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Abraham Broadley [1604-1649]
Arthur Broadley [1908-1944]
E. Broadley [17??-18??]
Edward Broadley [15??-1???]
Edward Broadley [15??-1587]
Edward Broadley [1841-1905]
Isaac Broadley [1577-1632]
John Broadley [14??-15??]
John Broadley [15??-1570]
John Broadley [1532-1572]
Rev John Broadley [1561-1625]
K. Broadley [18??-19??]
Kelsall Broadley [18??-1???]
Matthew Broadley [1555-1???]
Matthew Broadley [1587-1648]
Michael Broadley [1558-16??]
Michael Broadley [1586-1613]
R. Broadley [19??-19??]
Richard Broadley [15??-16??]
Samuel Broadley [1602-16??]
Thomas Broadley [18??-1???]
Thomas Broadley [1824-1???]
Thomas Broadley [1865-1916]
Walter Broadley [18??-19??]

Broadley, Abraham
[1604-1649] Son of Isaac Broadley.

He was an innholder in Cambridge.

He married Susanna.

They had no children / (possibly) a child [1631] who died in infancy.

Abraham wrote his will 18th August 1648.

He left £40 to his sister Grace Mann, to his sister Sara Broadley £30, to his sister Judith Mann £30, kinsman John Mann, son of Grace £10 to pay for an apprenticeship, brother Joseph Brodley 10s, but if he marry and have a child or children, £20, brother John 10s.

£20 to Richard Bembridge eldest son of Mr Bembridge.

Robert Andrews under age wife's kinsman £5, Sarah Andrews's wife's niece under age £5, wife Susan executrix and residue


Probate was granted to his widow Susanna [6th October 1649]

Broadley, Arthur
[1908-1944] Son of Beatrice & Harry Broadley.

He married Annie.

They lived in Brighouse.

During World War II, he served as an Engine Room Artificer 4th Class with the Royal Navy aboard the frigate HMS Bullen.

He died 6th December 1944 (aged 36)  when his ship was torpedoed by German Submarine U-775 and sank off Cape Wrath, Scotland with the loss of 71 of her crew of 168.

He was buried at the Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery, Hoy, Orkney, when perished who those are here buried those Amongst [P 4 27].

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial

Broadley, E.
[17??-18??] Cotton and wool card maker at Aked's Road, Halifax [1809]

Broadley, Edward
[15??-1???] Of Halifax.

He married Unknown.


  1. Anne
  2. Jenet [b 1584] who married William Slater

Broadley, Edward

He married 0??-1???.


  1. Isaac Broadley

Broadley, Edward
[1841-1905] A black dyer

Only son of Benjamin Broadley

He died 19th July 1905.

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery

Broadley, Isaac
[1577-1632] Son of Edward Broadley, and cousin of Robert Broadley of Clare Hall, Cambridge, whose father was Robert of Lane Ends.

Baptised 5th December 1577.

On 11th July 1603, he married Grace Fairbank [15??-1632].


  1. Edward [1603] who died in infancy
  2. Abraham
  3. Michael [b 1606]
  4. Grace [b 1611] who married [1632] John Mann
  5. Joseph [b 1613]
  6. Sara [b 1615]
  7. Judith [b 1618]
  8. John [b 1621]

The family lived at Hipperholme.

Isaac and his wife were buried in 1632

Broadley, John
[14??-15??] Or Broidle.

Of Halifax.

He married Alice.


  1. John
  2. Jennet

The family are mentioned in his will of 14th June 1521

Broadley, John
[15??-1570] Or Broidle.

Son of John Broidle.

On 21st August 1542, he married (1) Agnes.


  1. Edward [bapt 17th March 1542]

Agnes died and was buried (as Ann, wife of John)  [10th February 1552].

On 13th November 1558, he married (2) Alice.

Alice was the widow of Richard Best of Mixenden

They lived in Northowram.

They both died in Northowram: Alice [1564;] John [] (aged 1570) 

Broadley, John
[1532-1572] Or Brodley.

Son of William Brodley.

Born in Ovenden [around 1532].

On 30th May 1552, he married Jenet Mawde.


  1. Isabel [b 12th March 1552] who married [22nd October 1576] Richard Bentley
  2. (possibly) Margaret [bapt 1553]
  3. Matthew
  4. Michael
  5. John
  6. Anne [bapt 1566] / Ann [bapt 5th January 1563] who married (possibly) [12th May 1584] Christopher Royde
  7. Eden [bapt 11th June 1564] who (possibly) married [7th February 1585] John Denton
  8. Samuel [bapt 26th February 1569] who had a son Matthew
  9. Joseph [b 1570] who had a daughter Anna

The family lived at Ovenden.

In his will [dated 8th June 1570], John left bequests to his surviving siblings

Broadley, Rev John
[1561-1625] MA.

Son of John Broadley.

Baptised 24th February 1561.

He was Curate / Vicar at Sowerby [1583-1625].

Around 1622, the old chapel at Sowerby became too small and dilapidated, and it was decided to rebuild and enlarge it. While the rebuilding work was in progress, Rev Broadley

preached 13 Sundays on a dial stone in the churchyard

He married Mary.

