Wisconsin Buckreus
3rd Generation
Kathy (Buckreus) O'Brien:

John Claude Buckreus

Dick was an industrious man who worked his way up in the world. He quit school at an early age to join the workforce, but studied hard as an adult to make up for his lack of education.

By the time of his marriage (on his 22nd birthday), he had become a machinist at the Paramount knitting factory where his bride worked. When the factory (renamed the Bear Brand Hosiery Factory) moved to Gary, Indiana, in 1935 he was the factory manager. When he retired, he and Laura returned to Hartford. He is said to be responsible for the discovering how to make stretchable nylon and for knitting machines that could make seamless stockings.

Dick had many interests aside from work. Like his siblings, he and Laura were charter members of Redeemer Lutheran Church and were active members before relocating to Indiana. Hunting and fishing were frequent activities, and he was an excellent vegetable gardner. Laura spent many hours canning the bounty. The nearby woodlands yielded squirrels and morrel mushrooms for the table.

Dick had a knack for making money, even when he wasn't trying. On the advice of his financial consultant, he bought a farm outside Hartford. It wasn't long before gravel was found on the property, and it turned into a money-making endeavor instead of a tax shelter.


John Claude Buckreus (Dick)


Laura Hermine Zilch


Bernice Amanda Tackman


Children of Dick Buckreus and Laura Zilch:

  1. Phyllis Jean Buckreus
  2. Allan John Buckreus
  3. Larry David Buckreus
  4. Nancy Ann Buckreus


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