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Sacramento Valley and Foothill Counties of California 
A very beautiful book!

An Illustrated Description of all the Counties
Embraced in this Richly Productive Geographical
Subdivision of the Golden State
Compiled and Edited by
Emmett Phillips and John H. Miller

Where To Emigrate And Why.

  • Homes and Fortunes

  • The Boundless West and the Sunny South

  • Their Climate, Scenery, Soil, Productions, Railroads

  • Mining Interests, and General Resources

  • The Cost of Farm Lands, How to Obtain Titles

  • The Homestead and Other Land Laws

  • The Rates of Wages

  • With A Complete History and Description of the Pacific Railroad

Frederick B. Goddard.

Sold Only By Subscription

The Peoples Publishing Company,

Philadelphia, Pa.; Cincinnati, Ohio;
Chicago, Ill.; St. Louis, Mo. 1869.


Who’s Who Among the Women of California 1922
Security Publishing Co., San Francisco/Los Angeles 1922
An Annual Devoted To The Representative Women of California
With An Authoritative Review of Their Activities In Civic Social, Athletic, 
Philanthropic Art and Music, Literary & Dramatic Circles