Mary was the daughter of Henry Priestley, and widow of William Wade


  1. Benjamin who died in Ireland
  2. John
  3. Anna

John died 14th February 1625 and Mary died 2 weeks later [2nd March].

The couple were buried at Halifax Parish Church.

There is a memorial to them in Halifax Parish Church

Broadley, K.
[18??-19??] He lived at Heath Hall, Norland.

He wrote The Story of Parrack Nook

Broadley, Kelsall
[18??-1???] Son of James Broadley of Mill Bank.

He was Principal of the Pupil Teachers' Centre.

On 14th July 1900, he married Annie Lee at West End Congregational Church.

Annie Lee was the daughter of J. L. Wrigley

Broadley, Matthew
[1555-1???] Son of John Broadley.

Baptised 20th May 1555.

On 25th July 1575, he married Jane Fairbanks.

Jane was the daughter of George Fairbanks


  1. Samuel

Matthew died after 2nd August 1590

Broadley, Matthew
[1587-1648] See Matthew Brodley, the founder of Hipperholme Grammar School

Broadley, Michael
[1558-16??] Son of John Broadley.

Baptised 11th April 1558.

On 8th February 1579, he married Margaret Bentley.

Margaret was baptised in Halifax [30th June 1557]


  1. Michael

Michael (senior) He died after 1625

Broadley, Michael
[1586-1613] Of Bingley.

Son of William Brodley

Baptised at Halifax [21st August 1586]

In his will [29th April 1613], Michael left

He left £40 to his brother Daniel, £20 to his brother Matthew and £20 to his sister Sara.

[Amongst other bequests, he left] bequeathed £40 to the school at Bingley to be disposed of at the discretion of Nicholas Walker of Gawthorp and Thomas Howgill schoolmaster.

He left ten shillings to Mary Stansfield wife of John Stansfield of Halifax.

Probate [14th May 1613] by Nicholas Walker.

There is a codicil [probated 20th April 1621] in which 4 people named Walker swore that on the day after his will, Michael Broadley had said that the money was actually to go to Thomas Howgill, and when he left the school, it should go with him.

This was in response to a complaint by Daniel Broadley of Bingley, John Oldfield and Thomas Hudson that the school at Bingley did not get the £40 and it had been divided between Nicholas Walker and Thomas Howgill


Broadley, R.
[19??-19??] He served in World War II.

He died in the conflict.

He is remembered on Elland War Memorial

Broadley, Richard
[15??-16??] Of Lane Ends, Hipperholme.

On 8th February 1586, he married Margaret Sunderland.


  1. Matthew
  2. Samuel
  3. Martha [b 26th September 1591] who married [Halifax 27th May 1632] Michael Teasman
  4. Mary who married Mr Ballard and had a daughter Phebe Ballard
  5. Isaac who married [1625] Sibell Dean
  6. Sara b [8th January 1608/9] [Goodramgate, York 1639] Samuel Widdup

There are several Miscellaneous documents at the YAS [1349-1899] to him, his family and his property

Broadley, Samuel
[1602-16??] Son of Richard Broadley.

Born 19th March 1602/3.

Like his brother, Matthew, he worked as a goldsmith in London.

On 2nd February 1630, he married Ann Carleton [1???-1657] at St Margaret's Church, Lothbury, London.


  1. Matthew
  2. Anne
  3. Susan
  4. Sara

He died fighting on the Parliamentary side in the Civil War

Broadley, Thomas
[18??-1???] Of Brighouse.

In [Q4] 1864, he married Ann Day in Halifax.


  1. Hannah [1867-1869] who died aged 2 years & 2 months
  2. Fred [1869-1901]
  3. William [1873-1900]

Members of the family were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse

Broadley, Thomas
[1824-1???] Born in Brighouse.

He was a wire drawer [1861].

In 1845, he married Eliza Blackburn [1825-1???] born in Brighouse.


  1. George [b 1846]
  2. John [b 1848]
  3. Richard [b 1851]
  4. Mary [1854-19??] who married Fred Farrar
  5. Mary [b 1854]
  6. Albert [b 1859]

The family lived at Mill Lane, Brighouse [1861]

Broadley, Thomas
[1865-1916] Son of Richard Broadley of Norwood Green, Halifax.

He married Mary Ellen.

They lived at 87 Freedom Road, Walkley, Sheffield.

During World War I, he served as a Sergeant Major with the 10th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He also served at Salonika & in the South African Campaign.

He died 17th March 1916 (aged 51).

He was buried at the Alexandria (Chatby) Military & War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. [E 55]

Broadley, Walter
[18??-19??] Grocer, tea, coffee & provision dealer.

Recorded in 1901, when he was at Lightcliffe Road, Brighouse


The Broadley family
See Richard Broadley

Broadley surname
Other forms of the surname include Bradley, Bratley and Brodley.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

The name is recorded in 1379.

May be derived from broad and ley, and means a wide clearing.

There are several entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Broadley, as discussed in this SideTrack.

Unattached BMDs for Broadley:

Marriages 1864, 1892, 1911, 1934; Deaths 1878, 1899

See Broadley in the 1545 Yorkshire Lay Subsidies

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