Cemetery Symbols




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Cemetery Symbols


Cemetery symbols used by stone carvers and monument companies from the 1700s forward included traditional religious symbols as well as symbols borrowed from art and literature.
  • ANCHOR -- identified with Saint Nicholas, patron Saint of seaman and a Christian symbol for hope and steadfastness.
  • ANGELS -- angels of heaven, trumpeting they accompany the soul heavenward announcing arrival.
  • ARROWS -- fatal arrows sent by God.
  • BATS -- bats of the underworld.
  • BELLS -- tolling for the dead.
  • BIRD -- from earliest times, symbol of the soul; child's death.
  • BROKEN COLUMNS -- death.
  • CANDLES -- being snuffed out by death's imps.
  • CHERIBUM -- guardians of a sacred place, servants of God; divine wisdom or justice.
  • COCKS -- fall from grace and resurrection.
  • COFFIN -- coffins, skulls, pickaxe and spade -- tools and other objects associated with burial, reminders of our ultimate end.
  • CROWN -- glory and righteousness.
  • COBRA -- death (an Egyptian influence).
  • DEATH'S HEAD -- with soul effigy over mouth (early New England motif).
  • EYE -- divine wisdom.
  • FATHER TIME -- old man with a beard.
  • FLOWERS -- impermanence: CALLA LILY -- majestic beauty; DAISY -- youth; MORNING GLORY -- resurrection; LILY -- purity, chastity, flower of Virgin Mary; PANSY -- humility; ROSE/ROSETTE -- love; SHAMROCK -- Holy Trinity or Ireland; THISTLE -- the fall of man.
  • FRUIT -- fertility and abundance; GRAPES -- fertility and sacrifice.

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