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Camp Big Springs - Glenburn, CA - Shasta Co.

Camp Sims - Hazel Creek, CA - Shasta Co.

Camp Salt Creek - Pollock, CA - Shasta Co.

Camp Big Bar - Big Bar, CA - Trinity Co.

Camp Hawkins Bar - Burnt Ranch, CA - Trinity Co.

Camp Peanut - Hayfork, CA - Trinity Co.

Camp Juniper Flats - Likely, CA - Modoc Co.

Camp Hackamore - Canby, CA - Modoc Co.

Camp Orleans - Orleans, CA -  Humboldt Co. 

Camp Oak Knoll - Klamath River, CA. - Siskiyou Co.

Camp Seiad - Seiad Valley, CA - Siskiyou Co.

Camp Tule Lake, Merrill, OR/Tule Lake, CA - Siskiyou Co.

Middle Creek Camp, Upper Lake, CA, Thanksgiving menu, Nov. 30, 1933



Camp Gasquet
The photos below have been generously shared by Harold Fitzsimmons, Jr. The photos are of Camp Gasquet where his father, Harold Fitzsimmons, Sr. was a member during the years 1933-1934. (click on photos for larger view)


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