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Cabezut J M Chick Hiram Cook Henry
Cabral Frank Chick Martinez Cook I H
Cadenasso N Chiesa Ferdinando Cook J A
Cadwalader Charles Chilcott R F Cook James
Cadwalader Edward Child B W Cook James W
Cadwalader George Childress A D Cook John
Cadwallader Sylvanus Childs C W Cook John P
Cadwell Ambrose Childs Ozro Cook John R
Cady Elmer Childs W W Cook John W
Cady J S Chiles Isaac Cook Joseph
Cahill George Chiles William Cook Joseph T
Cain J R Chinda Vladimir Cook Marion Lee
Cain P P Chinn Albert Cook R D
Cain William Chinnick James Cook Seely
Caine Daniel Chiodi John Cook Simeon
Caine Joseph Chipman H C Cook T H
Cairnes A B Chipman L J Cook Thomas
Cairns John Chipman N Genevieve Cook Thomas T
Calderon A Chipman Norton Cook William C
Caldwell Annie Chirhart Joseph Cook William F
Caldwell Edwin Chisholm A Cooke J B
Caldwell James Chisholm Daniel Cooke William
Caldwell John Chism J T Cooksey James
Caldwell Robert Chism William Cool Lou Mrs 
Calestini Louis Chismore George Cooley Charles
Calhoun Ezekiel Chittenden George Cooley Edward
California Fire Insh Co Choate D Cooley George
California Hot Springs Choate James Cooley George Mills
California Lustral Co Chowning William Cooley John
California Plating Works Chretien John Cooley Verdenal
Calkins Mark Chrisler P J Coolidge Wilber
Calkins Thomas Chrisman Abraham Coombs Frank
Call S B Chrisman Henry Coombs Silas
Call S J Chrisman Ira Coombs Silas Warren
Callaghan Edward Chrisman John Coon Datus
Callaghan John D Chrisman John C Coon William
Callaghan John J Chrisman Walter Cooney Edward
Callahan Daniel Christ Conrad Cooney M
Callahan George Christensen A E Coons David
Callahan Patrick Christensen Carl Cooper A D
Callen Seymour Christensen G A Cooper Cary
Callender John Christensen George Cooper Charles C
Callison E Z Christensen George C Cooper Charles F
Calloway S M Christensen J C Cooper E
Callustro Co. Christensen Lawrence Cooper Hickason
Calmes Waller Christensen Martin Cooper J A
Calori Peter Christensen N C Cooper J B R
Calvin M G Christensen P N Cooper J Oliver
Camarillo Adolpho Christensen Peter Cooper J R
Cambridge Silas Christenson Andrew Cooper James
Camden Charles Christenson J P Cooper John
Cameron Duncan Christenson Jiergen Cooper Marie
Cameron George Archibald Christesen Fernando Cooper Stephen
Cameron J D Christian Carl Cooper Walter
Cameron James Christian George Cope George
Cameron William Christian Jacob Cope Walter
Caminetti Anthony Christian John Copeland George
Camino Juan Christian Mary Copeland J Eugene
Camozzi Pietro Christianson T L Copeland J L
Camp Frederick Hugh Christie William Copello Nick
Camp W S Christieson J P Coplantz Elvis
Campa Faustino Christman L E Cople George
Campbell Alexander Christman Rollie Copley A J
Campbell Archibald Christopher Gus.. Copley Thomas
Campbell Arthur Christopherson George Coppin George
Campbell Basil Christy George Coppin James
Campbell Benjamin Christy John C Coppin Matt
Campbell Charles Christy John H Coppin Samuel
Campbell Charles F Church Augustus Copsey D M
Campbell Edwin Church Caryl Corbett Martin
Campbell Ernest Church Elery Corcoran Francis
Campbell F D Church Isaac Corcoran Martin
Campbell George Church Jeremiah Corcoran T
Campbell George W Church Jesse Corcoran Thomas
Campbell Guy Church Joseph Martin Cordeiro Manuel
Campbell Ida Church Lincoln Core A F
Campbell J Church Lorenzo Core Aaron
Campbell J W Church Milo Corell Harvey
Campbell James 1 Church Roderick Corell William
Campbell James 2 Church S H Corey C H
Campbell James H Church William Corey Hiram
Campbell James Henry Churchill Heber Byron Corlett William
