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bidwell-james.jpg (301731 bytes) James Bidwell - San Diego Union - April 13, 1909
bradley-springs.jpg (74901 bytes) Bradley Springs - 1901 San Diego City - County Directory
diamond-carriage-livery.jpg (59536 bytes) Diamond Carriage & Livery Co., 957 Fourth St. -1901  San Diego City - County Directory
horton-alonzo.jpg (235969 bytes) Alonzo Horton - San Diego Union - January 1, 1910
richards-harriett.jpg (199519 bytes) Harriett Bartlett Jarvis Richards - 1901 San Diego Union - April 16, 1909
smith-j.jpg (173828 bytes) Dr. J. A. Smith, San Diego Union - May 21, 1910
statue-of-liberty.jpg (51916 bytes) Nature's Statue of Liberty, La Jolla - 1901 San Diego City - County Directory


Source: The city and county of San Diego : illustrated and containing biographical 
sketches of prominent men and pioneers (1888)

consolidated-national-bank.jpg (111245 bytes) Consolidated National Bank el-cajon-valley.jpg (65825 bytes) A view of El Cajon Valley
escondido.jpg (102227 bytes) A view of Escondido first-national-bank-bldg.jpg (50393 bytes) First National Bank Building
flume.jpg (72166 bytes) Dam of San Diego Flume fruit-display.jpg (110299 bytes) San Diego County Fruit Display
hotel-del-coronado.jpg (79858 bytes) Hotel Del Coronado morse-whaley-dalton-bldg.jpg (108360 bytes) Morse, Whaley, Dalton Building
mountain-range.jpg (94780 bytes) Mountain Range olive-orchard.jpg (85365 bytes) Olive Orchard, Old San Diego Mission
orange-grove.jpg (106622 bytes) Orange Grove, Cholla Valley paradise-valley.jpg (69521 bytes) Scene in Paradise Valley
pierce-morse-bldg.jpg (42795 bytes) Pierce, Morse Building san-diego-collage-p-b.jpg (91247 bytes) San Diego Collage at Pacific Beach
san-luis-rey-valley.jpg (78359 bytes) A view, Montserray, San Luis Rey Valley santa-rosa.jpg (109824 bytes) A view in Santa Rosa
spring-valley.jpg (73352 bytes) A view in Spring Valley summer-scenes.jpg (110156 bytes) Summer Scene
sweet-water-dam.jpg (78401 bytes) Sweetwater Dam sweet-water-valley.jpg (85143 bytes) A scene in Sweetwater Valley
misc-1.jpg (34193 bytes) Misc. Image - 1 misc-2.jpg (13054 bytes) Misc. Image - 2
misc-3.jpg (15295 bytes) Misc. Image - 3 - Valley misc-4-tree.jpg (16909 bytes) Misc. Image - 4 - Tree
misc-5-tree.jpg (27120 bytes) Misc. Image - 5 - Tree    


Source: City of San Diego and San Diego County the birthplace of California
by Clarence Alan McGrew
Published in 1922, American Historical Society (Chicago and New York)

balboa-park.jpg (46609 bytes) Balboa Park cuyamaca-lake.jpg (34565 bytes) Cuyamaca Lake, Part of the water system
federal-bldg.jpg (27342 bytes) Federal Building horton-garden.jpg (31248 bytes) A. E. Horton's Famous Garden
lake-hodges-dam.jpg (20422 bytes) Lake Hodge Dam marston-co-store.jpg (20584 bytes) The Marston Co. Store
mcgrew-clarence.jpg (43596 bytes) Clarence Allen McGrew mission-valley.jpg (61364 bytes) View of Mission Valley
old-courthouse.jpg (15410 bytes) The Old Courthouse - Photo Taken c1874 old-horton-house.jpg (70769 bytes) The Old Horton House - Photo Taken c1895
old-mission-dam.jpg (18373 bytes) Ruins of the Old Mission Dam old-town-cross.jpg (20727 bytes) Cross Erected at Old Town
old-town-ruins.jpg (12988 bytes) Ruins of Old Town otay-dam.jpg (14090 bytes) Lower Otay Dam
pio-pico-ranch-house.jpg (17872 bytes) O'Neill Ranch House - Built by Pio Pico san-diego-high-school.jpg (13744 bytes) San Diego High School
san-diego-mission.jpg (21728 bytes) San Diego Mission san-luis-rey-mission.jpg (18141 bytes) Ruins of San Luis Rey Mission
s-d-ariz-railway.jpg (96164 bytes) Completion of the San Diego & Arizona Railway sweetwater-dam.jpg (17273 bytes) Sweetwater Dam
union-station.jpg (14594 bytes) Union  Railway Station u-s-grant-hotel.jpg (23491 bytes) U. S. Grant Hotel