Books We Own - User E-Mail Request

Books We Own - User E-Mail Request


Rootsweb no longer supports the scripts that underlie web-based email forms. The information below will help you connect with the lookup volunteer.

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Volunteer's Information:

BS9 [US History]
Bud Shortridge
Fort Wayne, Indiana

I have an interest in History of United States Naval Fighting Ships. This is a hobby of mine, that I've grown into over the years. What I really enjoy doing is researching U.S. Navy Fighting Ships of WW I & II, and even prior to that period, compiling the information , and e-mailing the results to individuals that request the history. Of course I never charge for this service........."It is completly free". The material that I compile comes from several sources, of which I have no problem quoting such sources. I usually pull large amounts of material from the DANFS [Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships], this is intermixed with information that I attain from many of my own research manuals, web sites, and organizations that I belong to that share information between the attending members. I have sent many history request to many individuals on the web, so if you would like to check me out.....please do. Like I is all strings of "any" kind.

Bud's blog has more information on naval and merchant ships.