Campbell Jason Churchill Zenas Corley George
Campbell John C Chynoweth Louis Corliss Amos
Campbell John L Cilker John Cornelius Hans
Campbell Robert Cippa Thomas Cornell F E
Campbell Thomas E Cittoni Clemente Cornell James
Campbell W A City Bank Cornett J R
Campbell Walter Clack J S Cornthwait James
Campbell William Clack R N Cornwell Frank
Campbell William 1 Clancy Cecil Coronel Antonio
Campbell William 2 Clancy Ellmore Coronel Mariana
Campbell William 3 Clancy Hull Correll David
Campion Howard Clancy John Correll George
Campodonico John J Clancy Mathew Corrick Claud D
Campodonico John J Sr Clanton D R Corrigan James
Campodonico Joseph M Clanton Drewry Corrigan Martin
Campton George Clanton E J Corroll Tim
Campton M Mrs  Clanton Ethelbert Corson Joseph
Campton Morgan Clapp Stephen Corti Paul
Campton William Clarahan David Cortner F A
Cane Alfred Clark & Beckett Creamery Cortright W H
Canessa Giobatta Clark Alfred Corwin Frank
Canet A Clark Alson Cory Benjamin
Canevaro Antone Clark Asa Cory John
Canevaro John Clark Asa A Cory John B
Canfield R W Clark Asa M Cory Lewis
Canfield William Clark Byron Cosner Robert 1
Cann James Clark Charles Cosner Robert 2
Cannan David Clark Charles H Cosper Elias
Cannedy William Clark Cornelius Costa Angelo
Canney Joseph Clark Cyrus B Costa Fedele
Cannon Charles Clark Cyrus S Costa Martin
Cannon Grat Clark Daniel Costello James
Cannon John Clark David C Cotten James
Cannon Kingsley Clark David W Cottier Eugene
Cannon W G Clark E A Cottle Frank
Canon W S Clark Edgerton Cottle Ira
Canright Franklin Clark Ephraim Cottle Martial
Canterbury Milton Clark G Ward Cottle Royal Sr
Cantrell D H Clark H F Cottle Warren
Cantua Lenora Clark H W Cottle William J
Capaul Ulrich Clark Harry A Cottle William O
Caples James Clark Harry H Cotton Aylett
Capps Thomas Clark Harvey Cotton Benjamin
Capurro Emanuel Clark Henry Cotton George D
Capurro Frank Clark Howell Cotton George W
Capwell H C Clark I M Cotton Joel Sheldon
Card Orson Clark J Frank Cotton William
Cardoza John Clark J M Couch Thomas
Cardoza Joseph Clark Jesse Coughlin Timothy
Cardwell John Clark John F Coulson Nat
Cardwell Walter Clark John T Coulston J B
Cardwell Wm Clark Jonas Coupe Henry
Careaga Maria Clark Jonathan Couper Hobart
Carey John Clark Lew Court Albert
Carey Tallcut Clark Nicholas Courtney Harry
Carigiet Adolph Clark P A Courtney James
Carle Charles Clark Percy Courtney Samuel
Carle Oliver Clark R G Courtois V
Carleton Fannie Clark Robert Courtright George
Carlile W W Clark Samuel Cousins Charles
Carlin William Clark Stephen Couts Cave
Carling Hugh Jr Clark Sylvia Couts Cave Jr
Carlisle Frederick Clark Thomas Covell Elbert
Carlson A P Clark W Sam Cover Perry
Carlson A T Clark Walter A Covert John
Carlson Andrew Clark Walter S Covert John G
Carlson C O R Clark Wilber Covert John W
Carlson Carl Clark William Covert Rufus
Carlson Charles M Clark William B Covillaud Family
Carlson Gottfrid Clark William M Covington Walter
Carlson John Clark William O Cowan Florence
Carlson John E Clarke Albert Cowan Thomas
Carlson Sett Clarke Clarence Cowan William
Carlton Henry Clarke Fisher Cowart Zachary
Carlyle George Clarke Foster Cowden D H
Carman A S Clarke Ira Cowell Adelbert
Carmer Reuben Clarke Robert Cowell Alfred
Carmichael Peter Clarken Richard Cowell Arthur
Carnduff Frank Clarkson Thomas Cowell F M
Carnes Henry Claubes Todd Cowell Joshua
Carothers Thomas Clausen Henry Cowen Jay
Carothers Thomas Langley Clausen J Cowie John
Carpenter  Helen M Claussen Henry Cowing E J
Carpenter A O Clawiter Edward Cowles George
Carpenter Aurelius O Clawson Watson Cowles Josiah
