

He is recorded as being a lecturer at the photographic group of the Todmorden Conservative Club [1908]

Fox, C. J.
[18??-19??] He was educated at Crossley & Porter School / a member of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows.

During World War I, he enlisted with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment), then served as a Private with the 6th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Memorial at Crossley & Porter School, Halifax

Fox, Charles
[1859-1907] Born in Southowram.

He was a butcher & grocer.

On 10th May 1880, he married Susannah Womersley in Halifax (in a double wedding with her sister Emily & John Carter).

Susannah was the daughter of Edward Womersley


  1. Annie Louisa [b 1880]
  2. Ann [b 1882]
  3. Charles James [b 1886]
  4. twins Emily [b 1887]
  5. Edward Womersley [b 1887]
  6. Catherine [b 1891]

The couple died at 9 Darnes Ave, Pye Nest: Charles [21st September 1907]; Susannah [13th September 1943].

They were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [F 29]

Fox, Charles Edward
[1864-1938] Son of Charles James Fox.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was an architect / partner in Jackson & Fox

In [Q4] 1888, he married Alice Ann Smith in Ormskirk.


  1. Charles Horace [1892-1955]
  2. Alice Marion [1894-1929] who married George Maddock

The family lived at 20 Elm View, Halifax [where he died 1938].

He died 9th May 1938.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £13,144 18/4d. Probate was granted to Charle Horace Fox (architect) and George Maddock

Fox, Charles James
[1840-1926] He was an architect at 7 Rawson Street, Halifax / honorary founder member of the Halifax Art Society

In 1863, he married Mary Harriet Stott [1841-1915] in Halifax.


  1. Charles Edward
  2. William Stott [b 1868]
  3. Samuel [b 1870] who was a boiler manufacturer [1926]
  4. John Richard [b 1872]
  5. Bertha Harriet [b 1874]
  6. Emily Maude [b 1878]
  7. Helen Louise [b 1879]

The family lived at

  • Moorfield Terrace, Halifax [1881]
  • 31 West View, Hopwood Lane [1905]
  • Trimmingham Villas, Halifax [where he died 1926]

He died 23rd July 1926.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £3,436 4/10d. Probate was granted to sons Charles Edward and Samuel

Fox, David
[1832-1887] Of West Vale.

(Possibly) Second son of John Fox.

Born 30th January 1832.

In 1865, he married Jane Thompson of Park Nook Southowram.

He was woollen manufacturer / a member of the Halifax Board of Guardians [1880s] / a staunch Liberal / a supporter of St John's Church, West Vale / vicar's warden at St John's Church [1886, 1887] / President of West Vale Liberal Club [1882] / owner of Onecliffe Mill, West Vale [1882].

He lived at Far Onecliffe, West Vale.

Fox, David J.
[1947-] At the age of 39, he was the youngest Mayor of Calderdale [1986-1987]

Fox, David Wright
[18??-1???] Of The Crescent, Hipperholme. Stuff manufacturer at Uppercroft Mill, Bradford

Fox, Edward
[1???-1???] Greengrocer with a stand at Grove Street, Halifax. He was a well-known figure in the town.

On 11th February 1856, he hanged himself, from the head rail of his bed, by a cotton handkerchief. He was found by his wife.

At the Inquest, Mrs Fox explained that

the protracted sickness and death of an adult daughter had involved the family in difficulties which preyed upon his mind, and had led him to indulge more freely in drink

The jury brought a verdict

Hanged himself whilst in a fit of temporary insanity, caused by monetary difficulties and indulgence in intoxicating liquors

Fox, Evelyn Mary Jessamine
[19??-19??] Daughter of Edward H. Fox of Adbury Park, Hampshire.

In 1927, she married Captain Sir John Armytage.

They divorced in 1947.

In 1948, she is referred to as Mrs John Cooper of Ovington Square, London.

In 1962, she is referred to as Mrs J. Wooldridge of Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire

Fox, Friend
[1883-1916] Born in West Vale.

During World War I, he served as a Serjeant with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died 3rd September 1916.

