Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board

Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board

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About the Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board (ACHCB)

Amador County’s Historic Cemeteries were first started when the earliest settlers came into the Mother Lode at the time of the Gold Rush. Within these cemeteries are found members of the indigenous population, Americans, and immigrants from the Europe, Asia, and Latin America. They were the founders of our community, the backbone upon which the county was built.

Today their final resting places have fallen victim to deterioration, lack of attention, and vandalism.

The Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board is charged with preserving the historical integrity of our pioneer cemeteries. This includes repair, maintenance, gravesite identification and vandalism deterrents. Through our endeavors our historic cemeteries will be revitalized, restored to their past dignity and beauty, and made a source of pride of our community.


Members Of the Board

The Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board is appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The following are current members of the ACHCB:

Joe Lagomarsino, Chair

Cindy Cass

Carolyn Fregulia

Sabeth Ireland

Brigette LaFauci

Barbara McMahon


Brief History

The ACHCB was first established in March, 1992, with a representative from each of the five districts in Amador County. In 1996 the criterion was changed to members-at-large each representing the entire county. John Lovell was most instrumental in bringing the need of a board to oversee the care and preservation of our historic cemeteries to the Board of Supervisors. Through his efforst, and those of early Board members, the ACCB has made many contributions to the preservation of our pioneer cemeteries.

Our Thanks to Amador County Recreation Agency!

The ACHCB would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the Amador County Recreation Agency for partnering with the ACHCB to raise funds for preservation and maintenance of our historic cemeteries. Together thus far we have raised more than $10,000 which goes entirely to preservation of the cemeteries and markers for those graves identified in our Who Was I? project.


Our Thanks to Amador Community Foundation!

The ACHCB would like to extend our thanks to the Amador Community Foundation for the 2009 Grant of $500 for our "Who was I?" Project. The money will go exclusively to permanent markers for early settlers of Amador County who currently do not have a headstone. We appreciate your generous support.

And for their continued help and support for our annual Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser held each January.

The Amador Community Foundation is a nonprofit, public charity established in 2000--connect local generosity with local needs. Through the generosity of hundreds of local donors, the Foundation has awarded grants that have helped thousands in Amador county. Local individuals and businesses can establish funds or channel their charitable contributions throughthe Foundation to be used as grants to support numerous local nonprofit groups such as the Amador County Historic Cemeteres Board.




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