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Collins ...

The entries for people & families with the surname Collins are gathered together in this SideTrack.

This Page does not include people with other forms of the surname.

The individuals listed are not necessarily related to each other.

Anthony Collins [1773-1832]
Arthur Collins [18??-191?]
Barry Collins [1941-]
Rev Bineberry Collins [17??-1???]
Brearley Collins [1868-19??]
Campbell Collins [1855-1931]
Cecil Collins [1908-1989]
Crowther Collins [1865-1???]
Daniel Collins [17??-18??]
Daniel Collins [18??-18??]
David Collins [1798-1872]
Dennis Collins [1914-1942]
Eli Collins [1811-18??]
Ely Collins [17??-1???]
Ephraim Collins [1835-19??]
Frank Collins [1???-194?]
Frank Collins [1929-]
Fred Collins [1???-191?]
Geoffrey Collins [19??-1971]
George Collins [1830-1876]
George Collins [1840-1???]
George Benjamin Collins [1850-1929]
George Henry Collins [1894-1916]
George Pulman Collins [1856-1917]
Harry Collins [1871-1???]
Rev Henry Collins [1835-1921]
J. Collins [18??-19??]
John Pulman Collins [1855-1887]
John William Collins [1897-1956]
Jonas Collins [1805-1877]
Joseph Collins [1854-1907]
Joseph Chappell Collins [1884-19??]
L. A. Collins [19??-19??]
Margaret Collins [1821-1902]
Martha Collins [1819-1???]
Reginald Meynand Collins [1905-1945]
Rufus Collins [18??-1???]
Rufus Collins [1806-1875]
Rufus Collins [1865-1943?]
Sam Collins [1865-19??]
Samuel Dunstan Collins [1889-1917]
Thomas Collins [1???-18??]
Thomas Pulman Collins [1846-1900]
Walter Collins [1???-19??]
Wilfred Collins [1890-1942]
William Dunstan Collins [1922-1945]
Willie Collins [1895-1916] 

Collins, Anthony
[1773-1832] Son of Ely Collins.

Baptised at Cleckheaton [25th December 1773]

He was

On 30th June 1793, he married Mary Holdsworth [1776-1809] at St Peter's Church, Birstall.



  1. David [1794-1797]
  2. Lydia [1795-1798]
  3. Charles [b 1797]
  4. George [b 1799]
  5. Ann [1800-1801]
  6. Harriet [1803-1837] who married Joshua Bateman
  7. Jonas
  8. Eliza Holdsworth [b 1807]
  9. Sharp [1809-1810]

The family lived at

Anthony died at Wyke [1832].

He was buried at Cleckheaton Whitechapel [5th September 1832]

Collins, Arthur
[18??-191?] He served in World War I.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Bernard's Catholic Church

Collins, Barry
[1941-] Halifax-born writer and playwright. His work includes:

  • And was Jerusalem builded here? [1972]
  • Beauty and the Beast [1973]
  • Judgement [1974]
  • The Strongest Man in the World [1978]
  • Toads [1979]
  • The Ice Chimney [1980]
  • Atonement [1987]

Collins, Rev Bineberry
[17??-1???] Recorded in 1784, when Mrs Mary Hudson is recorded as
having gone to hear a pious Church of England Minister Rev Bineberry Collins preach at Halifax Methodist Chapel

Collins, Brearley
[1868-19??] Of Brighouse. He was landlord of the Joiners' Arms, Brighouse [1900].

He married Sarah Parkinson [1874-19??].


  1. Frank [b 1895]
  2. Amy [b 1897]
  3. Elsie [b 1899]

Collins, Campbell
[1855-1931] Partner in Emsley & Collins [1905].

He died in Baildon [2nd September 1931]

Collins, Cecil
[1908-1989] Mystic and Surrealist / neo-Romantic artist.

He married Elizabeth, daughter of Clifford Ramsden.

He frequently stayed with the Ramsdens when they lived at The Hollins, Warley. Some of his work hangs in The Tate Gallery

Collins, Crowther
[1865-1???] Illegitimate son of Fanny Collins of Northowram.

