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Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Rabbiosi Antonio Rennie Alfred R Rogers Arthur S
Rabbiosi Ernest C Renteria Alfredo J Rogers Betty
Rabbiosi Grace M Renteria Augustine V (no image) Rogers Dan
Rabbiosi Marie Reseigh Paul D Rogers Edward F
Rabiosi Kenneth A Rettig George H Rogers Essie B
Rader Edward Steven Rettinhouse Margaret J Rogers Fanny
Radtke Debra L Reveles Epifanio Rogers Frank
Radulovich Tari C Reyes Concepcion 2 images Rogers Helen G
Raggio George Reyes Joseph 2 images Rogers James L
Ragsdale Lew H Jr Reyes Riosalima 2 images Rogers Jimmy
Ragsdale Norma Jean Reyes Samantha 2 images Rogers John D
Raines Beulah A Reyes Vincent Rogers M C
Raines Frank R Reyna James Rogers Manuel
Raines Helena B Reyna Jesue J Rogers Mary
Raines Ray T Reyna Juan A Rogers Meagan A 4 images
Raines Sarah C Reyna Juan F Rogers Myrtle F
Raines Thomas M Reynolds Deboral D Rogers Richard
Rallraven Mary E Reza Alejandro Vergara Rogers Teresa B
Ralston A P Reza Consuelo Rogers William
Ralston Annie Reza Leonard Rogers William S
Ralston Florence M Reza Manuel R Rogriquez Jesus
Ralston Mary Reza Priscilla L Rohde James W
Ralston Timothy F Rezendes Antone D Rohde Marger
Ralston William T Rezendes Daniel E Rohr Gordon
Ramazinna Elvio Rezendes Emily S Rohr Herman F
Ramazzina Emily L Rezendes Isabelle Dorothy Rohr Stanley
Ramazzina Innicente Rhodes Amos Roland Barbara G
Ramazzini Maria Rhodes Cinthia Rolling James J
Rameriz Macaria Rhodes Jack K Rolling Neva M
Ramierz Javier Rhodes Jeanie D Roman Imelds D
Ramirez Daniel G Rhodes Robert E Romanik John T
Ramirez Delem A Riccoboni Catherine N Romas Lee
Ramirez Enrique D Rice Charles Romero Eugenia M
Ramirez Ernestina M Rice Frieda M Romero Jose J
Ramirez Faustino Rice Richard C Romero Lydia
Ramirez Faustino 2 images Rice Ronald W Romero Patricia C
Ramirez Francisco Rice Walter D 1991 Romero Ralph
Ramirez Francisco 2004 Rice Walter D 1997 Rommel Bobbie Jack
Ramirez Francisco 2005 Rich Granger B Romo Juan
Ramirez Gloria A Richards L A Mrs Romo Ramon
Ramirez Guadalupe S Richardson Donald E Romo Salustia
Ramirez Ismael V Jr Richardson Perry R Romo Stella A
Ramirez Jesus Morales Richmond Cecil Romo Veronica A
Ramirez Jose A Richmond Larry Roop Donald L
Ramirez Jose Melquiades Richter Patricia J Roper Agnes F
Ramirez Maria Rico Abel Medina Roper Dixie K
Ramirez Maria Socorro Rico Edward Roper Jack A
Ramirez Maria Trinidad Rico Manuela C Roper Joe C
Ramirez Pedro Rico Richard J Roper Leland V
Ramirez Richard Riddle Helen Roper Mary L
Ramirez Rosalie C Riddle Myron E Roque Angel R
Ramirez Rudy R 2 images Ridriguez Efriam Roque Guillermo 3 images
Ramirez Victoria D Riggs Susie A Rornes Hannah C
Rammazzina Walter Riggs Willie Rornes Hans C
Ramos Joaquin A Rightsell Alma A Rornes Herder W
Ramos Josefina R Rightsell George A Rosas Alicia G
Ramos Joseph H Rightsell Wealthie C Rosas Jesse
Ramos Matthew Riley Mary Geneveve Rosas Juana Reyes
Ramos Soledad O Rinehart Raymond W Rosas Morgan R
Ramsaur Franc Ring Angeline Rosasco Charles
Ramsaur James C Ring Ellen Roscoe A M
Ramsdell Roy Ring Jeanette Roscoe Ethel W
Ramsted Jessie Mrs Ring Peter Rose Alda C
Randall Joseph A Ringot James Arthur Rose Alvina Ann Regli
Randolph Laura Rios Agapito Jr Rose Ana A
Rangel Felix Mrs Ripley Michael Rose Antone P
Rangel Rafael Riser Creed D Rose Dwight
Rangel Rodolfo Rivas Eddie Rose Ernest
Ranom Dorothy Rivas Rafael R Rose Esther A
Rantz Emory E Rivera Carlos V Rose Gerald
Rapp Adeline Virginia Rivera Manuel Rose J B
Rapp Julian D Rivera Manuel B Rose Jack M
Rasmussen Sam Rivera Martin Rose Joe S 1932
Rath Charles A Rivera Romero Rose Joe S 1978
Raulino John Rivera Vivian Rose John S
Raulino Mariana E Rivers Patricia J Rose John S Jr
Rauscher Ada L Roadlander Georgia P Rose Joseph F
Rauscher Fred C Robb Genevieve M Rose Leonard P
Rauscher Nadine Frances Robb Lee Rose Manuel F
Ravelli Allen Ansio Robb Walter W Rose Marie
Ravelli Alpha J Robbins Mary I Rose Marion H
Ravelli Charles C Robbinson Leo Rose Mary
