Ventura County


Pre-1905 Calif Death Index


Ventura County was formed in 1872 from Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles counties. In 1782 the Mission San Buenaventura was founded as San Buenaventura (now known as Ventura). Buenaventura is composed of two Spanish words, buena meaning "good" and ventura meaning "fortune."


A     B-Be     Bi-Bu     C-Ch     Cl-Co     Cr-Da     De-Du     E-Fa

Fe-Fu     G-Go     Gr-Har     Has-Hu     I-Ki     Kn-L     M-McD

McE-Moo     Mor-Ol     Or-Ph     Pi-Re     Ri-Rol     Rom-Sa

Sc-Si     Sk-Sta     Ste-Te     Th-U     V-Wa     We-Wi     Wo-Z


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