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Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud

The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society. Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2010) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Years: 1911-2010 

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Updated 6 Mar 2011. Obits from 1911 through 2010.



Additional obits, various years
submitted 7 July 2011

Name Image Date
Agadoni Albert Photo 19320805-P2
Allison Margaret Photo 19240124-P4
Almada Infant Photo 19190412-P4
Amaro Alfred V Photo 19310130-P1
Anderson Constance Photo 19270311-P6
Anderson Walter Photo 19330728-P6
Azevedo Joe V Photo 19320805-P1
Bergman Infant Photo 19300606-P2
Blue J W Photo 19250903-P1
Chong Hin Photo 19180323-P4
Cleaveland Edward H Photo 19320805-P3
Daily John W Photo 19240918-P1
Dimock Jennie Photo 19170602-P2
Fagundes Infant Photo 19240814-P1
Gardiner Charles Photo 19331201-P2
Grossi James Photo 19160603-P1
Hor Frank Mrs Photo 19300411-P1
Jones E R Photo 19160513-P3
Kling Walter H Photo 19240918-P1
Lerouz Aryle Photo 19230628-P1
Silva Frank Infant Photo 19200819-P2
Spencer Herbert W Photo 19301114-P1
Torvend William Photo 19231004-P1
Unknown Photo 19231018-P1
Vaiengueila Francisco Photo 19230628-P1