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial [6A & 6B],

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial

Fox, George
[1624-1691] Around 1649, he assembled several existing groups – such as the Seekers – who rejected all forms of organised religion, and founded the Children of Light, later known as the Quakers and the Society of Friends.

In October 1650, he was charged with preaching illegally, and at the trial urged Judge Gervase Bennet to

tremble at the word of the Lord

Bennet replied that the only quaker in court was Fox himself – the name was used from that time.

At the invitation of Thomas Taylor, he came to speak in Brighouse in 1654 and 1666. He visited Southowram several times.

See Friends Meeting House, Brighouse and Rev Christopher Taylor

Fox, George
[1805-18??] Born in Southowram.

He was landlord of the Pack Horse, Southowram [1851].

He married Martha Swaine [1816-1???]

Fox, Henry Savile
[18??-19??] Lord of the Manor of Barkisland [1917]

Fox, Henry Sutcliffe
[1895-1917] Son of Ruth Ellen & Herbert Fox of West Vale.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 64th Brigade Machine Gun Corps (Infantry).

He died 31st December 1917 (aged 22).

He was buried at the Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery [F 14].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Clay House, Greetland

Fox, Herbert
[1863-1914] Born in Greetland.

He was a piano dealer in West Vale [1901] / a coal merchant [1911].

He established the Victoria Music Rooms, West Vale.

He married (1) Ruth Ellen Sutcliffe.

Ruth Ellen was born in Greetland, the daughter of James Sutcliffe


  1. Henry Sutcliffe [b 1896] who was a cotton spinner [1900]
  2. Edith Harriet [b 1897] who was a blouse maker's apprentice [1911]
  3. Joseph Herbert [b 1901]

Ruth Ellen died in 1901.

On 23rd February 1903, he married (2) Susannah Garside [1869-19??] at St John the Evangelist, West Vale.

Susannah was born in Horwich, Lancashire

They had no children.

The family lived at

  • Saddleworth Road, Greetland [1901]
  • 13 Bedford Street, Elland [1911]

Living with them in 1911 was Susannah's brother William Garside [b 1874] (railway signalman).

He died 22nd November 1914.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £690 0/5d.

Probate was granted to Harry Gladstone Turner (schoolmaster), and Reuben Mitchell Brooke (draftsman) 

Fox, James
[1811-1869] Son of Joseph Fox.

Born in Rastrick.

He was a wheelwright / a carpenter [1841] / a timber merchant [1851, 1861] / landlord of the George, Rastrick [taking over from his brother John 1859, 1861].

In 1833, he married (1) Ann (Nancy) Dearden [1811-1841] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Joseph
  2. son who died in infancy
  3. Hannah [b 1838]
  4. Nancy Mary
  5. Sarah [b 1841]

Nancy died in childbirth.

On 30th June 1859, he married (2) Susannah (Susan) Thornton [1810-1878] from Huddersfield, at Halifax Parish Church.

The family lived at Shepherd House, Fixby [1841, 1851].

Living next door to them in 1861 was son Joseph and family.

James, his mother Hannah, and his wives Nancy & Susannah were buried at Rastrick Church

Fox, James
[1828-1878] Of Halifax.

He married (1) Mary Ellen [1831-1858].


  1. James Dillon [1855-1901]
  2. Mary Emma [1858-1877]

He married (2) Ann.


  1. Elizabeth Ann [1868-1871]

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery

Fox, John
[1799-18??] Son of William Fox.

He was a manufacturer at Onecliffe Mills, West Vale [1873].

On 6th December 1823, he married Rachel Lumb of Barkisland

Fox, John
[18??-1???] Manufacturer of West Vale.

He married (possibly) Rachael.


  1. son
  2. (possibly) David

In February 1884, whilst he and his wife were at church, 4 boys – William Lumb (who lived next door to the Fox family), James William Kemp, Frank Heywood, and Walter Sykes - broke into the house. They shared the proceeds of their robbery, £3 14/- amongst themselves. They all pleaded guilty, and received 6 strokes of the birch, except Kemp who was ordered to pay £1

Fox, Rev John
[18??-19??] He was a member of the Manchester City Mission before becoming Evangelist-in-Charge at Sowerby Bridge Baptist Church [1896, 1902]. He lived at Hollins Lane [1905].

