Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Foldout

Authors of some local Books & Sources

This Foldout collects the names of the Authors & Editors of some of the Books & Sources mentioned here



Albon Past & Present Illustrations of Copley & District [1930s-1984]

Alderson The Halifax Equitable Benefit Building Society

Ambler The Old Halls & Manor Houses of Yorkshire

Anderson The Anne Lister Papers

Armytage The Parish Register of Hartshead

Atkinson Aisled Houses in the Halifax Area Atkinson Some aspects of the 18th century woollen & worsted trade


Bailey Pennine Perspectives: Aspects of the history of Midgley

Baines Yorkshire Past & Present

Barker The Brontës: A life in letters

Barstow Wyke & Low Moor

Beecham A History of Northowram Township from 1800

Beesley Calderdale: Architecture & history

Bennett Circles, standing stones & legendary rocks of West Yorkshire

Billingsley Aspects of Calderdale Billingsley Folk Tales From Calderdale Billingsley Hood, Head and Hag Billingsley A Laureate's Landscape Billingsley The Mixenden Treasure Billingsley Stony Gaze

Birdsall The world of the Brontës

Blacksmith The Mystery of the Autumn Crocus

Blatchford The History of the Halifax Industrial Society Limited

Bolton An History of Fungusses growing about Halifax

Bowers A History of Northowram Township from 1800

Breakell Caring & Sharing

Brears John Harper at Shibden

Broadley The Story of Parrack Nook

Brooke Memory will play again Brooke When Panic Seized the Town

Buckless In & Around Mixenden – Past & Present

Burke Poems in Peace & War


Caffyn Worker's housing in West Yorkshire 1750-1920

Caldwell History of Brighouse & its Co-operative Society

Campbell Strange world of the Brontës

Cant Pennine Perspectives: Aspects of the history of Midgley

Cass The Pace Egg Plays of the Calder Valley

Caveney Calderdale: Architecture & history

Chapman Childhood memories of Southowram village in the 1950s Chapman The Heptonstall Octagon 1764 Chapman Halifax & the Calder Valley Chapman Halifax Revisited

Chitham A life of Anne Brontë

Choma Anne Lister & the Split Self

Clark Anne Lister's Construction of Lesbian Identity

Clarke History of Lockwood & North Crosland

Clay Antiquities of Elland Clay Halifax Wills: Parts I & II

Cliff Ripponden & the Ryburn Valley Cliff Sowerby Bridge

Comfort Ancient Halls in & about Halifax Comfort In & About Our Old Homes Comfort Our Home & Country Comfort Sketches of Old Halifax

Cox A Popular History of The Grammar School

Crabtree A Brief Description of a Tour Through Calder Dale Crabtree A Concise History of the Parish & Vicarage of Halifax

Croft John Fielden's Todmorden

Cronhelm Rivers & Streams of Halifax

Crossland The Flora of the Parish of Halifax

Crossley Halifax Wills: Parts I & II Crossley Halifax Wills: Volume 2 Crossley The Monumental & Other Inscriptions in Halifax Parish Church

Crump The Flora of the Parish of Halifax


Davies The Diaries of Cornelius Ashworth

Davis In the Footsteps of the Brontës

Dawson History On Your Doorstep Dawson Rambles in & around Todmorden

Dearden Star Seer Dearden The Vale of Caldene

Dinsdale In the Footsteps of the Brontës

Drinkall Halifax Murders

Du Maurier The infernal world of Branwell Brontë


Edwards Charlotte Brontë : The novels Edwards Cats Eyes

Egerton Luddenden Saga

Ellis Bygone Halifax & District

Ellwood At the Foot of the Ludd


Favour Antiquitie Triumphing over Noveltie

Firth Brighouse Parish Church History [1831-1981]

Fletcher The Story of the English Towns : Halifax

Foster Pedigrees of the County Families of Yorkshire

Fox Nomina Villarum

Foxcroft The Life & Letters of Sir George Savile

Frank Emily Brontë : A chainless soul


Gardiner The Brontës at Haworth

Garnett Wainstalls Mills

Gaskell The Life of Charlotte Brontë

Gate Thrum Hallers

Gee Around Halifax Gee Halifax through Time Gee Halifax Pubs: Volume Two Gee Halifax Pubs Gee Nostalgic Halifax Gee Old Halifax