Baptised at St John the Baptist, Coley [9th April 1865]

Collins, Daniel
[17??-18??] He was a comber [1819].

He married Elizabeth [1783-18??]

Elizabeth was born in Norland


  1. Martha
  2. Margaret
  3. Jabez [bapt 1823]
  4. Ann [bapt 1824]

The family lived at

  • Range Bank, Halifax [1841]
  • 2 Clarence Street, Halifax [1851]

Daniel died between 1824 & 1841.

The death of a Daniel Collins is recorded in Halifax [Q1 1838]

Living with the widowed Elizabeth in 1851 were unmarried daughter Martha and her children Fanny & William, and unmarried daughter Margaret and her children Tom Emma

Collins, Daniel
[18??-18??] He bequeathed money to install a stained glass east window at Christ Church, Barkisland

Collins, David
[1798-1872] He married Nancy [1801-1874].


  1. Mary who married Tom Bottomley
  2. Harriet who married Godfrey Drake

Members of the family were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse

Collins, Dennis
[1914-1942] Son of Annie Elizabeth & Joseph Chappell Collins of 105 Savile Park Road, Halifax.

He was educated at Holy Trinity School & Rishworth School / captain of Old Rishworthians RUFC / employed at the Halifax Borough Treasurer's office.

During World War II, he served as an Ordinary Telegraphist with the Royal Navy aboard HMML 311.

He died 15th February 1942 (aged 28).

He is remembered on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, England [67 1].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Rishworth School

Collins, Eli
[1811-18??] Born in Stainland.

He was innkeeper White Lion, Ovenden [1851, 1853]; a coachman [1871].

Around 1847, he married Phyllis [1805-1869].

Phillis was born in Stockton on Tees


  1. Clara [b 1847]
  2. Anthony [b 1849] who was a groom [1871]

The family lived at

Phyllis died [Q1] 1869 (aged 65) 

Collins, Ely
[17??-1???] Of Wyke.

He married Unknown.


  1. Anthony

Collins, Ephraim
[1835-19??] Born in Hove Edge.

He was a blacksmith [1891].

In [Q3] 1860, he married Hannah Brearley [1840-1???] in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Rastrick


  1. Brearley [b 1867] who was a gardener's teamster [1891]
  2. Sowden [b 1872] who was a stone quarryman [1891]
  3. John [b 1874] who was a teamster [1891]
  4. Edith [b 1876] who was a silk spinner [1891]
  5. David [b 1879] who was a blacksmith [1891]
  6. Albert [b 1886]
  7. Joseph 30 stone delver

The family lived at Hove Edge Cottage, Hipperholme [1891]

Collins, Frank
[1???-194?] Of Todmorden.

During World War II, he served with the Royal Navy.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Collins, Frank
[1929-] Son of John William Collins.

He took over from his mother Mabel Collins at the Dog & Partridge, Sowood [2000]

Collins, Fred
[1???-191?] He was educated at Crossley & Porter School.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 1st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

He died 8th October 1918.

He was buried at Masnières British Cemetery, Marcoing, France [I E 20].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Crossley & Porter School, Halifax

Collins, Geoffrey
[19??-1971] Son of Lewis Collins.

He took over his father's business as a Hipperholme butcher.

He married Nellie.


  1. Anne [b 1953]
  2. twins John [b 1958]
  3. Anthony [b 1958]

In 1871, whilst going on holiday to Salzburg, Austria, the whole family was killed in a plane crash. The tail section fell off the BEA Vanguard aircraft, causing it to plunge to the ground, killing 63 passengers and crew. There was a public collection and a clock was erected outside Hipperholme Public Library in memory of the family.

See Memories Hipperholme Businesses & Shops

Collins, George
[1830-1876] Born in Halifax.

He was a wood moulding manufacturer [1861] / a joiner [1871] / a commercial traveller [1876]

In [Q2] 1852, he married Mary Ann Pulman in Halifax.

Martha Ann was a dressmaker [1876]


  1. Sarah Ellen [b 1854]
  2. John Pulman

The family lived at

  • 26 Upper Brunswick Street, Halifax [1861]
  • 8 Upper Brunswick Street, Halifax [1871]

George died 27th May 1876.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £100.

