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Mahoning Co.

"Beaver Township Cemetery and Death Records, Mahoning County, Ohio." Mahoning County, Ohio, Cemetery and Death Records Series, No. 4. Mahoning County Chapter, The Ohio Genealogical Society, Youngstown, Ohio. © 2001. J5

"Boardman Dutch Church Baptismal register (Lutheran), 1816-1858." (In City of Youngstown) LJS

"Canfield Township Death and Cemetery records." LJS

"Canfield Township Cemetery and Death Records, Mahoning, Ohio." Mahoning County, Ohio Cemetery and Death Records Series, No.1; Vol., 1. Mahoning County Chapter, The Ohio Genealogical Society, Youngstown, Ohio. © 1983 – 2nd printing – 1997. J5

Jackson-Milton High School yearbook, 1957. MF1

Meigs Co.

"Meigs County Ohio Marriages 1819-1913." Wes Cochran -- July 1991. CS11

Miami Co.

See also Thompson and Burns Family.

"A History Of Our Church from 1812 to 1962." Leonard U. Hill 1962. A description of the early church in Piqua and some of its members. No index to names. Pictures of early churchs. Lists 24 charter members. WRK

Montgomery Co.

"History of the City of Dayton and Montgomery County Ohio, Vol. 2." Rev. A. W. Drury, S. J. Clark Publishing Co., 1909. Biograhies of Early Dayton and Montgomery settlers. [This book is freely available at the Internet Archive.]

"History of Montgomery County, Ohio, containing a history of the county; its townships, cities, towns, schools, churches, etc.; general and local statistics; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; history of the Northwest Territory; history of Ohio; map of Montgomery County; Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous matters, etc., etc." W. H. Beers & Co. 1882. A transcription of this book is now available online.

Morgan Co.

"History of Morgan County, Ohio." Charles Robertson, M.D., published by L.H. Watkins & Co. in 1886. Portraits and biographical sketches of some of Morgan County's pioneers and prominent men. L1

"The History of Morgan County, Ohio 1980." The People of Morgan County Morgan County Historical Society 1980. This is a collection of family histories written by friends and descendants of the subject. To quote the forward "The balance of the book covers many of the events and trends of the past hundred years that influenced the evolution of the county into what it is today." KM6

Morrow Co.

"Historical Atlas, 1857, 1871, 1901." Includes reproductions of all three landowners atlases, indexed, pub. by Windmill Publications, Mt. Vernon, IL, 1990, for Morrow County Genealogical Society. Approx 175 pp. DCFD

Noble Co.

"Brookfield Township Cemeteries." Noble County OGS Chapter. JG3

"History of Noble County, Ohio." author is not given, published by L.H. Watkins & Co of Chicago in 1887. Portraits and biographical sketches of some of Noble County's pioneers and prominent men. L1

Ottawa Co.

"CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS OF OTTAWA COUNTY, OHIO." RECORDED BY THE OTTAWA COUNTY CHAPTER OF THE OHIO GENALOGICAL SOCIETY 1970-1976. The society took great care to transcribe all they could, but listed many things they were unable to do because complete cemeteries were destroyed to make way for road work. Others may have been moved to other locations. The preface of this book is a page long.... QUOTE FROM THE PREFACE: "...Subsequently, but prior to the formation of Ottawa County in 1840, sections of it were part of Trumbull, Franklin, Delaware, Huron, Erie, Sandusky and Lucas counties." "Therefore, in seeking records for this period one should determine the applicable jurisdiction and county seat." Cemeteries included: St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church, War of 1812 Battle Site Marker, East Harbor State Park, Jamison, Russian Orthodox, Kelly, Clemons, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Confederate Cemetary, Sackett, Wolcott, Hartshorn, St. Joseph Roman Catholic (Marblehead), Shook, Tynan Burial Plot, Dwelle, Christy Chapel, Port Clinton Lakeview, Port Clinton Riverview, Catawba Island, K'Burg, Crown Hill, Maple Leaf, Perry Victory Monument, Middle Bass, Isle of St. George, Ottawa County Home, La Carpe, Hineline, Rusha, Locust Point, St. Joseph Catholic (Toussaint), Roose, Oak Harbor Union, Limestone, Elliston (Old), Elliston (New), Rymers (Rice), Elmore (Old), Elmore Union, Billman Road, Allen Township (Williston), Clay-Genoa. G1

Paulding Co.

