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CH Foggyfurze Fan Fare is pictured below. For another picture click here.

Whelped: Sept. 9, 1968,  bred and  owned by Fred Gent.                 Color: Blue
Sire: English Ch. Northcote Lucky Mark.    Dam: Foggyfurze Nina
     Fan Fare can be found in almost every pedigree in the United States and England. In the first ten generations, Fan Fare appears 50 times or more in some American pedigrees!!!!   This dog can be traced to such well known American Kennels as Barma, Bonnybrook, Carillon, Chelsea Blue, Devonshire, Hollywink, Magic Mist, Meadowsweet, Merwyn, Serendipity, Sudor, Tamarack and Touchwood. 
     In Canada, he is traced back to the Boulevardier and Camarata Kennels. In England, he is traced to almost every kennel including Rathsrigg and Skewhill. In Sweden, he is found in pedigrees through the Rathsrigg kennel. He is also found in Finland.Few dogs have touched so many pedigrees world wide.