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The Halifax Authors' Circle

The Circle was formed in 1926 when John Marsh, then an aspiring young author, approached Phyllis Bentley, already an international name, to form a group of established, working authors for mutual help.

The was wound up and final meeting took place at Spring Hall Mansion on 27th June 1989. John Marsh was present at both meetings.

The following local authors were members of the Halifax Authors' Circle:

Will Austin

Leslie Bancroft
Donald Barker
Doris Beer
Margaret Bentley
Phyllis Bentley Dr Phyllis Eleanor Bentley
Derick Bridge
Norman Brown

Eve Chapman

Jack Escott

Mabel Ferrett
Margaret Fox
Hilda-Margaret Gledhill
Jessie Gray
Tom Green

Cynthia Hand
Peggy Hewitt
Rex Holdsworth
William Holt

Dr Frank King

Clifford Lees
Margaret Lees
Whiteley Lumb
Edgar Mann
John Marsh
Peter Murrey

Nancy Nott

John Ogden
Dora Orde

June Paxton-White
James Pickles
Arthur Porritt

Jack Wild 

Some of their publications appear in the entry for Books about Halifax & Calderdale

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