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Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Aal George O Alvernaz Inez C Armas Raul M
Aalia Dena Alvernaz Josquin S Armbruster Gregory G Sr
Aalia Edward E Alvernaz Rosa Armell Clarence W
Aalia L E Alvernaz Tony Armenta Leonardo V
Abapo Loretta Alvernaz William Armenta Lorenzo G
Abbey Helen P Alvernaz William S Armenta Maria
Abbott Billy F Alvernez Joseph A Armistead Howell V
Abel Gilbert L Alves Alice F Armstrong Deborah Sonja
Ables Margaret M Alves Anthony F Armstrong Jane C
Abney Gerald Alves Elias F Armstrong Lousten
Abraham Ada Q Alves Frank A Armstrong Walter G
Abraham Alex Alves Frank Jr Arnold Emma
Abrahamson David Alves Gladys C Arnold Howard S
Abram Rinaldo Alves John Arnold Maude
Abreu John S Alves Louis R Arredondo Alex
Acker Robert Alves Mary B Arredondo Amanda L
Acker Robert I Alves Mary Delores Arredondo Billie K
Acosta Rose Marie Alves Richard E Arredondo Gertrude
Acquistapace Emma Alves Robert W Arredondo Heavenly Scarlett
Acquistapace Victor Alves Steven Arredondo Jazmin A
Acquistipace A Amaral Anthony Arredondo Thomas
Acuna Sylvania Amaral Anthony J Arreola Juan J
Adame Miguel Amaral Craig W Arrona Maria Guadalupe
Adame Salvador Amaral Dennis D Arroyo Juan
Adams Alice M Amaral Fanny M Arroyo Marcelino
Adams Alvin B Amaral Joe S Arsuaga Pete
Adams Earnest M Amaral Margaret Arteaga Abraham
Adams Lloyd R Amaral Michael D Arteaga Ernest Jr
Adams Martha C Amaral Tony S Arthur James G
Adams Nada V Amarante Joseph B Arvizu Abraham
Adams Susie Amaro Alfred V Aschle Charles G
Adams Tamara L Ament Forrest Ashby George U
Addington David N Ammendolia Marian Ashlock Donna J 8 images
Addington Donald C Amodei Anthony Ashlock Jeremy W
Addington Jacob Amodei Mark Ashlock Mary Ruth
Addington Jacob M Amundsen Elsie 1970 Ashlock Raynond L
Addington Kenneth E Amundsen Elsie 1979 Ashlock Tracy L
Addington Mary Amundsen Emil Astisuain Janet
Addington Oleta Amundson Agnes Atkins George
Addington Violet Amundson Ellsworth K Atkinson Celeste D
Adelman Edna Amundson Emma R Atterbury Emily R
Afonso Selina D Amundson Lars Atterbury W B
Agadoni Albert Anchordoquy Antoine Atwood Eathel F
Agadoni Edna Anchors Hazel P Atwood Lawrence Earl
Agadoni Hilma A Andersen Margaret Auldridge Robert C
Agee Leland 2 images Andersen Rene Ausburn Charles T
Agrella Mary Anderson Agda O Ausburn Grace E
Agtang Raymond Anderson Agnes O Austin Anita M
Aguilar Adrian Anderson Albert H Austin Jetta P
Aguilar Jessie Mrs Anderson Andrew H Austin John
Aguilar Josefina A Anderson Anna Avery Thomas L
Aguilar Victoria Anderson Anna C Avila Arthur A
Aguilera Rosalie Anderson Anna L F Avila Augustine
Aguillon Arnoldo Anderson Augusta Avila Carnation R
Aguirre Consuelo L Anderson Carl L Avila Clementina
Aguirre Rufina Anderson Charles Avila Duane A
Agundez Enrique G Anderson Charles J Avila Edward
Agundez Juana E Anderson Chris Avila Francis L
Ahart William L Anderson Clarence Avila Frank
Ahuero Kiara Jaiden Anderson Constance Avila George
Airola Hilja Anderson Earl B Avila Gerald
Airosio Manuel, Mary,  Manuel Jr Anderson Elaine J Avila Henry A
Alamada Joe Anderson Evelyn C Avila Henry E
Alameda Clara Anderson Gus Avila Joe M
Alaniz Albert M Anderson Hazel Avila Joseph
Alari Everett C Anderson James E Avila Joseph D
Alberg Alyce W Anderson John R Avila Kristine M
Alberg Axel J Anderson John W Avila Librada
Alberta Manuel R Anderson Judith F Avila Madeline Rosaline
Alberta Manuel Sr Anderson Kenneth W Avila Manuel
Alberta Mary Anderson Laura M Avila Maria P
