John Georg Buckreus

Wisconsin Buckreus
1st Generation
Kathy (Buckreus) O'Brien:

John and Eva Buckreus

John and Eva are the founding ancestors of the Wisconsin Buckreus family. Emigrating from Bavaria in 1849, they first settled in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

Honesdale was the birthplace of their first three children, Agnes, Mary and Lizzie. They decided to move to Wisconsin when an arsonist burned down John's cabinet shop. Sailing through the Great Lakes, the family lived on the homestead of Eva's cousin, Agnes (Geiger) Baumann, near Pike Lake in Washington County.

According to family stories, conditions were very primitive on the homestead. They lived in triangular shacks formed by nailing boards between 3 trees. Eva's prayers for a real house in town were answered when lightening struck the humble abode and burned it to the ground. Later, in 1859, John purchased a piece of land on the corner of Rossman and North Main and built the family home .

John became an integral part of the community. He filed intentions to become a citizen in 1855, and was granted citizenship in 1859. He served as town constable in 1857, Town Treasurer for 1 year, and he was Assessor from 1879 until his death in 1888. In his obituary he was described as a "fine architect and builder." Among his accomplishments were the first sanctuary for Peace Lutheran Church (1866), St. Kilian Catholic Church's first sanctuary, and the Old North Side School.


John Georg Buckreus

Eva Margaretha Geiger

Children of John Georg Buckreus and Eva Margaretha Geiger:

  1. Agnes Buckreus
  2. Mary Ann Buckreus
  3. Elizabeth Barbara Buckreus
  4. Margaret Ann Buckreus
  5. John Andrew Buckreus
  6. Rose Buckreus


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