Giles Yorkshire Textile Mills 1770-1830

Goldthorp Calder Valley Offcuts

Goodhall Yorkshire Textile Mills 1770-1830

Gordon Charlotte Brontë : A passionate life

Goss The Halifax Slasher

Graptolite Historical Notes on the Church at Illingworth Graptolite Historical Notes on Sowerby Church Graptolite Stray Notes on Bradshaw

Greenwood Cragg Coiners Walk


Hadden Memory will play again

Hamerton Olde Eland

Hanson The Story of Old Halifax

Harber Sowerby Bridge: our memories, our history Harber Siddal: our memories, our history

Hardcastle Halifax Rugby League: the first 100 years

Hargreaves Elland Through Time Hargreaves Elland Revisited Hargreaves Elland Hargreaves Halifax Hargreaves Halifax in old picture postcards Hargreaves Sowerby Bridge in Old Photographs

Harleian Society Yorkshire Pedigrees

Harrison A Calderdale Diary Harrison History of Rastrick Grammar School 1621-1985

Heaton The Letter Books of Joseph Holroyd & Sam Hill

Helme Brighouse at Work Helme Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens

Hepworth Brighouse, its Scenery & its Antiquities

Heywood History of Todmorden Heywood In a league of their own Heywood Todmorden Hippodrome

Hilditch Halifax Passenger Transport

Hirst Bones of a Business

Holden A Short History of Todmorden

Holdsworth Coiners Chronicle

Holt A Pennine Pioneer: the history of the Summit Railway Tunnel

Horner Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax

Horsfall Looking Back at Hebden Bridge

Huckle The House of Uttley


Illingworth Growing up in Sowerby ... and More Illingworth A Look Into the History of Warley

Ingham Anne Lister's Ascent of Vignemale

Ingle Yorkshire Cotton


Jackson The Priestley Claim to Shelf Hall

Jarratt The Fielden Trail

Jenkins The West Riding Wool Textile Industry 1770-1835

Jennings History of Todmorden

Johnson The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1857-1968


Kafel Crossley-Heath School

Kaye Califudge, carfuffle & t'Chapel

Kellett Haworth Parsonage

Kelly Post Office Directory of the West Riding of Yorkshire [1861]

Kilbey City in the Hills Kilbey Summat a' Nowt

King Halifax Corporation Tramways King The Halifax Cavaliers & the Heptonstall Roundheads

Knipe Tyburn Tales


Lane The Brontë Story

Lang Georgia in 1840

Langdale Topographical Dictionary of Yorkshire

Law Elland in old picture postcards

Lawson Charles Horner of Halifax

Lawton Memory will play again

Lee Cornerstones of Calderdale Lee A Pennine Saunter Around Hebden Bridge

Leleux Brookes' Industrial Railways

Leyland Views of Ancient Buildings in the Parish of Halifax

Linstrum West Yorkshire: architects & architecture

Lipson The History of the Woollen & Worsted Industries

Lister A Rare Survival Lister Social & Political Life in Halifax Fifty Years Ago

Lumb Workshop Shavings


Mavor Gentleman Jack of Halifax

Mayhall The Annals of Yorkshire

McDonald City in the Hills

McDowall Aisled Houses in the Halifax Area

McGillivray It were no laughing matter

Meadows Lost Houses of the West Riding

Metcalfe Shelf

Midgley History of Halifax Midgley Halifax & its Gibbet Law placed in its True Light

Millson Northgate End Chapel: Bicentenary Memorial [1896]

Milner Pye Nest Disaster

Moody Elland: a town history trail

Morgan Field & Fireside Musings

Murphy Lesser-known Treasures of Calderdale

Murty Summat a' Nowt


Naylor Robert Naylor

Newell A Hillside View of Industrial History


O'Neill The world of the Brontës

Oakley The Story of Saint Mary's Illingworth

Oastler Vicarial Tithes, Halifax

Ogden Halifax Old & New Ogden Historical Notes on the Church at Illingworth Ogden Historical Notes on Sowerby Church Ogden The Halifax Equitable Benefit Building Society Ogden Stray Notes on Bradshaw

Owens Our Eric: a Portrait of Eric Portman


Palmer George Dyson: Man and Music

Paradise Stainland Mechanics' Institute

Parker Illustrated Rambles from Hipperholme to Tong Parker Illustrated history of Wibsey

Parry Trans-Pennine Heritage

Pearson Northowram, Its History & Antiquities

Peel The Risings of the Luddites

Petford The Diaries of Cornelius Ashworth Petford Pennine Perspectives: Aspects of the history of Midgley

