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Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Foldout

Memories of Calderdale

Kendall's Ices, Hipperholme


Elizabeth Kilner

Jimmy Kendall's first wife was called Lily or Lilian. They had one son John whom they adopted.

Jimmy's first wife used to make the ice cream at the small farm at Coley, and she used to sell it in the area from the cart with glass all round pulled by a white horse, known as Mrs Kendall's Horse.

At the end of the day, the horses were taken from the farm to graze in the field where the Old Brods now have their club.

Lily Kendall first opened an ice cream parlour on Commercial Street, Brighouse – where Specsavers is now. It was in the style of an american ice cream parlour. The one at Hipperholme came much later – at a guess late 1940s.

His second wife was Mrs Clara Walmsley she had two sons, Kenneth and Eric and one daughter Ann.

I live at Woodhead pre-war, and my older sister Alice and I used to take John out in his pushchair.

My father used to help with the horses and probably drove the first motor car that Jimmy bought. I don't think Jimmy could drive

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