Obits for year 2011

Obit transcription Obit image Date Photo
Agundez David John Agundez David John 20110317 p15  
Alcantara Angel Mayen Alcantara Angel Mayen 20110811 p12  
Allard Leland Raymond Allard Leland Raymond 20110630 p15  
Allustiarte Linda Marie Allustiarte Linda Marie 20110217 p13 Allustiarte Linda Marie
Alonzo Maria Herminia Alonzo Maria Herminia 20110825 p12  
Alvarado Mariano Zamarripa Jr Alvarado Mariano Zamarripa Jr 20110407 p18  
Anstey Estelle Marie Anstey Estelle Marie 20110224 p14  
Arambel Robert A Arambel Robert A 20110512 p14  
Arrambide Aidanna Arrambide Aidanna 20110210 p15  
Baldhosky Isabel B Relvas Baldhosky Isabel B Relvas 20110901 np Baldhosky Isabel B Relves
Barcellos Annie Margaret Barcellos Annie Margaret 20111222 p12  
Barletta Delores Amelia Barletta Delores Amelia 20111013 p14  
Barreto Glenda Anne Barreto Glenda Anne 20110623 p17  
Biswell Dennis Alan Biswell Dennis Alan 20110203 p13  
Bowman Stanley Eugene Bowman Stanley Eugene 20111006 p13a  
Brenkwitz James Brenkwitz James 20110203 p13  
Brown Ellen Louise Brown Ellen Louise 20110331 p12  
Camacho Felipa Camacho Felipa 20111201 p13  
Cardenas Juliani Cardenas Juliani 20110210 p15  
Carlson Richard Jay Carlson Richard Jay 20110623 p17  
Carr Wesley Charles Carr Wesley Charles 20110407 p18  
Chapparo Emmanuel Estephen Chapparo Emmanuel Estephen 20110414 p15 Chapparo Emmanuel Estephen
Chavez Frank Chavez Frank 20110505 p14  
Chavez Julian Ralph Chavez Julian Ralph 20110414 p15 Chavez Julian Ralph
Chavez Manuel A Jr Chavez Manuel A Jr 20110922 p13  
Cloutier Jo Ann Cloutier Jo Ann 20110818 p12  
Corona Rosa Corona Rosa 20110428 p16  
Covarrubias Maria Santos Covarrubias Maria Santos 20111201 p13  
Cox Katharine Rosasco Cox Katharine Rosasco 20110915 p15 Cox Katharine Rosaco
Cuellar Eusebio Sam Jr Cuellar Eusebio Sam Jr 20110113 p14  
Davis Gary James Davis Gary James 20110922 p13  
Dement Cruz Dement Cruz 20110331 p12  
Deutschlander Joanne Ledin Deutschlander Joanne Ledin 20110428 p16  
Dias John Francis Dias John Francis 20110616 p13  
Dias Sharon Marie Dias Sharon Marie 20110721 p20  
Dimter Jon Michael Dimter Jon Michael 20110331 p12  
Dompe Annalee J Dompe Annalee J 20110901 p13 Dompe Annalee J
Duck Lewis Stanley Duck Lewis Stanley 20111208 p11  
Duck Lewis Stanley Duck Lewis Stanley 20111208-p4  
Emmons Howard Gene Emmons Howard Gene 20110623 p11  
England Samuel Clarence England Samuel Clarence 20110210 p15 England Samuel Clarence
Espinoza Vacillio Delgado Espinoza Vacillio Delgado  20110331 p12  
Fant Lois Kirby Fant Lois Kirby 20111110 p14  
Farinha John Anthony Farinha John Anthony 20110203 p14  
Fernandez Vincent Esquer Jr Fernandez Vincent Esquer Jr 20110113 p14  
Francis Joey B Francis Joey B 20110721 p20  
Frazee Faye Elizabeth Frazee Faye Elizabeth 20110505 p14  
Gadson Richard Jay Gadson Richard Jay 20110616 Np  
Garcia Deogracias Garcia Deogracias 20110728 p14 Garcia Deogracias
Garcia Manuel Garcia Manuel 20110113 p14  
Gardner Helen Louise Gardner Helen Louise 20110623 p11  
Gauthier Jerryka Brown Gauthier Jerryka Brown 20120303 p11 Gauthier Jerryka Brown
Gerber Helen Margaret Gerber Helen Margaret 20111020 p15 Gerber Helen Margaret
Granillo Miguel Valencia Sr Granillo Miguel Valencia Sr 20111208 p11  
Graves William Graves Wiliam 20110113 p14  
Gray Laura Lou Gray Laura Lou 20110526 p15  
Halcon Teresa Somoza Halcon Teresa Somoza 20110724 p20 Halcon Teresa Somoza
Hamson Robert Eugene Hamson Robert Eugene 20120305 p3  
Hiatt Robert Roy Hiatt Robert Roy 20110428 p16  
Homen Lucia Lorraine Homen Lucia Lorraine 20110818 p12  
Jackson Gerald W Sr Jackson Gerald W Sr 20110825 p12 Jackson Gerald W Sr
Jensen Hal Warner Jensen Hal Warner 20111011 p14 Jensen Hal Warner
Jurevich John Vincent Jurevich John Vincent 20110324 p15 Jurevich John Vincent
Krogh Marie Elizabeth Krogh Marie Elizabeth 19351206 p4  
Kuhn-Gunter Harriet Lillian Kuhn-Gunter Harriet Lillian 20110421 p17  
Lanfranki John Andrew Lanfranki John Andrew 20110224 p14  
Lara Charlene Alice Cavalli Lara Charlene Alice Cavalli 20110818 p12 Lara Charlene Alice Cavalli
Lemcke Elizabeth Schauer Lemcke Elizabeth Schauer 20111215 p13  
Lloyd Dennis Keith Lloyd Dennis Keith 20110120 p13  
Lomeli J Guadalupe Lomeli J Guadalupe 20110113 p14  
Lord George Jack Lord George Jack 20111013 p6  
Luna Ramon Rodriguez Luna Ramon Rodriguez 20110106 p13  
Marsh Mary Edith Marsh Mary Edith 20111204 p13  
Martinez Reynalda Reyna Martinez Reynalda Reyna 20111229 p11 Martinez Reynalda Reyna
McCollum Katherine McCollum Katherine 20110217 p13  
McNat Louise Teresa McNatt Louise Teresa 20110414 p15  
Melo Helena Nunes Melo Helena Nunes 20110414 p15  
Messer Debra Lynn Messer Debra Lynn 20110922 p13  
Michaud Imelda Michaud Imelda 20110804 p12  
Miller JuDee Ann Miller JuDee Ann 20110721 p20 Miller.Judee Ann
Navarro Jose Guadalupe Navarro Jose Guadalupe 20110224 p14  
Nunes Emily F Nunes Emily F 20110609 p15  
Ogden John Robert Jr Ogden John Robert Jr 20111124 np  
Ortiz Manuel Gonzalez Ortiz Manuel Gonzalez 20110519 p14 Ortiz Manuel Gonzalez
Paletua Lesieli Vifivili Iongi Paletua Lesieli Vifivili Iongi 20111022 p13 Paletua Lesieli Vifivili Iong
Pascoe Evelyn Anna Holst Pascoe Evelyn Anna Holst 20110331 p12 Pascoe Evelyn Anna Holst
Paulo Jose Sousa Paulo Jose Sousa 20110616 p13  
Pedersen Julia Lorraine Pedersen Julia Lorraine 20110526 p15  
Peichoto Thomas Peichoto Thomas 20110818 p27  
Pepple William Pepple William 20110825 p13  
Perez Ann Mary Perez Ann Mary 20111103 p13 Perez Ann Mary
Perrin Mary Pacheco Perrin Mary Pacheco 20110512 p14 Perrin Mary Pacheco
Perry Joseph Frank Jr Perry Joseph Frank Jr 20110526 p15 Perry Joseph Frank Jr
Phillips Lucy Carolyn Phillips Lucy Carolyn 20110818 p12  
Phillips Richard E Phillips Richard E 20110724 p20 Phillips Richard E
Plaza Eleanor Orofilia Plaza Elleanor Orofilia 20110512 p14 Plaza Eleanor Orofilia
Ramirez Isidro Salvana Ramirez Isidro Salvana 20110317 p15  
Rea Eleanore M Rea Eleanore M 20110915 p15  
Reyes Miguel Angel Reyes Miguel Angel 20110407 p18  
Reynolds Chesteen Reynolds Chesteen 20110922 p13  
Richardson Edward Richardson Edward 20110407 p18  
Robinson Minnie F Robinson Minnie F 20110217 p13  
Rowell Linda Lou Rowell Linda Lou 20110929 np  
Ruvalcaba Robert Ruvalcaba Robert 20111222 p3 Ruvalcaba Robert
Sanchez Miguel Mendez Sanchez Miguel Mendez 20110602 p20  
Schreck Angie Silva Schreck Angie Silva 20110721 p20  
Sierra Mary Helen Sierra Mary Helen 20110526 p11  
Silva Evelyn Elizabeth Silva Evelyn Elizabeth 20110324 p15  
Silva Jeff Anthony Silva Jeff Anthony 20110526 p15  
Silva Manuel Gomes Jr Silva Manuel Gomes Jr 20110519 p14 Silva Manuel Gomes Jr
Smith Lola Mae Smith Lola Mae 20110616 p13  
Smith Wilton Fuller Smith Wilton Fuller 20110616 p13  
Stafford Eleanor Laureen Stafford Eleanor Laureen 20110818 p12 Stafford Eleanor Laureen
Telles Jose Telles Jose 20111229 p11  
Tinoco Concepcion Gomez Tinoco Concepcion Gomez 20110414 p15  
Torres Garrett Ray Torres Garrett Ray 20110519 p14 Torres Garrett Ray
Trinkler Wendel Clements Trinkler Wendel Clements 20110602 p20  
Trinta Elvita Claudette Trinta Elvita Claudette 20110811 p12  
Valencia Martha Valencia Martha 20110724 p20  
Valles Martina Martinez Valles Martina Martinez 20111027 np Valles Martina Martinez
Vela Priscilla Vela Priscilla 20110623 p17  
Vella Steven P Vella Steven P 20110929 p13 Vella Steven P
Virgen Marciano Virgen Marciano 20110127 p13  
Wells Scott Allen Samuel Wells Scott Allen Samuel 20110818 p12  
Williams Hussan Issac T Williams Hussan Issac T 20110609 p15 Williams Hussan Issac T
Winegar Jacqueline Eva Winegar Jacqueline Eva 20110407 p18 Winegar Jacqueline Eva
Wood Spear Donald Wood Spear Donald 20110705 np Wood Spear Donald


