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Thank you to Steve Williams for sharing these indexes with the Archives!

These files contain information on obituaries published in Tulare County, sorted alphabetically, that are found in the newspapers or other publications.

Ordering Copies:
Copies of obituaries from the following newspapers and time frames (please note the newspapers and time frames involved: the Tulare library does not have copies of all of the obituaries which are indexed for other locales):

Tulare Advance Register - all dates
All Porterville Newspapers - 1890 to 2002
Visalia Times Delta - Jan. 1, 1982 to Feb. 28, 1986;
July 30, 1986 to Dec. 31, 1986
Jan. 1, 2001 to Dec. 31, 2002
Hanford Sentinel/Lemoore Advance - January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2002
Kingsburg Sentinel/Selma Enterprise - January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2002

Send request to: 
Sequoia Genealogical Society
c/o Tulare City Library Genealogy Room
113 North "F" Street
Tulare, CA 93274

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request and
include the name and date of death or publication.
Make all checks payable to the Sequoia Genealogical Society,
enclose $3.50 for each obit.

All Visalia newspaper obituaries for all time frames listed can be ordered from the:
Tulare County Free Library
200 West Oak St.
Visalia, CA 93291-4993

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request and
include the name and date of death or publication.
Enclose $3.50 for each obit.

This information has been graciously provided through the hard work of:
Jack and Alfreda Gilliam
517 West Belleview 
Porterville, California 93257.

If you find the information useful please drop them a short "Thank You" note.

TULARE AREA NEWSPAPERS: 1884 to 1899; 1920 to 1929 & 1940 to 1990
This information has been also graciously been provided by
Donna Benson
515 North Manor
Tulare, California 93274.
If you find the information useful please send a little "Thank You" note.

Porterville Area:
Porterville Enterprise Weekly to 1908; 
Porterville Evening Recorder after 1908 to 2002
Tulare Area: 
The Tulare Register to December, 1884
Tulare Daily Evening Register 1887 to Sept. 1893 & Jan. to Aug. 1894
Daily Tulare Register Oct. to Dec. 1893
Tulare Daily Register Sept. 1894 to Feb. 25, 1895
The Daily Tulare Register Feb. 27, 1895 to Dec. 1899
Tulare Advance Register 1920-2002
Visalia Area: 
Visalia Weekly Delta October 8, 1859 to April 10, 1862
Equal Rights Expositor September 27, 1862 to February 26, 1863
Visalia Delta June 19, 1862 to December 21, 1899
Visalia Times Delta:
Jan. 1, 1979 to December 31, 1981
Jan. 1, 1998 to December 31, 2002

Newspaper names have been abbreviated. Please use the following table for reference:

ERE Equal Rights Expositor
PEW Porterville Enterprise Weekly
PER Porterville Evening Recorder 
TTR The Tulare Register
TDER Tulare Daily Evening Register 
DTR Daily Tulare Register 
TDR Tulare Daily Register
TDTR The Daily Tulare Register
TAR Tulare Advance Register
VTD Visalia Times Delta
VWD Visalia Weekly Delta
HSLR Hanford Sentinel/Lemoore Advance
KSSE Kingsburg Sentinel/Selma Enterprise

Click on the first letter of the surname you want to find:

Total records = 108,153


A-Alcazar E-Elzy K-Kincaid


Alcorn-Anders Emanuel-Ezzeddine Kincaide-Kyser   Ware-Weitz
Andersen-Arney     R-Rayes Welborn-Whitehead
Arnold-Azzorin F-Fink L-Lark Rayl-Reynerson Whiteker-Williams
  Finke-Foy Larkey-Lemons Reynolds-Rippy Williamson-White
B-Balzer Frade-Fyffe Lemont-Lo Rischert-Rock Witten-Wythe
Bambauer-Bazzel   Lo Bue-Lovingood Rockholt-Rosdhal  
Beach-Belz G-Garmony Low-Lytle Rose-Rzeszutek


Bemiss-Bixler Garner-Gil      
Bjork-Bond Gilbert-Gondara M-Mar S-Sargent  
Bondar-Bozworth Gong-Grannis Marago-Martineau Sarinana-Seagoe


Braaten-Brkovich Grant-Grossmeyer Martines-May Seal-Shelton BARTELS, THERESSA
Broad-Broyles Grout-Gymer Mayben-McDole Shepard-Simmer KANAN, FRANK
Brubacker-Byus   McDonald-McNeese Simmerley-Smiljan LEHNING, NANNIE
  H-Hamon McNeil-Mercer Smith  
C-Canzoneri Hamontree-Harris Merchant-Mills Smithburg-Spemman  
Capacillo-Caryl Harrisjohnson-Heck Millsap-Mooradian Spence-Stevenin  
Casado-Chambers Heckler-Hernandes Moore-Morriss Stevens-Studley  
Chamblee-Claridge Hernandez-Hild Morritz-Mywald Stufflebeam-Szypulski  
Clark-Cofield Hildebrand-Holcumb      
Cogar-Cook Holden-Houx N-Nichol T-Tholcke  
Cooke-Court Hovagimian-Huie Nicholas-Nyswonger Thomas-Tookey  
Courter-Crosland Huitron-Hyun   Toole-Tzugaris  






D-Davisson    P-Patoc    
Davlin-Denni J-Johnsen Patrice-Peres V-Vear  
Dennie-Doe Johnson-Joncoaltz Perez-Piano Veasey-Vurture  
Doeling-Dunbar Jones-Juzek Piatti-Posson    
Duncan-Dziobek   Post-Pyott