Kern County


Pre-1905 Calif Death Index

Kern County was created in 1866 from Tulare and Los Angeles Counties in two roughly equal pieces. The county derived its name from the Kern River, which was named for Edward Kern, topographer of General John C. Fremont's 1845 expedition. Territory which was at one time in Kern County is now in Inyo and San Luis Obispo Counties.


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C-Car     Cas-Cho     Chu-Cor     Cos-Cu     D-De     Di-Du

E-Fa     Fe-Fo     Fr-Ge     Gi-Gu     H-Haz     He-Hol

Hom-Hu     I-J     K-Lam     Lan-Li     Ll-Mar     Mas-McI

McK-Me     Mi-Moo     Mor-Nel     New-Ol     Om-Pa

Pe-Po     Pr-Ra     Re-Rob     Rod-Sa     Sc-Sim

Sin-Smi     Sny-Sw     T-To     Tr-U     V-Wan

War-Wh     Wi-Wy     Y-Z




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