Ravelli Fred Robeldo Nick Rose Peter J Jr
Ravelli James W Roberson Carlton E Rose Richard A
Ravelli Neva A Roberson David L 1995 Rosenblatt Irving S
Raven Christine Roberson Edna Rosenstock Mr
Raven Jack H Roberson Jannie F Rosette Edgar Jr
Raven Olaf Henriksen Roberts Alice E Ross David M
Ravizza Willam M Roberts Deanna Ross Della M
Ravizza William Jr Roberts Emma Ross Fanny D
Rawley Henrietta Roberts Frank Ross Gordon E
Rawlings Dorothy Long Roberts Franklin H Ross Jack
Rawlings Helen B Roberts Franklin H Jr Ross James A
Rawlingson Mary N Roberts Grant P Ross James C
Ray Janet L Roberts Hazel P Ross Robert A
Ray Joe Wiley Roberts Henry L Ross Sanford
Rayan David Roberts Jessie L Ross Tc
Raymond Robert H Roberts Michelle R Ross Thomas H
Raymundo Leopoldo S Roberts Robert R Ross-Comingdeer Atral
Rayner Alice J Roberts Thomas E Rough Leota C
Raynor Robert L Roberts Vern Rough Marian
Rea Helen N Roberts William H Rouse Charles L
Rea Walter S Roberts Wynn R Rouse John
Reader Harry Allen Robertson Patricia Rouse Mary E
Reader Harry Andrew Robertson Russell R Rouse Ollie Mrs
Reagan Ruth H Robertson Steven Edward Sr Rovedatti Gulia M
Real Frank Robertson Thomas D Rovedatti Mario L
Reardon Irene Robinette Charles E Rovedatti Robert
Redden Ed W Robinson Chas J Rovedatti Roy R
Redford Earl W Robinson Daisie A Rovedatti Russell R
Redford Myrtie C Robinson David Rovedatti Stella C
Redmond Grace Robinson Edith S Rovedotti Oresti
Redmond Hattie Robinson Ford Rowe Kenneth
Reece Stephen M Robinson Karl Rowe Michael D
Reed Billy Robinson Richard Rowell James Edward
Reed Catherine Robinson Rilla Rowlett John David
Reed Oliver E Robinson Victor C Rowley Frank
Reed Wanda L R Robison Emily O Royals Charles M
Reese B O Robison George E Royce Clara
Reese Frank L Robison Melvin H Royce Rosia M T
Reese James D Robles Bonnie M Rubio Gregario
Reeves Benny L Robles Jose C Rucobo Susan G
Reeves John Roby Betty L Rucobo Susan Gail
Reeves William F Rocha Anna M Ruelas Jesus C
Reghitto Emil Rocha David Ruelas Mauricio
Reghitto Helen Rocha Maria R Ruelas Socoro L
Regli Joseph Rocha Mary Paula Ruhl Kenneth V
Regli Julia D Rocha Norbert Ruiz Antonio T
Regli Mary Rocha Ramon Ruiz Delfina Salinas
Reichmuth George G Roche Frances Ruiz Isabella
Reichmuth John B Roden Bertha R Ruiz Jose M
Reichmuth John F Roden Freddie Ruiz Maricela Garnica
Reichmuth Katherine Rodney Cecil C Ruiz Mike M
Reid Beatrice A Rodney Larry C Ruiz Nicolasa L
Reimer Anna V Rodney Mary R Ruiz Pilar S
Reimer Frank N Rodney Rose M Ruiz Salvador M
Reis Evelyn G Rodregues Esperanza Rumbo Thomas J
Reis Frank A Rodrick Clarence Jr Rusenko Frank A
Reis Helen Irene Rodrick Clarence Lewis Rush Betty
Reis Helena E Rodrigues Mary J Rushton Robert
Reis Jesse Rodrigues Vivian M Russ Evelyn
Reis John Sr Rodriguez Angel C Russell Adolph R
Reis Johnny L Rodriguez Angelina Russell Dora W
Reis Manuel L Rodriguez Benjamin Russell Doris
Reis Mary L Rodriguez Catarino Z Russell Ernest
Reis William Joseph Rodriguez Clemencia M Russell Floyd
Reise Rual D Rodriguez Efrain J Russell Floyd C
Reisinger Charles Rodriguez Fructoso P Russell H H
Reiswig Betty Rodriguez Gonzalez William A Russell J R
Reiswig Thomas R Rodriguez Jose Vincente Russell Rosemary C
Relvas Eugene Rodriguez Josefina Russell Ross Clyde
Relvas Fanny B Rodriguez Luis C Russell Roy
Relvas John S Rodriguez Macario Russell Shirlee M
Relvas Joseph S Sr Rodriguez Maria T Russell William Leland
Relvas Joseph Silveira Jr Rodriguez Michael L Ruston Ruth
Relvas Mamie Rodriguez Miguel E Rutgers Cynthia Jane
Relvas Maria F Rodriguez Pilar R Ruthford Lorena
Relvas Pauline M Rodriguez Ramon R Ruzylo Tekla
Relvas Stanley John Rodriguez Roseanne Ryals Jamie L Taylor
Remily Muriel L Rodriguez Sandra Elizabeth Ryan James
Renfroe Grace M Rodriques Juan A Ryan Joseph G
Renfrow Billie J Roe Edward Rydberg Jay
Renfrow Dorothy M Roehlk Dorothy E Rydberg Jay Mrs
Renfrow Edith C Roessler Geo F Mrs
Renfrow Joe C Roessler George
Renfrow Mary Roessler Vernon L
Renfrow Peter Rogers Adeline