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antietam-md-1862.jpg (87010 bytes) The famous and feared Allan Pinkerton of the Secret Service in Antietam, MD 1862 
arlington-beach-sd-1922.jpg (85171 bytes) Hazel Watson, Eleanor Howell and Marjie Peacock at Arlington Beach (SD?) 1922
atlanta-ga-1864.jpg (78484 bytes) General William T. Sherman near Atlanta, GA 1864
baltimore-md-1904.jpg (115551 bytes) Baltimore, MD 1904
basking-ridge-nj-1897.jpg (115644 bytes) Basking Ridge, NJ 1897
ewen-mi-1893.jpg (102582 bytes) Pulling a big load in Ewen, MI 1893
germantown-pa-1899.jpg (129628 bytes) A farm yard, Germantown, PA 1899
indian-camp-1898.jpg (80254 bytes) Assinaboine indian, on guard on outskirts of camp 1898
jordan-ut-1898.jpg (64535 bytes) Jordan, UT 1898
key-west-fl-1898.jpg (44719 bytes) Coast traders, Key West, FL 1898
louisville-ky-1902.jpg (89048 bytes) A Tobacco warehouse, Louisville, KY 1902
mobile-al-1902.jpg (116113 bytes) A typical cotton cart, Mobile, AL 1902
nashville-tn-1864.jpg (90991 bytes) Fortified railroad bridge across the Cumberland River at Nashville, TN 1864
nassau-bahams-1898.jpg (85889 bytes) Gathering sisal, Nassau, Bahamas 1898 
new-jersey-nj-1905.jpg (115311 bytes) New Jersey NJ 1905
new-orleans-la-1903.jpg (118331 bytes) New Orleans LA 1903
new-york-ny-1902.jpg (83509 bytes) The close of a career in New York 1902
new-york-ny-1904.jpg (100713 bytes) Broad St lunch carts, New York, NY 1904 
new-york-ny-1908.jpg (109669 bytes) Getting evicted in New York, MY 1908
norfolk-va-1905.jpg (96958 bytes) Norfolk, VA 1905
ocean-springs-ms-1899.jpg (163905 bytes) Ocean Springs, MS 1899 
ocklawaha-river-fl-1898-1.jpg (115352 bytes) Ferry on the Ocklawaha River FL 1898 (1)
ocklawaha-river-fl-1898-2.jpg (100765 bytes) Ferry on the Ocklawaha River FL 1898 (2)
palm-beach-fl-1904.jpg (114467 bytes) The Palm Beach Fl Trolley 1904
pat-crowe-criminal-1919.jpg (99053 bytes) Pat Crowe former jewel thief, train-robber, kidnaper and burglar in 1919 
philadelphia-pa-1905.jpg (92624 bytes) Dock Street, Philadelphia, Pa 1905
virginia-1899.jpg (144171 bytes) A Virginia vegetable cart 1899
washington-dc-1904.jpg (89750 bytes) US Treasury currency wagon, Washington, DC 1904 
washington-dc-1914.jpg (101801 bytes) Three-horse team pulling a fire truck in full stride Washington, DC 1914
yorktown-va-1865.jpg (102505 bytes) Federal troops at Confederate winter quarters near Yorktown, VA 1865


Old Madison County Jail circa 1870 - Canton, Madison County, Mississippi
ms-madison-jailers-quarters-1.jpg (115020 bytes) ms-madison-jailers-quarters-2.jpg (104162 bytes) ms-madison-jail-sign-1.jpg (110817 bytes) ms-madison-jail-sign-2.jpg (117352 bytes) ms-madison-jail-sign-3.jpg (89197 bytes)
ms-madison-jail-view-1.jpg (104337 bytes) ms-madison-jail-view-2.jpg (113649 bytes)