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Child labour

Because mechanisation in the cotton and woollen industries meant that little skill or physical strength was required to operate the machines, employers began to recruit women and children in their mills.

Small children could also carry out tasks beneath and within the machinery which grown adults could not manage.

The Calendar of Events gives many examples of accidents involving children working in the mills and mines of the district.

See Child workers at I. & I. Calvert's mills

This Foldout collects some entries relating to child labour

John Ambler

Henry Binns
James Booth & Son
A Brief Description of a Tour Through Calder Dale

I. & I. Calvert
Mary Ellen Clark
Clifton: Coal Mining
Colne Bridge Mill
Continuation school
George Crabtree
Cragg Mills
Crossley's Carpets: John Crossley & Sons Limited
Henry Crowther
Joseph Crowther
Rev Thomas Crowther

Alice Devitt
Thomas Dyson

Elizabeth Edwards
Marie Emery

Factory Acts
Factory Fine Fund
Factory school
John Fielden
Samuel Firth

Titus Gaukroger & Son
Mr Geslicar
William Greenup
William Greenwood
Joshua Greenwood & Sons

Halifax Master Worsted Spinners
Joseph Halliday
John Hanson
Health & Morals of Apprentices in Cotton Mills Act [1802]
G. & I. Hinchliffe
Horsfall & Halliday
Horsfall & Sons
William Howarth

Industrial disease
Industrial school
Infant mortality
Lola Irvine

Jane Johnson
Peter Keegan
Peter Keegan
Stephen Keegan
Kirkdale Industrial School, Liverpool

Ely Law
Annie Lockhart
Luddenden Dean Wesleyan Chapel
Luddenden Dean Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard

John Milner

Richard Oastler

Peel House Mill, Luddenden
Thomas Pickles
Benjamin Platt & Sons
Mr Priestley
Timothy Priestley

Mr Rawson
Samuel Taylor Rigge
Rev Charles Rogers

Saint John in the Wilderness, Cragg Vale
Saint Mary's National School, Halifax
Sir Titus Salt
Sarah Shaw
W. Slater
Sarah Smith
Samuel & William Smith
Spinning jenny
Sunday Schools [General Notes]
Mr Sutcliffe
John Swallow

Joseph Taylor
Ten Hours Act [1847]

Walker & Edmondson
Richard Webster
Wellington Mills, Halifax
John Whitehead
James Whiteley
Robert Whitworth & Company
Sutcliffe Willcock
Woodvale Cotton Mills, Brighouse

The Greenwood family of Cragg Vale
The Hinchliffe family of Cragg Vale
The Whitworth family of Luddendenfoot

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