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Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society

The Society was established in 1846 by a group of local factory workers who protested against the prices of flour and other foods.

By 1850, they had 2 stores: one in Todmorden and another at Shade. The Shade store began trading as James Hoyle & Company.

They had branches at several places, including

In January 1911, they paid £2,750 to buy the Cross Lee Estate.

In 1966, they became a part of the Rochdale Pioneers Society.

Officers of the Society have included

See J. W. Bentley, John William Halstead, William Jackson, Todmorden Industrial & Co-operative Society Memorial, Todmorden & Millwood Industrial & Co-operative Society Limited, Todmorden Co-operative Flour Society, Todmorden Free Public Library and Todmorden Library

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