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Alameda County History

Past and Present of Alameda County California
Joseph Baker, Editor, Volume I, Illustrated
Chicago, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company 1914





Chapter I - Under Spain And Mexico-Discovery Of The Bay Of San Francisco-The Portola Expedition-The Expedition Of Captain Bautista-The First Settlement At Mission San Jose-The Expedition Of 1775-The Establishment Of The Missions-The Liberation Of The Indians-The Indians Of Contra Costa-The Presidio-The Native Californians......P 7


Chapter II - Spanish And Mexican Land Grants-The Early Land Grants And Ranchos-The Peralta Grant-The Peralta Family-Early Hispano-Mexican Families-Table Of Land Claims.....P 27


Chapter III - The American Settlers-The Advent Of Jedediah S. Smith-The Coming Of The Americans-The First American Settlers-The Transformation From Rancho To Farm -The Squatters-The Litigation-"The Pre-Emptioner's League"-The Redwoods-Villages Are Founded.....P 41


Chapter IV - The Water Front Conveyance-The Ordinance For The Disposal Of Oakland's Water Front-The Citizens' Riot-Formation Of The Oakland Water Front Company-Years Of Water Front Litigation-The State Becomes The Owner Of The Water Front-Water Front Improvements-Final Settlement Is Reached.....P 55


Chapter V - Transportation-The First Railroad-The First Ferries-The First Street Railway-Traffic Between The East Side Of The Bay And San Francisco Becomes Heavy-Many Franchises Are Granted-The Piedmont Cable Road Is Completed-Electric Roads Are Rapidly Built-Interurban Electric Railroads Are Constructed-The Various Street Railways Are Consolidated-The Entry Of The Western Pacific Railroad-Great Improvements Planned And Carried Out .....P 75


Chapter VI - The County Board-Alameda County Is Created-The First County Officials Are Chosen­alvarado, The First County Seat-San Leandro Becomes The County Seat-The Creation Of The County Board Of Supervisors-Early Transactions Of The Board-Public Highways Are Constructed-Financial Condition Of The County In 1872-Oakland Becomes The County Seat-The Erection Of The County Buildings-The County Debt In 1880-Anti-Chinese Agitation-The Salt Industry-Alameda County Is Represented At The Chicago World's Fair, 1893- Immigration Is Encouraged-Many Public Improvements Are Made-An Era Of Rapid Growth And Development-Alameda County Is Awarded Medals At The St. Louis World's Fair, 1904-The Earthquake Of 1906-Financial Condition In 1907-Population In 1910-The Present.....P 89


Chapter VII - The Harbor, Webster Street Bridge, Etc.-Early Harbor Improvements-The Oakland Harbor Improvement Company-Progress Is Made-The Deep Water Improvements-The Webster Street Bridge-The Eighth Street Bridge.....P 121


Chapter VIII - Military Affairs-The First Military Company-The Outbreak Of The Civil War-The First California Volunteer Regiment Comes Into Life-The Oakland Guard Is Formed-Other Home Guard Companies Are Organized-Alameda County Contributes Liberally To The Union Cause-Alameda County Companies In The National Guard Of California-G. A. R. Posts In Alameda County-Annual Meeting Of The G. A. R. In 1886-Alameda County In The Spanish-American War-The Patriotic Sons Of Alameda..... P 129

Chapter IX - Health And Disease, Medicine, Etc.-The Alameda County Medical Association-The County Infirmary Is Established-The First Board Of Health-Sanitary Conditions Are Improved-The Death Rate-The Oakland General Hospital-The Oakland College Of Physicians And Surgeons Is Founded-The New Merritt Hospital Is Opened-Recapitulation.....P 143


Chapter X - The Courts, Bench And Bar, Etc.-The Creation Of The Courts-Early Claims And Law Suits-Early Criminal Acts-Early County Officials-Sheriff Morse-Attorneys Practicing In The Early Day Courts-Organization Of The Bar Associations-Later Day Civil And Criminal Cases-Later Day Judges And Attorneys-The Juvenile Court Comes Into Existence-The Legal Profession Of Today.....P 157


Chapter XI - Farming, Fruit-Growing, Stock-Raising, Etc.-The Four Periods Of Agricultural Development-Formation Of The Alameda County Agricultural Society-The Immense Grain Fields Of The Sixties And Seventies-The Grape Comes Into Its Own-The Livermore Valley Vineyards-Thousands Of Acres Are Planted To Orchard-The Fruit-Growers Union Is Organized-Alameda County Becomes Famous As A Grower Of Fruit-The Beet Sugar Industry-Apricots And Cherries-Precautions Against Pests-Alameda, The County Beautiful .....P 177


