Please note that I do NOT have any financial interest in the sale of these
wonderful books, however, I did buy them and they are great!!

SANTA ANA IN VINTAGE POST CARDS by Gary Ball has 128 pages, over 200 vintage postcard images reproduced in black and white, wonderfully written captions of historical reference and interest, and retails for $18.99. The Society is selling autographed copies at the same retail price (plus tax and shipping) as a fundraiser. Click here to look at the cards and to learn how to order a book. If you want to charge it, you can call their message line at 714 547-9645 to have an autographed book shipped to you.

Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society

An absolute treasure for the price and proceeds go to the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society.

SANTA ANA AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY by Diann Marsh. Diann Marsh works with historic buildings in her profession as an architectural historian. Her job involves walking the streets in old neighborhoods, describing and photographing all significant buildings and, as part of the process, researching their history. She has surveyed over 10,000 buildings in 15 cities and has placed more than 100 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Fully illustrated this wonderful volume of information includes: Did Local Indians Live Where Santa Ana is Now Located, The Mission, Rancho and American Periods, The Arrival of the Americanos (1866-1869), From Mustard Grass to Settlement (the 1870's), Santa Ana Blossoms (1880's), Becoming a City (1890's), Turn of the Century (1900-1916), Santa Ana Goes to War(1916-1920), Prosperous Twenties, Dramatic 1930's and more! This great work is available from the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society.


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