 Additional information not included in the above files:

  • The Patterson Irrigator for July 1928 has been lost hence no obituaries.
    Allan, J. W. Age 68 Buried July 5, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
    Crispini, Arnold No age given Buried December 17, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
    Edwards, Robert Hall (Taylor) Age 68+ Buried November 28, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
    Pedrazzi, Rocco Age 42 Buried June 4, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
    Hanna, Frieda Age 52 Buried August 27, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
    Matteri, Infant Buried November 19, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
    Matteri, Mary P. Age 28 Buried November 26, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
    Souza, Frank B. No age given Buried November 30, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
    Wood, Loraine Infant Buried October 21, 1928 in Del Puerto Cemetery
  • The Patterson Irrigator for December 18, 1936 has been lost hence no obituary. 
    Edna Carol Thimpel, Age Infant.
    Thimpel, Edna Carol, Infant. 361218 np; Buried December 14, 1936 in Del Puerto Cemetery.
  • The Patterson Irrigator for September 8, 1939 has been lost hence no obituary. 
    Lyons Carl E 3909xx np; Carl Emil Lyons Age 21  Buried September 10, 1939 in Del Puerto Cemetery.
  • The Patterson Irrigator for December 29, 1939 had been lost hence no obituary. 
    Mat Johnson Age 51+ Buried
    Johnson, Mat  391229 np; December 28, 1939 in Del Puerto Cemetery.
  • The Patterson Irrigator for January 10, 1947 had been lost hence no obituaries.
    Torvend Minnie P 470110 np Minnie Paulson Torvend, ae 57  Buried January 3, 1947 in Del Puerto Cemetery.
    Stafford, Rose 470110 np; age 81  Buried January 2, 1947 in Del Puerto Cemetery.
  • Garcia Ramiro 060715 p3a/b (missing obit, no other info)

