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Daviess, Maria T. History of Mercer and Boyle Counties. Harrodsburg, KY: Harrodsburg Herald, 1924 (1961 reprint). 175 pp.

This history originally appeared in the "Harrodsburg Democrat" newspaper in the late 1880s. Includes town histories, historical events, biographies of area pioneers, including a chapter on the McAfee family (my line - I am willing to share additional info). Since the book is not indexed, I have prepared my own index of the book. Every name mentioned in the book has been indexed.

Please check the index to see if your name of interest is listed before requesting a lookup.

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If you do find your name listed in the index, then please go to my FORM to request a lookup. Please include the full name and page number(s) of the person you wish to be looked up. I will e-mail back the pertinent information; I cannot photocopy or snail-mail sections from the book.

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