Alberti Celia Anderson Lona M Avila Mary
Alberti Lazarro Anderson Maria Avila Rosa S
Alberti Louis Anderson Melton Avila Ruben L
Alberti Peter Anderson Morris Mrs Avila Rudy
Alberti Virio Anderson Neal Avila Telmo M
Albertoni Fred Anderson Neils K Avila Vicky
Albertoni James M Anderson Nelson C Avilla John D
Albertoni Richard Anderson O P Avilla Mary L
Albores Martin Anderson Par Awe Amalie C
Alcantara Ascencion Anderson Par Mrs Awe Walter E
Alcorn Lula K Anderson Roy L Ayala Flora
Aldridge Betty J Anderson Roy Mrs Ayers Mamie
Alessi Angelo Anderson Sam Ayres Richard
Alessi Joseph C Anderson Stella B Azevedo Arthur
Alexander Gilbert L Anderson Swan Azevedo Carl V
Alexander John R Anderson Victoria Azevedo David
Alexander Joyce Eleanor Anderson Walter 1933 Azevedo Edward L
Alexander Yvonne M Anderson Walter 1945 Azevedo Edward T
Alfaro-Ortiz Maria L Anderson Walter G Azevedo Ernest
Alison Thomas F Mrs Andrade Bessie Azevedo Felicidade G
Allan Cecilia Andrade George E Azevedo Filomena
Allard Alma A Andrade Manuel G Azevedo Frank A
Allard Glenn A Andrade Mary R Azevedo Frank A Sr
Allen Alma Andrate Manuel P Azevedo George
Allen Annie L Andrews Dorothy L Azevedo George A
Allen Ernest G Andrews Frank Azevedo George E
Allen Ernest Walton Andrews Ira M Azevedo Joaquin A
Allen Eva Angelo Alexander Azevedo Joaquin A Jr
Allen Floyd Angelo Florence I D Azevedo Joe S
Allen Guy H Anson Martha M Azevedo Joe V
Allen Marjorie L Anson-Newman Flora Azevedo John
Allen Ora O Anspach Alice A Azevedo John A Jr 2000
Allen Roger B Anspach Caroline Azevedo John A Jr 2002
Allen Ruth W Anspach George B Azevedo John A Sr
Allen Teresa Jewel Anthieny Phillip D Azevedo John B
Allen V V Antognini Albino Azevedo Joseph
Allison Lou Antognini Ferne I Azevedo Joseph V
Allison Margaret C Antognini Ida Azevedo June P
Allport Daryl E Antognini Mary C Azevedo Keith V
Allport Mary Antognini Walter A Azevedo Louise E
Allport Norman E Antognini William J Azevedo Manuel
Allport Norman M Anzaldua Simon A Azevedo Manuel A 1974
Allustiarte Gregorio Aparicio Frank R Azevedo Manuel A 2003
Allustiarti Steven J Apland Clarence 1951 Azevedo Manuel III
Almeida Agnes Apland Clarence 1998 Azevedo Manuel S 1949
Almeida Darrellyn Marie Apland Mary N Azevedo Manuel S 1999
Almengor Juan G Apland Matilda S Azevedo Manuel Sr
Almo Maria Joaquina Apland Robert E Azevedo Manuel V
Almquist Arthur C Apland Tillen Azevedo Maria 1955
Almquist Cecille R Apland Tom P Azevedo Maria 1958
Almquist Charles R Appel Robert Azevedo Maria A
Almquist Hanna Aragona Geatana Azevedo Maria C 1969
Alsberge Mildred E Aragona Mary Azevedo Maria C 2005
Alsup Bert Arambel Bernard V Azevedo Maria F
Alter Alice M Arambel Carid P Azevedo Marjorie
Alvarado Andrea D 2 images Arambel Edna Azevedo Mary 1975
Alvarado Antonio Arambel Geraldine Azevedo Mary 1978
Alvarado Blanca A Arana Analy Azevedo Mary C
Alvarado Esther Jr Arancibia Adelaide Azevedo Mary D
Alvarado Jesus A 2 images Arbuthnot Ivan G Azevedo Mary J
Alvarado Joe R Arbuthnot Mary Azevedo Mayme V
Alvarado Moses Archa Jesse C Azevedo Nancy Ann
Alvarado Thomas N Archa Luther G Azevedo Paulo M
Alvardo Alfred A Archa Pagie J Azevedo Rose Mary
Alvaredo Francisca S Archer Earl J Azevedo Stella
Alvaredo Santiago P Ard Jason Azevedo Sue
Alvarez Dona C Areias Frank I Azevedo Thomas
Alvarez Hector R 2 images Arellano Javier 2 images Azevedo Thomas R
Alvarez Irineo M Jr Arestegui Samuel Azevedo Tony L
Alvarez Irineo T Arias Mable Azevedo William A
Alvernaz Frank S Armanino Clara M