Tombstone Abbreviations



California Genealogy and History Archives



a before
abt about
a/c according to, account of
adm. administered
affin affinity
anc ancestor, ancestry
b born
Bapt Baptist
bapt baptized
bd birth date
bp, bpl birth place
BLW Bounty Land Warrant
bro brother
bur buried
c circa (about)
ca about the time of
Cath Catholic
cem cemetery
cen census
cert certificate, certify
ch children
co. county
comm. community
consang. consanguinity (as in sharing the same ancestor)
CS Civil Service
CW Civil War
d died
dau daughter
desc descendant
div divorced
dp, dpl death place
dtr doctor
dy died young
ED Enumeration District
e.g. for example
Eng England
Episc Episcopal
f father
FR France
gen generation
gg great grand
gr-gr  great-great
Hon Honorable
info information
IR Ireland
IT Indian Territory
JP Justice of the Peace
knt knight
l living, alive
liv lived
m married
m.1 1st marriage
m.2 2nd marriage
MM Minuteman
Meth Methodist
nmi no middle initial
nmn no middle name
o of
p page
p after
par parish
pens pension
prt parent
Presby Presbyterian
Prot Protestant
prov province
PS Patriotic Service
res residence, resides, resided
ret retired
Rev Reverend
RW Revolutionary War
s son
Scot Scotland
sic exactly as original
sis sister
sol soldier
SP Spain
twp township
v.i. see below
v.s. see above
vic vicinity
Vol Volume
w wife
wid widow
widr widower
WW World War