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Drytown Tombstone Photographs

Drytown Cemetery is landlocked by a private ranch. Permission to pass is available, subject to weather and ranch operations. Photographs of all the tombstones have been taken and are listed here by name on the tombstone.

Aho, Alma
Aho, Alma
Aho, William
Allen, Annie E.
Allen, Frank
Allen, Geo. C.
Apedaile, Art
Ball, Catharine
Ball, Jane
Bell, Hilda Hinkson
Bidwell, J.C.
Bilyeu, Albert Edward
Bilyeu, Ella M.
Bilyeu, John
Blackwell, Robert J.
Boone, John W.
Boyd, Clarence F.
Boyd, Emma K.
Bulawsky, Eva
Bulawsky, Mable
Burchell, Henry
Carley, Alfred J.
Carley, Ida M.
Carpenter, Frank
Church, Arabella Josephine Snediker
Church, Charles W
Church, Frank
Church, M.B.
Clark, E.S.
Clark, Julia R
Clark, Mary P.
Collings, Julia
Convers, Ralph Hudson
Convers, Ruth Hinkson
Cramer, Charles
Dickerman, --
DuVal, C. R.
Flanders, Samuel B.
Gale, Clarence
Giannini, Eddie M.
Giannini, Fedele
Giannini, Florenze
Gold, Bernal E. "Bun"
Gold, Viola M. "Sis"
Grambart, John H.
Greilich, Henry
Greilich, Lizzie
Greilich, Margaretha
Griffiths, Mrs. Josephene
Gustaveson, Jessie Hinkson
Harrington, Susan P.
Haze, W.
Henderson, Frank B.
Henderson, Mary E.
Hinkson, A.H.
Hinkson, Andrew H.
Hinkson, John A.
Hinkson, Mabel
Hinkson, Mary Sharp
Hinkson, Matilda W.
Hinkson, Nancy J.
Hinkson, Richard S.
Hommell, J.
Hommell, Mary E.
Ishmael, Melvin E.
Kirtley, Ann E.
Kuykendall, E. L.
Kuykendall, Ethel May
Kuykendall, Henry Clay
Kuykendall, Nettie Thrush
LeMoin, Alice Libbie
LeMoin, Elezer D.
Lombardo, Jack Edward
Lombardo, Stella M.
Ludwig, Annie
Ludwig, Infant
Malson, Ellen M.
Matthis, Geo. M. L.
Matthis, John G
Matthis , Mary A.
Meise, Edwin W.
Meise, Peggy B.
Meiss, Christian
Meiss, Elizabeth
Meiss, Elizabeth K.
Meiss, George A.
Meiss, J. Heinrich
Meiss, Louis
Merriweather, Hazel
Merriweather, Reuben F.
Miller, Mabel
Miller, Maud
Moore, Robert M.
Norman, Elizabeth C
Norman, William A
O'Brien, Leora
Plunkett, Albert
Poore, Velma Lou
Prothero, Alida M.
Randolph, Ethel May
Randolph, Franklin Edwin
Rhodes, George T
Rhodes, Mrs. E. A.
Rhodes, Samuel B
Robin, Iva Katherine
Robin, Paul John
Schneider, George C.
Sharp, Amanda
Sharp, Elizzie
Sharp, John
Shaw, Grace E.
Snediker, Jane H.
Stacy, Ruth
Stark, Mary A.
Stefan, Eva G. Hinkson
Summers, Don Monroe
Svenson, Carl M.
Tripp, Aaron E
Tripp, Minnie
Weikel, M. J.
Weikel, Samantha B.
Wells, Hannah M
West, Wm. W.
Westphall, Charles H.
Westphall, Nora M.
White, Jane H.




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