"Cemetery Inscriptions of Paulding Co, OH to 1986." Paulding County Genealogical Society, 1989. MHW

"Early Births of Paulding County, OH Part I, 1819-1867 and Part II 1867-1879." Assembled by Ray E. Keck, 1991. MHW

"Early Marriages of Paulding Co, OH 1839-1902." Compiled by Ray E. Keck, 1989. MHW

"Historical Atlas of Paulding County, OH 1892." Compiled by O. Morrow and F. W. Bashore, reprinted for the John Paulding Historical Society, Taylor Printing, 1978. This book does not have an index, and thus the name of the township where the family lived is required for a look-up. MHW

Perry Co.

"History of Fairfield & Perry Counties, Ohio Compiled by A. A. Graham Published by W. H. Beers & Co., Chicago, 1883. A complete history of Fairfield and Perry Counties; Their townships, cities, villages, towns, schools, churches, societies, industries, statistics, etc.; A history of their soldiers in the late war; Portraits of early settlers and prominentmen; Miscellaneous matter; Maps of the counties; Biographies and histories of pioneer families, etc. This book is now available online in its entirety: http://www.perrycountyohio.us/fphhistory/.

Pickaway Co.

"Marriage Records, Pickaway Co., Ohio, 1810-1862." Compiled by Dan R. Hearl. Published by the Pickaway Co., OH Historical Society, 1992. JPA

"Marriage Records, Pickaway Co., Ohio, 1862-1898." Compiled by Dan R. Hearl. Published by the Pickaway Co., OH Historical Society, 1992. JPA

Pike Co.

"History of Lower Scioto Valley." collections/Inter-State Publishing (Chicago)/1880. Biographies of pioneer settlers, descriptions/histories of townships that includes small hamlets, villages, etc., Military History of Scioto, Jackson, and Pike Counties, OH...Info is divided into townships with descriptions of businesses, churches, schools, physicians, etc...Mainly centers on three above mentioned counties with Portsmouth, OH, the "center of the spoke" so to say..... BGJ

Portage Co.

"Aurora, from the founding to the flood (1799-1913)." Carol G Bowman, Aurora Historical Society, 1999. Detailed written and pictorial history of Aurora Ohio; includes index. CL3

"Brimfield and Its People 1816-1941." Edgar L. McCormick , Published 1988 by Tompson & Rutter Inc. History on the town of Brimfield, Ohio and its residents. it is indexed for a quick lookup. D18

Preble Co.

Preble County Ohio, c1992. MP

Ross Co.

"Frankfort and Concord Township History." Compiled by Frankfort and Concord Township History Book Committee,Turner Publising, 2002. A history of Concord Township with a focus on Frankfort, Austin, Lattaville and Roxabel's familes, schools, agriculture, homes, military service and business/commerce. P16

"A Standard History of Ross County, Ohio." Lyle Evans, Lewis Publishing Company, 1917. An authentic narrative of the history of Ross County from its early days, with special mention of famous families who pioneered the county. In addition, there is a "modern" tribute to the late 19th and early 20th century as it regards the social and economic development of Ross County. P16

Scioto Co.

"History of Lower Scioto Valley." collections/Inter-State Publishing (Chicago)/1880. Biographies of pioneer settlers, descriptions/histories of townships that includes small hamlets, villages, etc., Military History of Scioto, Jackson, and Pike Counties, OH...Info is divided into townships with descriptions of businesses, churches, schools, physicians, etc...Mainly centers on three above mentioned counties with Portsmouth, OH, the "center of the spoke" so to say..... BGJ

Seneca Co.

"The Farm Journal Rural Directory of Seneca County, Ohio." Wilmer Atkinson Company, Philadelphia, 1916. Cover states dates of 1916-1921. Contains alphabetical Farmers' Directory of Seneca County, Ohio, by surname, as compiled by the publishers of the Farm Journal. Entries include name of farmer, and abbreviated facts about same. Also contains Index to Advertisers, advertisements, brief facts and history notes of Seneca County. Note: NO city or village individual listings, other than possibly business advertisements. This is stictly a rural, farm directory. JI1

"History of Seneca County." W. Lang, Transcript Printing Co., 1880. A history of Seneca County, Ohio. This book contains biographies of prominent citizens of Seneca County, Ohio. Not all surnames are indexed. I will only check for names listed in the index due to the condition of this book. V2

"History of Seneca County, Ohio." Warner, Beers and Co., 1886. A history of Seneca County, Ohio. This book has a very extensive index of surnames. V2

"Polk's City Directory for Tiffin, Ohio 1962." R. L. Polk & Co., 1962. City Directory for Tiffin, Ohio. V2

"Lands in Lodi: History of West Lodi and surrounding area of Seneca County OH." West Lodi Historical Society, 2007. History of people, places and events of Reed Township in Seneca County OH(northwest OH). Also included are portions of Adams, Thompson and Scipio Townships that are adjacent to Reed. West Lodi Historical Society is a very small group that did a superb job putting together pictures, documents and history. If your ancestors are in this book, I highly recommend you try to purchase. L1

Shelby Co.