Carpenter Caleb Clay Henry Cox A W
Carpenter Daniel Claypole Edith Cox Calvary
Carpenter Frank Clayton David Cox Dabney Liner
Carpenter Henry Clayton Dudley G Cox Edward
Carpenter James Clayton George Cox Fred
Carpenter John H Clayton Grant Cox Frederick
Carpenter Lyman Clayton James Cox Henry
Carpenter Rachael Clayton William Jardine Cox Herbert
Carpenter Robert Claytor Malissa Cox Peter
Carpenter Sarah Cleary Charles Cox Roger
Carpenter Tom Cleary Leslie Cox Thomas
Carpenter W L Cleek Vincent Cox William
Carper Ira Cleghorn Matthew Cox William A
Carprntier Alphonse Cleghorn Peter Cox William H
Carr Ann Clemens Samuel Coxhead Ernest
Carr Delilah Clement Charles Coy Sam P
Carr Ezra Clement Clark Coyle B Mrs 
Carr G B Clement George Coyne Joseph
Carr John Clement Henry Coyner J M
Carr Nannie Clemente John Cozzens W W
Carr Philip Clemente Joseph Crabb Alonzo
Carr Robert Clements George Crabb Henry
Carr Thomas Clements Jennie Crabtree I J
Carre John Clements John Crabtree James
Carrel Henry Clements Lambert Craddick S M
Carrell F C Clements William Craft Benjamin
Carrere John Cleminson James Crafts George
Carrick Wm Clendenin E P Crafts Harry
Carrington Charles Clendenin Samuel Craig Fred
Carrington R P Cleveland Asaph Craig Homer
Carroll Edward Cleveland Daniel Craig John
Carroll James Cleveland Edward Craig John F
Carroll James L Cleveland Maud Craig Joseph
Carroll James P Cleveland Miss E A Craig Judson
Carroll John Cleveland William Craig Michael
Carroll John H Clevenger J S Craig Thornton
Carroll Thomas Click M C Craig William
Carruthers Raymond Click Martin Craig William T
Carson Frank Clifford Charles Crain Lewis
Carson George 1 Clifford Vinton Crain William
Carson George 2 Clift Osro Cramer Charles
Carson Lewis Clifton Richard Cramer L
Carson William Clinch John Cramer Lewis
Carter Arthur Cline J W Cramer M L
Carter C E Clinton Alex Cramsie John
Carter C H Close Otho Crandall Albert
Carter Charles Cloud Roy Crandall Lucian
Carter David Clough Barclay Crandell Thomas
Carter H Clough Edwin Crandell William
Carter Hial Clough Greenleaf Crane Addison
Carter J S 1 Clough William Crane Chauncey
Carter J S 2 Cloutman Joseph Crane Chester
Carter Marcus Clow B R Crane E C
Carter Mason Clow John Crane E T
Carter Nathaniel Clowes Charlotte Crane Ellis
Carter Robert Clum John Crane George
Carter W R Cluness W R Crane H G
Carter William Clunie Thomas Crane Henry
Cartheche John Clute John Crane J L
Cartmill W F Clyne James Crane James A
Cartmill Wooster Coale Harwell Crane James E
Cartwright P S Coates James Crane Julius
Caruthers Andrew Coates Leonard Crane L P
Caruthers William Coates Stephen Crane William 1
Carver D B Coates W W Crane William 2
Carver James Coats Claude Craner Henry
Cary Edwin Coats J R Cranston Reuben
Cary George Coats William Crary Archibald
Cary L B Cobb Charles D Crary Clarence
Casacca Joseph Cobb Charles W Cravath Augustus
Casalegno Henriette Cobb Edward Craven N R Mrs 
Casalegno Thomas Cobb Frank Cravens Robert
Casaretto David Cobb J G Cravens T A
Casaretto Joshua Cobb John Cravero M J
Casassa Charles Cobb Moses Craviotto John
Casaucau Michel Cobb Walton Craw Charles Milan
Case Edward Cobb William Crawford Crockett
Case Isham Cobbledick L Crawford Edward
Case J I Coburn Loren Crawford Frank
Case William Cocanour Joe Crawford Fredrick
Casey A B Cocanour John Crawford J H
Casey James Cochard Oscar Crawford James
Casey Jeremiah Cochran Holton Crawford John
Casey John Cochran P J Crawford W P
Casey John E Cochran S D Crawford Woods
Casey John W Cochrane Edwin Crawshaw J A
Casey Martin E Cockefair William Creamer John
Casey Michael Cocking George Creath John