The will was proved by his widow, Martha Ann and his son John Pulman Collins

Collins, George
[1840-1???] Stationmaster at Hipperholme Railway Station [1881]

Collins, George Benjamin
[1850-1929] He was Superintendent at the fire brigade station at Albion Street / Southgate [1887].

He married Sara [b 1855].


  1. George [b 1877]
  2. Elizabeth [b 1880]
  3. Lilian [b 1886]

Collins, George Henry
[1894-1916] Son of Janet & Sowden Collins of 5 Half House Lane, Hove Edge.

During World War I, he served as a Corporal with the 26th (Tyneside Irish) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

He died 10th November 1916 (aged 22).

He was buried at Cité Bonjean Military Cemetery, France. [IV A 48].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Brighouse Parish Church, and on the Memorial at Zion Methodist Free Chapel, Hove Edge

Collins, George Pulman
[1856-1917] Illegitimate son of Margaret Collins & (probably) Joseph Pulman.

He was a mechanic [1881] / a mechanic fitter [1891] / an iron turner [1911] / an iron moulder [1901].

He was associated with Abram Pulman & Sons.

In 1882, he was living with his sister and brother-in-law John Smith.

In 1888, he married Ellen Nutton [1961-1919].

Ellen was born in Southowram.

She was a weaver cotton [1891], a carpet weaver [1911], a tapestry weaver [1901]


They had no children.

They lived at

  • 6 Brinton Terrace, Halifax [with George's mother Margaret Collins 1891]
  • 48 Boothtown Road, Halifax [1901, 1911]

George died 28th December 1917.

Ellen died 28th September 1919.

The couple were buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax

Collins, Harry
[1871-1???] Illegitimate son of Delia Collins of Bailiffe Bridge.

Baptised at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe [15th October 1871]

Collins, Rev Henry
[1835-1921] MA.

Vicar at St Bartholomew's Church, Dean Head.

He married Maud Mary Edwards [1843-1907].

Maud Mary was the daughter of Henry Edwards of Woodbridge Suffolk

Henry died in 1921 and was buried at Ottery St Mary, Devon [4th August 1921].

Maud Mary died 6th November 1907.

There is a grave and a memorial buried at St Bartholomew's, Dean Head

The couple were buried at St Bartholomew's Church, Dean Head There is a transcription of the epitaph [number 85] in Alan Shaw's CD Monumental Inscriptions in the Ripponden Area

Collins, J.
[18??-19??] Recorded in The Tradesmen's Advertiser of 1874, where he was an umbrella manufacturer at 17 Woolshops, Halifax

Umbrellas and Parasols Made, Re-covered and Repaired on the Shortest Notice
Silk Umbrellas Made to order and Re-covered with Silk, Zanella or Alpaca, at one hour's notice

Collins, John Pulman
[1855-1887] Son of George Collins.

Born in Halifax.

He was an apprentice to law stationer [1871] / a solicitor's clerk [1876] / a clerk of 24 Craven Terrace, Halifax [1880] / a solicitor's clerk [1881].

He was associated with Abram Pulman & Sons.

In [Q3] 1880, he married Eleanor Jane Wilcock [1858-1???] at St Paul's Church, Heaton Moor, Stockport.

Eleanor Jane, of Leegate Road, Heaton Moor, was born in Manchester, the daughter of Edwin Wilcock, merchant

The family lived at

  • 6 Highfield Place, Halifax [1881]
  • 24 Craven Terrace, Halifax [1887] (where he died) 

Collins, John William
[1897-1956] He was landlord of the Savile Arms, Elland [1954-1956].

He married Mabel Hilton [1905-2001].


  1. Frank

John William died at the Savile Arms [1956] Mabel was landlady at the Dog & Partridge, Sowood [1956-2000].

Son Fred took over at the Dog & Partridge, Sowood [2000]

Collins, Jonas
[1805-1877] Son of Anthony Collins.

Born in Wyke [17th September 1805].

Baptised in Cleckheaton [3rd November 1805].