On 21st April 1906, his mother Elizabeth died at York (aged 83).

She was buried at Sowerby Bridge Cemetery

Fox, John
[1813-1859] Son of Joseph Fox.

He was a carpenter / landlord of the Upper George, Rastrick [1851].

He never married.

After his death, his brother James took over at the Upper George

Fox, John
[1828-1900] He was a farm labourer

On 14th October 1841, he married Elizabeth Hutchinson [1828-1869] in Halifax.


  1. Sarah Ann [1854-1882] who married Abraham Womersley

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [O 5]

Fox, John
[1844-1900] Son of William Fox.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a plumber [1861, 1871, 1880] / partner in W. Fox & Sons [until 1881] / a plumber & glazier [1881, 1891] / a plumber [1893].

He married (1) Eliza [1843-18??].

Eliza was born in Poynton, Cheshire


  1. George William [b 1870] who was a plumber [1891]
  2. Herbert [b 1872] who was a cabinet maker [1891]
  3. Ernest Nicholl [b 1882] who was a chemist's apprentice [1901]
  4. James Edgar [b 1885] who was a saw mill engineer's clerk [1901]

In 1880, he married (2) Martha Nicholl [1852-1???] at St Peter's, Sowerby.

Martha was the daughter of James Nicholl, farmer

The family lived at

  • Beech, Warley, [1871]
  • Gratrix Lane, Sowerby Bridge [1881]
  • 37 Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge [1891]
  • 4 College Terrace, King Cross, Halifax [1900, 1901]

Living with them [in 1871] was boarder Seth Kirkham [aged 13] (plumber's apprentice).

In 1881, son George William was living with his Fox grandparents at Bolton Brow, Skircoat.

John died in the Royal Halifax Infirmary [29th September 1900].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,823. Probate was granted to his widow Martha and Fred Lumb (compositor).

Living with the widowed Martha in 1901 were niece Sarah A Hellawell [aged 27] (head mistress infants' school), and boarder Edith M Francis [aged 29] (assistant teacher) from Liverpool

An item in the Sowerby Bridge Chronicle [20th January 1905] announced

WILL OF THE LATE JOHN FOX, Master Plumber, of Sowerby Bridge

I leave my entire estate in the charge of trustees to pay the income therefrom to my wife during her lifetime, and at her death to call in and divide the same equally amongst my four sons, and I appoint my friend, Mr. Fred Lumb, a trustee – Value of estate about £1200

Fox, John
[1886-19??] Son of John Fox, whitesmith.

Born in Greetland.

He was a painter & decorator of 18 Middle Dean Street, West Vale [1910] / a house painter [1911].

In [Q1] 1910, he married Mary Elizabeth Priestley at Elland Parish Church.

Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of
Farrar Priestley

The family lived at

  • 7 Princess Street, Greetland [1911]
  • 2 Middle Dean Street, West Vale [1916]

Living with them in 1911 were Mary Elizabeth's younger siblings: Emma & Farrar

Fox, Joseph
[1780-1836] He was a farmer of 17 acres / a carpenter [1808, 1825].

On 4th May 1807, he married Hannah Thornton [1783-1863] at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. Mary [1808-1873]
  2. James
  3. John
  4. Thomas [b 1816]
  5. Elizabeth [1818-1889] who married Thomas Helm
  6. Hannah who was a milliner
  7. Hannah [b 1821]
  8. Martha Thornton [1825-1900]

After his death, Hannah carried on with her husband's carpentry business and the farm. She also helped her son John at the Upper George, Rastrick

Hannah was buried at Rastrick Church with her son James Fox and his wives

Fox, Joseph
[1834-1877] Son of James Fox.

He was a timber merchant [1851, 1861].

On 17th August 1858, he married Ann, daughter of John Thomas Armitage


  1. James Armitage (Fox) [b 1860]

In 1861, the family were living next door to father James Fox at the George, Rastrick.