The following is an interesting news article published in 1987  (see image file)
Grayson Cemetery 871029 p7 Joseph Robinson and Harry Winter Grayson Cemetery News Article: Modesto Woman finds ancestors; No one at the Irrigator contacted knew much about two temporary grave markers found underneath a mobile home in Grayson. The sister of a Grayson resident, said the markers were found underneath the unit at 8804 Smith Street when the trailer was moved this month. The markers etched with the names Joseph Robinson and Harry Winter were left next to a tree surrounded by piles of junk. The markers are the kind temporarily laid upon graves until a larger, permanent stone is prepared. The woman who called the Irrigator office said the stones may have come from Grayson Cemetery, a 110 year old facility which local historians and cemetery officials have been trying to restore to order. No other reason has been suggested to believe the two men were buried in Grayson, other than the fact the markers were found in Grayson. If Robinson and Winter were buried in Grayson. some might consider that an outrage, since the two men died within only the past 20 years. Robinson in 1968. Winter in 1969.

Several long time residents of Grayson were contacted and they did not recognize the names. No permanent headstones bearing either of the two names stand at the old cemetery, but then, many markers are known to have been lost. Richard Brackney, superintendent of the Patterson Cemetery District, given the unenviable task of caring, for the Grayson yard, said many temporary grave markers turn up in the Patterson-Grayson area, perhaps because people are reluctant to throw away any sarelatives. Brackney, said he would drive out and have a look at the discarded markers. It was learned that there is no record of the names in district files. The two men were not burled at Patterson District Cemetery, but possibly they were interred in Modesto.

The locations of many known graves at Grayson Cemetery are lost; in the absence of grave markers adequate burial records and updated maps. Burials are prohibited now because of the confusion. Wooden markers on older graves have been burned off by grass fires, and vandals have destroyed several headstones. Joe Perry, Patterson Cemetery-District secretary, said his office has no record of burials at Grayson Cemetery. Copies of burial permits dating back to 1917 are kept for Patterson District Cemetery, the local district s primary facility located on Highway 33 north of Patterson, but none exist for the Grayson yard. An 1897 map of Grayson Cemetery. showing 123 numbered plots, most of them unsold, was recently found. The map has been helpful in finding the location of several unmarked family plots and has been used along with burial records that do exist to reconstruct where many people were buried in the 19th Century and early part of this century.

Efforts by John Azevedo, Curator of the Patterson Township Historical Society museum in Patterson, last week helped a Modesto woman find the resting place of five ancestors, one of whom died in 1941 and. ironically is listed as a past Grayson Cemetery Association director. A solid gravestone for Mary Endicott, great-great-grandmother of Bernyce Fisher of Modesto. marks the location of a burial lot owned by the Grummett, an early Grayson family. The 1897 map shows John Grummett as the owner of lot #54. Old flaking cemetery records on display at the local museum tell that John Grurnmett purchased the plot for $20 in 1879. not long after the graveyard was incorporated. He made a $5 down payment that year, and paid off the balance in October 1880. Mrs. Endicott s gravestone says she died in 1880, thus she preceded Fisher s great grandparents, grandfather, and great uncle William Grummett who, according to a family bible, died in May 1941. Records show that Mary Grummett in 1898, John Grummett in 1901, and Charles Grummett. in 1891 were also buried in lot #54, though their grave markers are now lost, and undisturbed grass covers their apparent graves. The only historical note on great uncle William Grummett is found in the final entry of the Grayson Cemetery.

Associations dilapidated minute book. The entry says that a meeting Nov. 3, 1914 William Grummett was elected to the association board of directors for a three-year term. Fisher remembers as a young woman attending her great uncles burial in Grayson. and recalled that wooden headboards. marked the graves of all her ancestors. except great great grandmother Endicott. It was after I was married," said Fisher, who lives in rural Modesto, "It. must have been 1937 or 38. Fisher said another relative was buried in Tracy because there was no room in the Grayson plot. She said she would like to place a family marker in Grayson Cemetery, if she can afford the cost.