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of 2001     
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NAME (SEX)                                    REG#               Date Fin'd    SIRE                                                DAM                                                     BREEDER                            OWNER

Angel’s Eve Of Eden (B)                  RM30202003     8/5/01        CH Rathsrigg Saxon Ruler 12-98      CH Victoria’s Little Angel 5-00          Marci Berman                     Marci Berman

Bluenote Dream Date (D)                 RM27194201    2/17/01       CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91          Boulevardier Finders Keepers           G Gates & B Nelson       M Klass & B Nelson

Borsali’nos Tio (D)                          RM30481401     8/11/01      Harmony Way’s Tamborine Man      Borsali’nos Optima                          Eli Fjeld                      D Hurley & V Sypher

Capstone Clearly Carillon (B)           RM30846101     6/2/01        CH Topseed Carillon Connors 7-00    CH Capstone One Under Par 7-00 /   M Sanders & L Heyman/    Michael Sanders

Carillon Genevieve At Zann (B)       RM30139105    4/28/01       CH Carillon Fuzzy Logic 8-94            CH Carillon Serendipity Calypso 2-97/   P Pruitt & L Heyman/      Suzanne Weiss

Charthill Good Ship Lollipop (B)      RM24204203    6/23/01       CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91           CH Capstone One Over Par NA NAJ 8-98 /M Sanders & C Hill /  C Hill, T Hill & K Hill

Charthill Toby Capstone (D)            RM24204202    4/29/01       CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91           CH Capstone One Over Par NA NAJ 8-98 /M Sanders & C Hill/      M Sanders & C Hill

Chelsea’s Blue Ghost (D)                  RM31556803    8/11/01       CH Isotop’s Storm Warning 10-00     Chelsea’s Cheyenne Blue Sky 9-99     /L Freeman & S Muha                    Marie Rose

Coquetdale Answer Me Daisy (B)      RM28834701    2/18/01      CH Fuzzy Logic Rapid Response 12-99/ CH Bonny Brook’s Blue Flower 12-99/    Carole Moody                    Carole Moody

De Hayyim’s Drakkar Of Sudor (D)  RM32579702    6/22/01     CH Sudor’s Obession De Hayyim 2-01/   CH Blacksheep’s Snickers 4-99/      C Sandfort & D King           C Sandfort & D King

De Hayyim’s Li’l Blacksheep (B)     RM32579703    6/10/01      CH Sudor’s Obession De Hayyim 2-01/   CH Blacksheep’s Snickers 4-99 /     C Sandfort & D King         C Sandfort & D B Taban

Fantasia’s Natasha (B)                      RM19181101      7/7/01       CH Misty Morns Stetson Of Sudor 2-97/ CH Marikov’s Fantasy O’Fantasia 2-97 /  T Wyszynski                 T Wyszynski

First Class Dana Of Tamarack (B)    RM28060302    1/21/01       CH Shanum Punim Di Shepsel 4-94/      CH Willow Wind It’s My Party 1-99 /    Jacquelyn Fogel                   Sally DeKold

James Lord Fawsley (D)                   RM29057404     7/21/01       CH Shanum Punim Di Shepsel 4-94/      Patmore’s Kristoll Nacht 3-99 /           Pat Rhein                          G Riley & J Louden

Jewelbox Diamond Jim (D)              RM31450805     3/25/01       CH Isotop’s Storm Warning 10-00/      CH Chelsea’s Blue Cameo 6-99/             Mary Jo Dunn                        Diane Pearson

Jewelbox Star Sapphire (B)               RM31450801      8/5/01       CH Isotop’s Storm Warning 10-00/      CH Chelsea’s Blue Cameo 6-99/             Mary Jo Dunn                        Mary Young

Kallehan’s Heart’s Desire (B)          RM26617401     2/22/01       CH Willow Wind Tenure 5-99 /           CH Willow Wind Vanity Fair 5-99 /         S Han & N Han                   Jacquelyn Fogel

Kel-Ti Scotty Too Hotty (D)          RM31230206     4/20/01       CH Charthill Toby Capstone 9-00       CH Kel-Ti Sudor She’s No Angel 9-00/   Hitchcock, Humphries, King /  K & J Hitchcock