Chapter XII - Politics-Early Political Parties, Conventions And Elections-The Campaign Of 1875-The Anti-Chinese Movement-Later Conventions And Elections -The Introduction Of The Australian System Of Voting-Woman Suffrage Becomes An Issue-The Municipal League-The Water Question-The Present Day Political Situation.....P 193


Chapter XIII - Women's Work, Temperance, Philanthropy, Suffrage, Etc.-The Organization Of The Oakland Ladies' Relief Society-The Foundation Of The Ebell Society-Other Early Women's Societies-Kindergartens Are Established-Homes And Other Charitable Institutions Are Founded-Birth Of The Society Of Associated Charities-Activities Of The Woman's Christian Temperance Union-The Campaign For Woman's Suffrage-The Progress Of Settlement Work.....P 247     


Chapter XIV - Art, Literature, Etc.-Alameda County Early Becomes A Mecca For Artists-Artists Of The Early Days-Early Musical Clubs And Societies-Early Art Exhibits­alameda Singers Become World Famous-Joaquin Miller-William Keith-The Midwinter Exposition-The Starr King Fraternity-Musical, Art And Literary Societies Of The Present Day.....P 263


Chapter XV - Amusements, Lodges, Societies, Games, Etc.-Bullfights, Horse Races And Fandangos-Early Lodges And Secret Societies-The Organization Of The Alameda County Pioneers Association -Baseball Teams Of The Seventies-Horse Racing Is Popular-Other Amusements Of The Early Day-The Tuolumne Reunions-Baseball Becomes The Popular Sport-The California Jockey Club-Famous Horses That Raced At Pleasanton-The First Automobile Races-The Development Of Athletics At The University Of California.....P 275


Chapter XVI - Education-The First Schoolhouse-The Early Schools-The First School Commissioners-Academies And Convents-Annual School Report Of 1861-Later Day Schools, Academies, Colleges, Convents And Institutions- School Census Of 1885-The Alameda County Teachers' Institute-Playgrounds Are Established-Schools Of The Present Day-The University Of California-The University Is Established-The Site Is Selected-The First Session-The University Grows-The Benard Plan Of Building Extension-New Buildings Erected Under The Benard Plan-University Extension Work Is Undertaken-The University Colleges-The Degrees Conferred-Higher Instruction-The University In Athletics-The University Recognized As One Of The Foremost In The United States.....P 287

Chapter XVII - Religion-The First American Church-The Early Churches-Revival Meetings Of The Early Days-The Young Men's Christian Association-The Present Day Churches And Religious Activity .....P 311


Chapter XVIII - Alameda-The Day Of The Ranchos-The First Frame Dwelling House-The Town Grows-The Early Citizens-The Town Of Alameda Is Incorporated-The First Ferry Begins Operations-Real Estate Operations-Public Improvements-The Alameda Improvement Association-Financial­the New Charter-The City Of Today.....P 323


Chapter XIX - Berkeley-Ocean View-The University Is Established-West Berkeley-Early Public Improvements-Schools Are Established-Real Estate Transactions Of The Period-The One Mile Limit-Berkeley Grows Rapidly-Many Beautiful Homes Are Erected-Extensive Public Improvements Are Planned And Executed-The City Enjoys A Wholesome Real Estate Boom-The City Under The New Charter-Berkeley, The City Beautiful.....P 343


Chapter XX - Oakland-The First Settler-Those That Followed-The Squatters And The Trouble That Ensued-The First Hotel-A Duel Is Fought-The Origin Of The Fire Department-The First Newspaper Is Published-"An Act To Incorporate The City Of Oakland"-Early Public Improvements-The Population Doubles-Financial Statement, 1871-72-The Free Library Is Organized-Sites Are Purchased And Public Buildings Erected-The City Boundaries Are Extended-The Early Press Of Oakland-The City Enjoys A Period Of Rapid Growth And Development‑Value Of City Property In 1878-Important Industrial Concerns Of 1883-The "Greater Oakland" Movement-The Carnegie Library Is Dedicated-The Oakland Clearing House Goes Into Operation-Clearing House Summary And Bank Statements-Building Permits Of 1905-06-Many Public Improvements Are Made-The New Charter Goes Into Effect-The New City Hall-The Oakland Of Today.....P 355

Chapter XX - con't


Chapter XXI - The Smaller Cities And Towns-Livermore-Pleasanton-Sunol-Dougherty-Dublin-Other Towns Of The Eastern Part Of The County-The Towns Of Washington Township- Niles - Centerville - Newark - Alvarado -Irvington­decoto-Mission San Jose-Warm Springs-Hayward-San Leandro­san Lorenzo-Mount Eden-Piedmont-Emeryville-Albany-Richmond.....P  441  


A Memorial and Biographical History of Northern California

Chicago, Lewis Publ. Co., 1891