Casey Patrick Cocking Nicholas Creed John
Casey T G Cockrill L D Creel Salvador
Casey Thomas Codoni Joseph Creider Amos
Casey Walter Cody Charles Creighton Charles
Cash Albert Cody George W Cremin J M
Cason G I Cody George Warner Crenshaw L
Cass A B Cody N T Crepin E A
Cass B H Cody Nelson Creps Roscoe
Cass James Coe Henry Jr Cresmer John
Cass James W Coe Henry Sr Cress J M
Cassano John Coe S A Cressman A N
Cassel William Coe William Crew Alexander
Cassell Clifford Coelho Joseph A Crew Pleasant
Cassell Margaret Coffee David Crigler J C
Cassidy Andrew Coffelt Charles Crignon A
Cassidy Bernard Coffey John Crimmins Anthony
Cassidy Hugh Coffey Joseph Crites Ephraim Q 1
Cassilis Henry Coffield P Crites Ephraim Q 2
Casswell Samuel Coffin David Crittenden Bradford
Castagneto G B Coffin George Crittenden Charles
Casteel Jesse Coffin William Crittenden Deborah
Castello Manuel Coffman Alfred Crittenden Orrin
Casterson Rasmus Coffman C W Crockard Hugh
Castle California Coffroth James Crocker Asa
Castle Curtis Coggins Paschal Crocker E B
Castle Curtis Jr Coghlan O R Crocker J B
Castner W H Sr Cohn Kaspare Crocker James
Castro C Cohn L E Crockett D C
Castro J Cohn Simon Croly E J
Castro Juan Coil Alexander Crombie Robert
Castro Manuel Coil Charles Cronemiller William
Castro Stephen Coil Ernest Cronenwett A E
Castro Thomas Colberg William Cronin William
Castrucio James Colbert Peter Cronwell Fred
Caswell Frank Colburn J A Crook Alexander
Caswell Thomas Colburn Samuel Crook Gertrude
Caswell W A Colby A Crook Leslie
Cate Daniel Colby A E Crookham Don
Cate George Colby C H Croop Cyrus
Cate Horatio Colby Gilbert Cropley Charles
Cate James Colby Henry Cropsey George
Cate Lafayett Coldwell Colbert Crosby Elisha
Cathcart Robert Cole George W 1 Crose A H
Cathey John Cole George W 2 Crose Joseph
Catlett Howard Cole Harold Cross Charles
Catlin Amos Cole John A 1 Cross George
Catron Green Cole John A 2 Cross J F
Catseftas Peter Cole Louis Cross Samuel
Cattell W Cole Roy Cross Samuel W
Catts George Cole W K Crossgrove C E
Cauble Emery Cole Walter Crossley John
Caubu William Cole William Croswhite William
Caughey Robert Colebaker Albert Crotthers R A
Caughran W W Coleman Donna Crouch Robert
Causey Loren Coleman James Crow C C
Cavagnaro Joseph Coleman Napoleon Crow George
Cavallaro Louis Coles J L Crow Marion
Cavanaugh Timothy Coley James Crow W J
Cave B W Coley John Crow Warren
Cave D Colford John Crowe Harry
Cave Daniel Colhoun Edmund Crowe W H
Cave John Coli Peter Crowell Clarence
Cave Thomas Coll Jose Crowell William
Cavis Joseph College Of Notre Dame Crowley Audley
Cavitt G W Colley Ellsworth Crowley James
Cawetti John Collier Ann Cruickshank George
Cazeils Joe Collier Frank Crump R W
Cazemiro Anthony P Collier J M Crump Victor
Cech Frank Collier William Crumpton H J
Cecil Burlin Collin Henry Crumrine Benton
Cecil James Collins Albert Crutcher James 1
Celayeta Saturnino Collins Clinton Crutcher James 2
Cerini John Collins David Cucuk John
Cesmat Marius Collins Francis Cucuk Louis
Chabot Anthony Collins Frank Cuddeback Dewitt
Chace Jennie Collins George Cuddeback John
Chace John Collins J M Culbertson G F
Chadbourn H Collins J S Cullen Patrick
Chaddock E L Collins John Cullen William
Chadsey Benjamin Collins Joseph Cullers C F
Chaffee Albert Collins Oscar F Culton Henry
Chaffee Dorr Collins Oscar O Culver Edward
Chaffee J A Collins Patrick Culver F F
Chaffee J D Collins Richard 1 Culver L G
Chaffee Walter Collins Richard 2 Cummings Elliott
Chain O H Collins Robert Cummings F H
Chalfant Samuel Collins S W Cummings Francis
Challenor John Collins William A Cummings George