"Marriage Records of Shelby County, Ohio, vol. 1, 1819-1870." Compiled by Barbara Adams and Gene Mozley, Gateway Press, 1981. Compilation of marriages recorded in Marriage Record Books 1 & 2, 3, 4 and 5 located in the Probate Court Office, Shelby County Court House, Sidney, OH. Also included are the entries for marriage licenses published in the Shelby County Democrat newspaper for period 1819 - 1824. MM9

"Marriage Records of Shelby county, Ohio vol 2: 1871-1899." MM9

"Memorial Records of Shelby County, Ohio 1819-1975." Compiled by Barbara Adams and Gene Mozley, Gateway Press, 1977. Indexed entries of tombstone inscriptions for 97 cemeteries in Shelby County. MM9

Stark Co.

"Stark County, Ohio Death Records 1867-1908." Stark County Chapter, The Ohio Genealogical Society, Kelly Print Shop, 1991. Gives death date, marital status, age, place of death, place of birth, occupation, may give parents names, cause of death and residence. B16

Summit Co.

"Akron and Summit County." Karl H. Grismer, Summit County Historical Society, isn't dated History of Summit County and Akron. From the Indians (abt. 1669) to about 1950. It has Biographies of people, businesses, townships and people who started them. GOB

"Elletian Year Book-1956-1959 and 1961." Published in 1956-1961. The Elletian Year Book was the annual yearbook for Ellet Jr.-Sr. High School in Ellet, Summit County, Ohio. I have the 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1961 editions. Will be glad to look up your ancestors. MB8

"Twinsburg, Ohio 1817-1917," Part 1 History Part 2 Genealogies. Reprinted 1984 by the Twinsburg Historical Society The Bulletin, Publisher. Twinsburg, Ohio. Excellent genealogical records of Summit county, Ohio. JK6, RD2

Trumbull Co.

"19th Century Voices of Trumbull County, Ohio." Grace Calvin Allison, compiler & editor. Pub by Trumbull Co. Chapter, OGS. Newspaper snippets and personal remembrances of Trumbull County residents in the 1800s. Indexed. T12

"Atlas and Directory of Trumbull County, Ohio including a directory of Freeholders and Official Register of the County, with illustrations The American Atlas Company, Cleveland, Ohio," 1899. Trumbull County Township property maps and biographies of many citizens. Indexed. T12

"Trumbull Co Ohio Bible & Family Records." Compiled & Edited by Ruth Allen for the Trumbull Co Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1988. Compiled and indexed records from various family bible collections. T12

"Trumbull Co. Ohio Birth Records 1867-1908." Editors Rosemary Stroup Grayson, Roberta Graves Hyde, Barbara House Layfield; Pub by Trumbull Co Genealogical Society, 2001. Alphabetized, transcribed birth records from Trumbull Co Health Dept. and other sources. T12

Tuscarawas Co.

"Tuscarawas County, Ohio Marriages 1808-1844." Tuscarawas Co. Genealogical Society 1979. 3,972 marriages from Books 1-2-3 in the records of the Probate Court of Tuscarawas County. MB7

"The Zoar Story." Hilda Dischinger Morhart, Gordon Printing, 1981 reprint. Tells of stories of the Society of Separatists--a religious group persecuted in Wuerttemberg, Germany who with the help of Quakers found their new home in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. The existed as a communal society from 1817-1898. I have indexed all names listed and referenced any known or mentioned relations. Will include storyline text of individual. JSS

Union Co.

"History of Union County, Ohio." W. H. Beers and Co., 1883; reprint 2007 by Heritage Books. In 2 volumes, historical sketches are arranged by township. BR1

Van Wert Co.

"Van Wert County Cemetery Inscriptions." All 5 volumes. MM9

"Van Wert county Ohio Death Records Book 1: 1867-1893." MM9

"Van Wert county Ohio Death Records Book 2: 1893-1903." MM9

"Van Wert county Ohio Death Records Book 3: 1904-1908." MM9

"Van Wert county Ohio Marriage Book No. 1: 1840-1855." MM9

Washington Co.