Lambert’s Rotchilds Vintage (D)     RM22265605       4/1/01       CH Hown Hills Thousand Pipers 1-98/ CH Hown Hill’s Mercedes 1-98/           R Andras & R Koons       J Saweikis & M Saweikis

Meadowsweet Flashback (D)             RM28018503    4/29/01       CH Lord Derby Of Chimneyhouse 9-95/ CH Meadowsweet Summer’s Hot 9-99/   Vanassa Sypher                       Vanassa Sypher

Meadowsweet Miss Demeanor (B)    RM28018504    8/25/01       CH Lord Derby Of Chimneyhouse 9-95/ CH Meadowsweet Summer’s Hot 9-99/    Vanassa Sypher                      Vanassa Sypher

Oakhill Sandon Justus Dexter (D)     RM26216207    4/15/01       CH First Class Twotone Joe Tamarack 1-99 /CH Oakhill N’Sandon Sweet Deceit 6-96/ S Miles & F Harper        Meredith Rambo

Patchwork’s Puttin On Da Ritz (B)/ RM31865801   7/20/01        CH Carillon Fuzzy Logic 8-94/            CH Angel On Gossamer Wings 11-00/       K Foster & B Lundy / L Heyman & D B Taban

Peremi Campayne Promise (D)       RM11829502    5/13/01       CH Nimbleby Ruff ‘N Ready 6-93        CH Nimbleby Persephone CD 10-94         Joan Weiskopf                       Joan Weiskopf

Peremi Pentameter (B)                   RM11829505    7/29/01       CH Nimbleby Ruff ‘N Ready 6-93         CH Nimbleby Persephone CD 10-94          Joan Weiskopf                      Joan Weiskopf

Rhicullen Jenny Spinner (B)            RM27529401      7/8/01       Mollora Kniphofia Honeymist             Angel Eyes Of Rhicullen                              J Gillies                                 T & H Lewis

Rob Raes Melody Of Valgo (B)       RM20379602     6/24/01       CH Valgos Rae Of NXS 7-97                Valgo’s Calle Siena Roth 7-97                    T Roth & S Roth                      Robin Boyett

Sandon N’Oakhill Katie Keys (B)   RM31816303     4/14/01       CH Sandon N’Oakhill Mardi Gras 11-00 /CH Sandon N’Oakhill Cheyna’s Flurry 11-00/  F Harper & S Miles            Laurel Keys

Silverwood Blu Diamond Chip (D)/ RM29322603     8/18/01       CH Carillon Quid Pro Quo 2-00/          CH Good Golly Miss Mollie 2-00 /             Donna Reddiconto                   C & C Garrison

Stony Lake Golden Glow (B)         RM31586701      6/17/01      CH Blue Jasper Of Tamarack CD 10-00 /CH Sher-Meer Stony Lake Roxanne 12-99/ C &  K & R Gooch           R & K & C Gooch

Sudor’s Carillon Blacksheep (B)    RM30139104      4/29/01      CH Carillon Fuzzy Logic 8-94               CH Carillon Serendipity Calypso 2-97       P Pruitt & L Heyman      C Sandfort & D King

Sudor’s Grey Flannel (D)               RM29702804      2/18/01      CH Bonnybrook’s Magical Sudor 6-97  CH Sudor’s Tresor 10-97                           L Keys & D King Mareno,     King, Harriman

Sudor’s Halston At Zann (D)         RM32471002       7/8/01      CH Bonnybrook’s Magical Sudor 6-97   CH Sudor’s Tresor 10-97                           L Keys & D King                 Suzanne Weiss

Willow Wind Legacy O’Tamarack (D)/ RM25478901/  4/15/01/  CH First Class Twotone Joe Tamarack 1-99/ Willow Wind Memory Lane 7-93 /   Margot Mencoff                 David Phillips

Wrightwyn’s Puttin On The Ritz (B)/ RM33309701/   7/5/01    Dejeune Out Of Texas         CH Touchwood Myra Of Wrightwyn                         Brenton Wright              Diane Pearon