Chalmers George Collins William W Cummings John
Chalmers Robert Colman Waterman Cummings John F
Chalup Charles Colombero Andrew Cummings William
Chamberlain C H Colombet Clemente Cummins Thomas
Chamberlain J P Colpien Henry Cummons John
Chamberlain P P Colson R W Cundell Joseph
Chamberlain W E Colton Arnestus Cundiff Thomas
Chamberlin J D H Colton Judson Cuneo Joseph
Chamberlin M P Coltrin C W Cunha Manuel
Chamberlin P Colver John Cunnane W B
Chamberlin R Colvin Elijah Cunningham Ebenezer
Chambers B J Combs Ashman Cunningham Francis
Chambers David Combs James Cunningham Frank H
Chambers Henry Combs John Cunningham Frank P
Chambers John K Comfort Almer Cunningham Fred
Chambers John S Comfort Byron Cunningham George
Chambers John T Commercial Bank Of Ukiah Cunningham J P
Chambers Jonathan Comontofski John Cunningham James
Chambers Robert Compton G D Cunningham James F
Chambers Thomas Compton Griffith Cunningham James P
Chambre R M Compton James Cunningham Joseph
Champlin George Compton John Cunningham Noble
Champlin Nelson Compton N P Cunningham Robert
Champney A D Compton Wayne Cunningham Simon
Chance Edward Comstock W D Cunningham Thomas
Chance Silas Conant John Cunningham W W
Chandler Aveline Conant Timothy Cunningham Walter
Chandler L C Conard A L Cunningham Z H
Chaney Harvey Condit Clyde Curley Charles Mitchell
Changala Domingo Condley Richard Curnow James
Channell Alvin Condon James Curran Dennis
Channon John Condon Joseph Currey John
Chapdelain John Condy Alva Currey Robert
Chapin J E 1 Condy James Currey Thomas
Chapin J E 2 Cone George Currie Alexander
Chapman A L Cone Joseph Currier A T
Chapman Albert Cone Ralph Currier Ben
Chapman Alfred Coney Bicknell Currier C J
Chapman Alfred Beck Congdon Joel Currier John
Chapman D P Conger William Curry Benjamin
Chapman G W Congreve John Curry Bert
Chapman George Conkey Amos Curry George
Chapman Harry Conkey Fred Curry Hatden
Chapman Herbert Conklin Chester Curry Reuben
Chapman James Conklin E B Curtain Michael
Chapman John C Conklin Fred Curtis Bradner
Chapman John S Conklin James Curtis Carleton Allsopp
Chapman Melvin Conklin N H Curtis Cyrus
Chapman W H Conkling Thomas Curtis Fornia
Chappelow William Conlan John Curtis Maury
Chappuis Louis Conley John Curtis Perry
Chard Stephen Conn Fetterman Curtis William
Charlebois Basile Conn William Curtis William J
Charlebois Paul Connarn William Curtiss Wilbur
Charles Ford Co Conneghan Cornelius Curtner Henry
Charles Robert Connell Alexander Curtner Lucy
Charles William Connell Michael Cushing Clinton
Charlesworth George Connelly A Cushing Henry
Charlesworth John Connelly Francis Cushing John
Charnock Charles Connelly James Cushman Ralph
Charter Earl Conner D V Cushman Ralph M
Charters H A Conner George Cusick Maxwell
Chase Arthur Conner Horatio Custer Altha
Chase Foster Conner John Cutler A R
Chase Henry Conner L D Cutler Charles
Chase Hiram Connolly Henry Cutler Frederick
Chase Hiram B Connolly Patrick Cutler John
Chase Jerry Connor Francis Cutler L H
Chase Murrey Connor Hamilton Cutler Thomas
Chatfield Amy Connor James 1 Cutter John
Chatten John Connor James 2 Cutter William
Chatten Richard Conoway J A Cutting David
Chatten Thomas Conrad Peter Cutting Elmer
Chatterton John Conran Ira Cutting Henry
Chauncey R H Constine Joseph Cutting Lewis
Chauvin E Converse John Cuttle Francis
Cheatham Frank Cook A Cutts Oliver
Cheda Louis Cook A S Cutts Walter
Chediston House Cook Buford Cyrus John
Cheetham John Cook Carroll
Cheney W W Cook Channing
Cheney William Cook Charles
Cheney Z D Cook Elijah
Chesley Charles Cook Ephraim
Chesley George Cook Francis
Chicard Louis Cook Frank
Chichester D W Cook George