He was innkeeper at the Red Lion, Wyke & farmer [1841] / innkeeper & farmer of 15 acres [1851] / innkeeper & farmer [1871].

On 27th December 1830, he married Ann Jessop [1805-1869] at All Saints' Church, Dewsbury Children:

  1. John
  2. Mary Holdsworth who was a school teacher [1871]
  3. Martha Catharine
  4. Sarah who was a school teacher [1871]
  5. Alfred

Jonas died 31st March 1877.

He was buried at Whitechapel, Cleckheaton [4th April 1877]

Collins, Joseph
[1854-1907] Born in Northowram.

He was a stone delver [1875, 1901].

On 31st July 1875, he married Frances Sarah Dunstan [1854-1915] in Halifax.

Frances Sarah was born in Rotherham


  1. William [b 1877]
  2. Robert [1881-1882]
  3. Frances Sarah Emma [1883-1923] who was a worsted twister [1901], & married Arthur Woods
  4. Ethel Myers [1886-1951] who was a worsted spinner [1901]
  5. Annie Emily [b 1888]
  6. Sam Dunstan
  7. Wilfred
  8. Mary Hannah Emily [b 1893] who was a worsted twister [1911]
  9. Clara [b 1894] who was a worsted twister [1911]

The children were born in Hipperholme, and baptised at St Matthew's, Lightcliffe.

The family lived at

  • Watergate, Hipperholme [1901]
  • 6 Watergate, Hipperholme [1911]

Joseph died in 1907 (aged 52) 

Collins, Joseph Chappell
[1884-19??] Son of Thomas Pulman Collins.

He was gymnastic instructor / physical director at Heath Grammar School.

In [Q2] 1911, he married Annie Elizabeth Stott at St Paul's Church, King Cross.

Annie Elizabeth was the daughter of Squire Kershaw Stott

Collins, L. A.
[19??-19??] Lay Pastor at Moor End Congregational Church [1962]

Collins, Margaret
[1821-1902] Daughter of Daniel Collins.

She was a power loom weaver [1851] / a worsted weaver [1861] / a cleaner [1871].

Margaret did not marry but had 6 children:

  1. Robert Pulman Collins [1844-1845]
  2. Thomas Pulman Collins
  3. Emma Jane Pulman Collins [1848-1???] who was a worsted factory worker [1861] & married John Smith in 1873
  4. Ann Collins [1853-1???] who was a worsted weaver [1871]
  5. George Pulman Collins
  6. William Henry Pulman Collins [1860-1861] who died [Q3 1861] aged 13 months and was buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax

One clue to the father of her children is found on daughter Emma's marriage certificate which gives her father as
Joseph Pulman, iron merchant

Furthermore, son George Pulman Collins is mentioned in connection with the business of Abram Pulman, Joseph's father


In 1851, Margaret and her children, Thomas and Emma, were living with her widowed mother Elizabeth at 2 Clarence Street, Halifax

The family lived at

  • 18 Albert Street, Northowram [1861]
  • Haley Hill [1861]
  • 5 Newtown, Haley Hill, Northowram [1871]
  • 6 Brinton Terrace, Halifax [1891]
  • 16 Martin Street, Halifax [where Margaret was living alone 1901]

Living with Margaret in 1891 were son George Pulman Collins & his wife Ellen, and granddaughter Margaret A Smith.

Margaret died in Halifax [Q3 1902] (aged 81) 

Collins, Martha
[1819-1???] Son of Daniel Collins.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [1819].

She was a dress maker [1851].

She had illegitimate children:

  1. Fanny Collins [bapt 1845]
  2. William Collins [bapt 1848]

In 1851, Martha and her children were living with her widowed mother Elizabeth

Collins, Reginald Meynand
[1905-1945] Son of Mr & Mrs Harry Collins.

In [Q3] 1935, he married Nellie Davies in Sheffield. During World War II, he served as a Warrant Officer Class II with the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.

He died 30th May 1945 (aged 40).

He was buried at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland [327]

Collins, Rufus

In [Q3] 1873, he married Hannah Maria Brook in Halifax

Collins, Rufus
[1806-1875] Born in Halifax.

