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Welcome! This web site is devoted to the genealogical research of the Burchett family and all of the derivations, such as Birchett. It is a place for us to celebrate our family and to share our knowledge. This site is a clearinghouse for all Burchett related material, websites, reunion information, family trees, "stories" and "tales".

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Edward Burchett, the immigrant ancestor to the majority of the Burchetts in the United States, came to America in 1665 when he was 26 years old.  His wife, Mary Ann Drury, came with him, and together they raised 6 children.  Edward was born in Chatham, Kent County, England on January 1, 1639.  His son Robert was the first Burchett born in America.  Edward is listed in the Prince George County Virginia Quit Rent Rolls in 1704, having 886 acres of land.  Edward died in Prince George County, Virginia on February 18, 1712 at 73 years of age.

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Jeane Burchet, born about 1600, married Jean Rainville of St Thomas de Touques, Lisieux, Normandie, France.  Their son, Paul de Rainville, married Roline Poete/Poite about 1638 at Touques.  This is in the Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Quebec des origines à 1730, by Rene Jette, p962.

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Burchett Descendants

      Burchett cousins who have submitted descendancy listings have now been added.  Please click on the links below to view this
     information.  If you have a submission, please send it to the webmaster!  Please note that there is some duplication among the
     various listings, most notably in the earlier generations.  However, each list has some differences in the descendants listed.
George Burchett, b. 1812, Washington Co., OH Henry Burchett, b. c. mid-1800s
John Burchett, b. 1735, VA John Burchett, b. 1761, VA
John Burchett, b. 1777 Mary Burchett, b. 1806, VA
Samual Burchett, b. abt 1676, Sussex, Eng.  (updated 20 Sep 2000) Thomas Burchett, b. 1535, Chatham, Kent, Eng.
Thomas Burchett, b. 1604, Chatham, Kent, Eng. Thomas Burchett and Mary Ann Sikes (updated 16 Apr 2001)
Wilford Paul Burchett, b1906, Carter Co., KY This space reserved for your list!

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Interesting stories, tidbits and other fascinating information . . .

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    The Trip To Kansas - story about Benjamin F. Burchett III and their family trip.
    My One-Room Country School By Lydia Burchett
   Tattoo History Source Book with information on George Burchett, London's leading tattooist for over 50 years

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