The family lived at Castle Hill, Rastrick

Fox, Rev Joseph
[1836-1910] Curate at Heptonstall around 1910. In 1901, he wrote an account of the coiners

Fox, Lewis
[1886-1946] Born in Sowerby.

He was a labourer [1908].

On 25th July 1908, he married Mary Agnes in Sowerby.

Mary Agnes was the daughter of
James Henry Wilson


  1. Norman [b 1913]
  2. Kenneth [b 1916]

The children were born in Halifax

Fox, Sir Lionel Wray
[1895-1961] CB, MC.

Son of Sam Fox.

He was educated at Heath Grammar School, Halifax, and Hertford College Oxford.

During World War I, he served with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

In 1916, Lieutenant Lionel Wray Fox was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry.

He entered the Home Office in 1919, and did much work with the Prison Commission, on delinquency, crime and the treatment of offenders.

He wrote for the Encyclopædia Britannica and the British Journal of Delinquency, and was President of the United Nations European Consultative Group on prevention of crime and treatment of offenders [1951-1960].

He was created a CB in 1948, and was knighted in 1953.

In 1921, he married Marjorie Horner.

Marjorie was the daughter of Charles Henry Horner


  1. son
  2. daughter
  3. daughter

Marjorie died in Bristol [18th December 1987]

Fox, Madame Anne
[19??-1???] Music teacher and organist at St John the Evangelist, West Vale.

She married Ivor Whiteley.

She lived at 39 Rochdale Road, Greetland [1949]

Fox, Margaret
[19??-] Local writer and member of the Halifax Authors' Circle

Fox, Miles
[1814-1906] Son of Joseph Fox, stone mason.

Born in Barkisland.

He was a silk spinner of Ovenden [1838] / a cotton twiner [1851] / a cotton twister [1871] / a yeast dealer (travl) [1881] / living on his own means [1891] / a retired yeast dealer [1901].

He was also a Liberal and a Chartist.

In [Q1] 1838, he married (1) Frances Whiteley at Halifax Parish Church.

Frances born in Rishworth, was a weaver and daughter of George Whiteley


  1. Jane [b 1841] who was a cotton reeler [1871]
  2. Miles [b 1843] who was a cotton twister [1871]
  3. Fenton [b 1845]
  4. John [b 1847] who was a (widower) cotton twister [1871]
  5. Benjamin [b 1850]
  6. Hannah [b 1857] who was a cotton piecer [1871]

Frances died [Q3] 1880 (aged 67).

In [Q4] 1880, he married (2) Mary Jane Edmondson [1840-1???].

Mary Jane was born in Bradford

The family lived at

  • Hebble Mills, Ovenden [with Frances's parents 1841]
  • Lane Ends, Ovenden [1851]
  • Beech, Warley, Sowerby Bridge [1871]
  • 13 Claremount Street, Warley, Sowerby Bridge [1881]
  • 16 Waterloo Street, Sowerby Bridge [1891]
  • Providence Place, Sowerby [1901, 1906]
  • 5 Lower Bentley Royd, Sowerby Bridge [1911]

Miles died at Providence Place, Sowerby [5th June 1906] (aged 92).

An obituary in the Sowerby Bridge Chronicle noted that

he was Sowerby Bridge's oldest inhabitant, and had lived in the reign of 5 English monarchs

Fox, Ralph
[1900-1936] Writer and lecturer.

Born in Halifax [30th March 1900]. He was educated at Heath Grammar School and Oxford University..

In 1920, he was a founder member of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

He published several books including This was their youth – which was set in Halifax, and biographies of Lenin and Genghis Khan [1936] – which weren't.

He fought in the Spanish Civil War and was killed fighting near Córdoba [3rd January 1937].

A bench dedicated to Fox was placed in Bull Green [1950]. A new bench was dedicated to him in the Piece Hall [2010]

Fox, S. W. L.
[1???-18??] He was lord of the Manor of Warley

Fox, Samuel
[1870-19??] Born in Halifax.

He was a commercial traveller [1901] / a company director (boiler manufacturer) employer [1911]

In 1893, he married Minnie Wray [1871-1951] in Spilsby, Lincolnshire.