Pickles Battles of the Bands

Pike An Illustrated Account of Halifax, Brighouse & District

Porritt Halifax Old & New Porritt Halifax as it was Porritt It Happened Here

Priestley Halifax in the Tramway Era


Rastrick Old Brighouse

Redmonds Halifax & District Surnames Redmonds Names and History Redmonds Yorkshire West Riding : English surname series

Rickell Calderdale Murders, Homicides & Suspicious Deaths

Riley Calderdale Then & Now Riley A Village Blacksmith

Rinder Elland: a town history trail Rinder A History of Elland

Robertshaw The history of Elland Wesley

Roth Yorkshire Coiners


Savage Stoodley Pike

Scott The West Riding of Yorkshire

Senior The Diaries of Cornelius Ashworth

Shannon Cheers! Shannon Infamous Yorkshire Women

Sharp Clifton War Memorial Sharp Down the Acres Sharp I Didn't Know that

Sheeran Railway Buildings of West Yorkshire 1812-1920

Shipley The Churches of Halifax & Hebden Bridge District

Shires The Halifax Cavaliers & the Heptonstall Roundheads

Smith The Autobiography of James Gregson Smith Crossley-Heath School Smith Old Yorkshire Smith Pennine Perspectives: Aspects of the history of Midgley

Smithies Architecture of the Halifax Piece Hall

Spencer A century of change Spencer The History of Hebden Bridge

Stansfeld History of the Family of Stansfeld of Stansfield

Sutcliffe Square Chapel, Halifax

Sutton Yesterday's Yorkshire


Taylor The Calder & Hebble Navigation Taylor Crossley-Heath School

Thomas Mill, Murder & Railway Thomas Seeing it through

Thornton Halifax Corporation Tramways Thornton It were no laughing matter

Tiler Brighouse in old picture postcards

Tooby Stainland Mechanics' Institute

Tordoff A Brief Survey of the History of the Luddenden Valley Tordoff The Warley Story

Townsend Halifax Street Guide

Travis Local Historical Notes & Personal Reminiscences Travis Notes: (Historical & Biographical) Mainly of Todmorden & District Travis Round about Todmorden and its Hills & Dales Travis Walsden Families in Olden Times

Turner A Dozen Lightcliffe Romances Turner Forgotten Worthies of Halifax & District Turner The Heptonstall Octagon 1764 Turner Halifax families & worthies Turner History of Brighouse, Rastrick, & Hipperholme Turner Haworth – Past & Present Turner Halifax Books & Authors Turner Independency at Brighouse Turner Lightcliffe Old Chapel Turner Lightcliffe Church Turner The Rev Oliver Heywood BA 1630-1702 Turner Our Customary Feasts Turner Reliques of Readings 1883-1899 Turner A Spring-time Saunter Turner Yorkshire Anthology Turner Yorkshire Genealogist Turner Yorkshire Bibliographer Turner Yorkshire Folk Lore Turner Yorkshire Notes & Queries Turner Yorkshire Coats of Arms Turner Yorkshire Placenames as recorded in the Domesday Book

Twentyman Wyke & Low Moor


Usher Rastrick – Then and Now


Vint The Life & Works of Oliver Heywood


Waddington-Feather The Best of John Hartley

Wade Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in & around Halifax

Walker The Costume of Yorkshire Walker Wyke & Low Moor

Waterson Lost Houses of the West Riding

Watson Druidical Remains in or near the Parish of Halifax in Yorkshire Watson Early man in the Halifax district Watson History & Antiquities of the Parish of Halifax in Yorkshire Watson Memoirs of the Earls of Warren & Surrey Watson Survey of an house in the Back Lane of Halifax

Weatherhead Weird Calderdale

Webster From Rule of Thumb to CNC

Welsh Cragg Vale – A Pennine Valley

Wharton Plebs: the Halifax Jazz Club

Wheater Old Yorkshire

White White's Directory of Halifax & Neighbourhood [1894]

Whiteley A Brief History of the Organ of Halifax Parish Church

Wild Halifax & the Calder Valley

Wilkinson Todmorden Buses : A Century of Service

Wilks The Brontës: An illustrated biography Wilks Brontës of Haworth

Williams An Essay On Halifax

Wilson The Struggles of an Old Chartist

Wood Hartshead & District in Times Past

Woolrych Summat a' Nowt

Wright The Antiquities of the Town of Halifax in Yorkshire Wright Gibbet Law Book

Wyke Looking Back at Hebden Bridge

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