Landlord of the Martin's Nest, Brighouse [1861].

He married Sarah [1805-18??].

Sarah was born in Barnsley

Rufus died in Halifax [Q3 1875] (aged 70) 

Collins, Rufus
[1865-1943?] Partner in Emsley & Collins [1905]

On 27th December 1884, he married Ann Pearson in Halifax.

Ann was born in Shelf

The couple were buried at the Westfield Congregational Chapel, Wyke

Collins, Sam
[1865-19??] Of Lightcliffe. Landlord of the Upper George, Rastrick [1895, 1896, 1901].

He married Annie [1865-19??] from Rastrick.


  1. Eustace [b 1887]
  2. Lewin [b 1889]
  3. Clarence R. T. [b 1896]

Collins, Samuel Dunstan
[1889-1917] Son of Joseph Collins.

Born in Hipperholme.

Baptised at St Matthew's, Lightcliffe.

He was a member of Lightcliffe Congregational Sunday School / a hairdresser [1911] / employed by L. Broadley at Hipperholme / a self-employed hairdresser.

In [Q4] 1914, he married Annie Elizabeth Wood in Epsom, Surrey.

They lived at Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey.

During World War I, he enlisted whilst he was working in Surrey [May 1916], and served as a Private with the 7th Battalion East Surrey Regiment.

He was killed in action [3rd May 1917] (aged 28).

He is remembered on the Arras Memorial, France [6], on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint John the Baptist, Coley

In [Q3] 1918, Annie Elizabeth married (2) Charles H. Taylor in Burton upon Trent.

They lived at 69 Wetmoor Road, Burton upon Trent

Collins, Thomas
[1???-18??] Recorded in 1855, when he was a Methodist minister in Sowerby Bridge

Collins, Thomas Pulman
[1846-1900] Illegitimate son of Margaret Collins & (probably) Joseph Pulman.

Born in Halifax.

He was a white smith [1861] / a warehouseman [1871] / an iron merchant's manager [1881] / a sheriff's officer [1891] / a County Court officer.

In [Q1] 1868, he married Ann Chappell [1847-1915] in Halifax.


  1. Louisa / Louise [b 1869] who was a waitress [1891]
  2. Annie E [b 1871] who was a waitress [1891]
  3. Sarah J [b 1873] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  4. Ada [b 1877] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  5. Ruth [b 1879] who was a worsted spinner [1891]
  6. Joseph Chappell
  7. Albert E [b 1890]

The family lived at

  • 9 Cross Street, Foundry Street, Halifax [1871]
  • 41 Oxford Terrace, Halifax [1881]
  • 10 Stannary Lane, Halifax [1891]

Thomas died 18th April 1900.

Ann died 22nd February 1915.

The couple were buried at All Souls' Church, Halifax

Collins, Walter
[1???-19??] He served in World War II.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on the Memorial at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland

Collins, Wilfred
[1890-1942] Son of Joseph Collins.

He was a brickmaker [1911]

He married Lilian [18??-19??].


  1. William Dunstan

The family lived at 3 Prescott Street, Halifax.

He was wounded in World War I [November 1916]

Collins, William Dunstan
[1922-1945] Son of Wilfred Collins.

Possibly named Dunstan for his uncle Samuel Dunstan Collins who was killed in World War I.

He was educated at Halifax Parish Church Day School / employed at Dean Clough Mills.

During World War II, he served as a Gunner with the Royal Artillery.

He was killed in north-west Europe [5th March 1945] (aged 23).

He was buried at Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany [54 E 12].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Collins, Willie
[1895-1916] Son of Mrs Ellen Collins of 3 Woodland Place, Birds Royd, Brighouse.

During World War I, he served as a Lance Corporal with the 2nd Battalion York & Lancaster Regiment.

He died 12th February 1916 (aged 21).

He was buried at La Brique Military Cemetery No.2, Belgium [I R 2].

He is remembered on Rastrick War Memorial


Collins surname
There are over 40 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Collins, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Collins:

Marriages 1845, 1876, 1880, 1896, 1903, 1923, 1941, 1942; Death 1907

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