Minnie was born in Irby, Lincolnshire


  1. Lionel Wray
  2. Ralph Winston [b 1900]
  3. Ernest Wray [b 1903]
  4. Samuel Wray [b 1908]

The family lived at

  • 20 First Avenue, Halifax [1901]
  • 11 Elmfield Terrace, Halifax [1911]
  • Roseneath, Halifax [1916]

Fox, Thomas
[17??-17??] Of West Vale.

He married Unknown.


  1. William

Fox, Thomas
[1843-1???] Son of William Fox

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a plumber [1861] / partner in W. Fox & Sons [until 1881] / a plumber [1901]

He married Selina [1841-19??]

Selina was born in Eltham, London


  1. William [b 1875] who was a solicitor's clerk [1901]
  2. Arthur [b 1879] who was a brass moulder [1901]

The family lived at 37 Upper Washer Lane, Halifax [1901].

Living with them in 1901 was Thomas's widowed mother Ann

Fox, Rev W.
[18??-1???] Recorded in 1889, when he performed burials at Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel

Fox, William
[1773-18??] Son of Thomas Fox.

Baptised at Square Chapel [1773].

He was a weaver.

On 27th December 1798, he married Sarah Dyson of Elland.


  1. John

Fox, William
[18??-19??] Halifax solicitor at Martin's Bak Chambers, Halifax [1934].

He qualified in November 1915

Fox, William
[1815-1891] Son of Thomas Fox, joiner.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a joiner of Sowerby Bridge [1840] / a joiner & builder [1851] / a joiner employing 2 men & 12 boys [1861] / a builder employing 7 men & 13 boys [1871] / master joiner & builder [1881]

On 17th May 1840, he married Mary Ann Fielding at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary Ann was the daughter of
Abraham Fielding


  1. Thomas [1841-1902] who was an invalid [1861]
  2. Eliza Jane [1843-1903] who married James Henry Atkinson
  3. William Henry
  4. Amelia [1850-1934] who was a dress maker [1871] and married Charles Rushworth
  5. Abraham Fielding
  6. Mary [b 1856]
  7. James [1859-1945] who was a clerk [1881]

The family lived at

  • 6 Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge [1851]
  • Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge [1861, 1871, 1881]

Fox, William
[1818-18??] Son of Thomas Fox, a porter.

Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was a plumber & glazier [1842] / a plumber &c [1851] / a plumber employing 4 men & 3 boys [1861] / a master plumber & glazier employing 4 men & 2 boys [1881]

He established W. Fox & Sons.

In 1842, he married Ann Hoyle [1819-1905] at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax.

Ann, of Warley, was the daughter of Luke Hoyle, a porter


  1. Thomas
  2. John
  3. Hannah [b 1846]
  4. Sarah A [b 1857]

The family lived at

  • Chapel Lane, Skircoat [1851]
  • Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge [1861, 1881]
  • 19 & 20 Grove Street, Sowerby Bridge [1891]
  • 20 East Parade, Sowerby Bridge [1893]

Living with them [in 1881] was grandson George W Fox [aged 11].

William died 2nd July 1893.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £1,090. Probate was granted to his widow Ann, son John, and James Farrar, gentleman.

In 1901, Ann was living with son Thomas & family

Fox, Rev William Harper
[18??-1???] Minister at Ripponden Congregational Church [1878-1892]

Fox, William Henry
[1845-1908] Son of William Fox.

He was a woollen dryer [1861] / a joiner [1871].

In [Q4] 1877, he married Elizabeth Ann Crossley in Halifax.

Elizabeth Ann was the daughter of James Crossley. After the death of her father, Elizabeth Ann took over at the Oddfellows' Arms, Sowerby Bridge

After the marriage, the couple ran the pub until 1899.

They retired in 1899, and lived at 145 Park Crescent, Bolton Brow, where they both died.

William Henry died 14th December 1908.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £4,728 1/4d. Probate was granted to Joseph William Atkinson and Charles William Rushworth


Fox surname

The Surname is discussed in the book Halifax & District Surnames by George Redmonds.

There are over 40 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Fox, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Fox:

Marriages 1835, 1906; Death 1810

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