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                             Chimneyhouse Sky Willow, UDX 

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Chimneyhouse Sky Willow, UDX is shown above taking a hurdle with grace and style.  
Willow's vital stats are:  Breeder: Lois D'Ambrosio, Sire: CH Touchwood Foolproof,  
Dam: Chimneyhouse Lady Anna Rosa

                        Willow, the Obedient Bedlington, Wins High Honor

                                 By Linda Freeman and Robin Beeler-Nichols

      In 2001, a humble little blue Bedlington called Willow, earned the obedience title, Utility Dog Excellent, which was so profound and heretofore impossible to obtain, that 
we must all stand up, take note, and applaud. 

     Congratulations to Sue and Howie Latz, and their obedient Bedlington, Chimneyhouse Sky Willow, UDX, bred by Lois D'Ambrosio.

     To understand this accomplishment, you must follow Willow's trail of successes.
1. To earn a UDX, a dog must first earn the novice title, CD or Companion Dog, which
    is the beginner level of obedience work.
2. The next level is open, or CDX, Companion Dog Excellent.
3. The third level is Utility or UD, a title which few Bedlingtons have earned in the US.

    To be awarded these titles, a dog must earn a qualifying score in three AKC competitions under three different judges.   As you can see, a Utility title is very special 
in any breed.
    Willow and Sue, however, continued their success through to the fourth level of competition, UDX, a first for the breed. To earn this title a dog and handler team must enter the competitive Open B and Utility B classes on the same day and earn a qualifying score in both classes in order to earn a single UDX leg.
       A UDX title is only awarded when the dog earns ten legs! Sue and Willow were honored at the annual dinner of the BTCA, October 6, 2001. Sue was awarded a cut glass Bedlington Terrier Clock, but she deserves much more. She deserves thanks from each of us for proving to the world that the Bedlington Terrier is much more than a pretty face, it is a true companion and working dog.

      Thank you Sue and Willow.