"History of Washington County, Ohio, 1788-1881." H. Z. Williams & Bro, original printing 1881, reprint 1992. Historical and Biographical info concerning Washington County, Ohio. Includes Marietta, Ohio and a history of all the Townships and some Villages. JPA, PD3

Wayne Co.

See also Holdeman Family.

"History of Wayne County, Ohio from the days of the Pioneers." Ben Douglass, pub. by Robert Douglass, Indianapolis, IN, 1878. This book gives a history of Wayne County from when the pioneers first settled in that area and the obstacles they had to overcome. It also has short biographies on all of the early settlers. It is indexed, but sometimes there are 2 or more persons with the same names (Sr, Jr, etc) so I will need more than just the name in some cases to find your ancestor. These biographies usually give names of other family members as well as general information about their lives. Very useful for learning more about them. N6

Wood Co.

"1986 Hi-Echo (Bowling Green, OH)." Bowling Green High School, Bowling Green Ohio 43402. 1986 Yearbook. MJ1

"1987 Hi-Echo (Bowling Green, OH)." Bowling Green High School, Bowling Green Ohio 43402. 1987 Yearbook. MJ1

"Commemorative Historical and Biographical Record of Wood County, Ohio: Its Past and Present." J. H. Beers & Company, Chicago, 1897. History of Wood County (OH) and its towns / villages and townships from ca. 1700 to 1897. Covers pioneers, political / educational / religious / social organizations and detailed family biographies. GLF

"Eagle Point Cemetery / Rossford, OH Burials Index." Author: Gary. L. Franks. Publisher: Gary L. Franks, 2015. Listing of all known burials, including those not in the Toledo Jewish Cemetery Association (TJCA) records, but documented through official government death records and certificates from 1868 to 1940. Pictures of all existing (as of June 2015) gravestones are available. This cemetery is composed of two separate parts known as "gardens": Etz Chayim Garden (formerly Ansahi Sfard Garden) and Toledo Hebrew Garden. GLF

"Pioneer Scrap-book Wood County History." Compiled from papers and materials of C.W. Evers, Democrat Bowling Green OH, 1910. Per the intro to the book "Many incidents and reminiscences of the early history of Wood County. Together with some of the historic events of the Maumee Valley. Pioneer Scrap-Book has been collected from the papers and material of the late C.W. Evers as gathered by him for years past." L1

Wood County history. Beers, 1897
Atlases: 1875, 1886, 1912 1858
Land owners map
Wills, estates 1851-1900
Early landowners recorded patent deeds 1840's - 1860's
Bloom Twp. [Bloomdale] area obituaries, 1890's - 1986
History of the Bloomdale, Ohio, area families
Cemeteries in Bloom township
Cemeteries in Portage township
Bradner Cemetery, in Montgomery township
Plain township cemetery book
Union Hill Cemetery, Plain township
Oak Grove Cemetery in Bowling Green, (Center township) LJS

Wyandot Co.

"Early Settlers and Landowners of Wyandot County, Ohio." Edith Garner Tilton and Scott Baker. Upper Sandusky, Ohio: Wyandot Tracers Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society 1995. Lists the known first settlers and the earliest real estate owners for the county. Extracted from 1884 History of Wyandot County, Ohio, and from Volumes I and II of the county Tax Duplicate List for the years 1845 and 1846. JBCH

"The History of Wyandot County, Ohio." Chicago: Leggett, Conaway & Co. 1884. Reprinted by Higginson Book Co., Salem, MA, 2001. A history of the county: its townships, towns, churches, school, etc.; general and local statistics; military record; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; . . . . I also have "An Index fo Personal Names . . ." published in 1992 by the Wyandot County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. JBCH

"Marriages Licenses Wyandot County, Ohio, 1845 - 1873." Reprinted from microfilm of "The Wyandot Union" by the Wyandot County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society 1989. In 1883, the editor of "The Wyandot Union" deemed it interestng enough for his readers to publish the Wyandot County marriage licenses issued from 1845 to 1873 in his newspaper. This book was made from microfilm of the newspaper. These are licenses, not certficates; it is not a complete listing. JBCH

"Record of Deaths Wyandot County Probate Court 1867 - 1908." Project of Wyandot Tracers, OGS, 1992. Abstracted from original records and microfilm by Foster Roszman. Alphabetized by John and Ernestine Borton. Gives name, date of death, age, and page of original record. Anyone wishing additional information from the death records may write to the Wyandot Tracers. JBCH

"Wyandot County, Ohio, Family Bible Records 1987." Volume I. Compiled by Wyandot County Chapter of Ohio Genealogical Society 1987. JBCH

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