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of 1998    
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Name:                                                          Reg#:                  Finished   Sire:  
                                                          Dam:                                                              Breeder:                                 Owner:
Acura Legend (D)                                      RM19880601          1/24/98       CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91                   CH Fuzzi Logic Cache Controller 10-96          B Lundy & D Reddiconto         Carrie Martin

Blacksheep's Duckpin Lancelot (D)            RM18473004          10/11/98     CH Devonshire Tinker Toy 12-96               CH That's Just Ducky 12-94                           C & J Sandfort                          D Russell & B Byrd

Blue Jasper Of Tamarack (D)                     RM19693004          11/7/98       CH Buster Brown Of Tamarack 4-97           CH Seabreeze Of Tamarack 4-97                 Sally DeKold                             Sheila Beutler

Bluenote I Spy Carillon (D)                        RM21795201          8/15/98       CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91                      Bluenote Dynasty Silver Sadie                      Bonnie Nelson                          B Nelson & L Heyman

Bonny Brook's Blue Flower (B)                 RM20871503          8/9/98          CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91                     CH Bonny Brook's Sonatina In D 2-96         D & K Corash,L Heyman         Carole Moody

Bonny Brook's Carilloneur (D)                  RM20871502           12/3/98        CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91                    CH Bonny Brook's Sonatina In D 2-96          D & K Corash, L Heyman         D & K Corash, L Heyman

Bramble's Circle Of Life (B)                       RM19552201            4/18/98        CH EJ's Irish Toby Murphy 4-97                 CH Barma's Lady Jane Grey 11-93              Paula Von Gerichten                 Paula Von Gerichten

Carillon Fuzzi Logic Cyrix (D)                  RM21231002            8/28/98        CH Carillon Fuzzy Logic 8-94                      CH Doe Reen's Marsha Fields 8-93             S Matt & R McBride                   Annette Gustavson 

Carillon Soft Money (B)                            RM19507902            7/25/98        CH Carillon Fuzzy Logic 8-94                       NXS Kinsington 3-97                                    Diane Carlton                             L Heyman, B Lundy, 
A. Gustavson 
Chelsea's Blue Britannia (D)                     RM20916712            5/23/98        CH Chelsea's Chaz Manian Devil 3-98       Chelsea's Blues In The Night 9-97               Linda Freeman                           L Freeman & L Morrison

Chelsea's Blues In The Night (B)              RM17099304            7/31/98         CH Chelsea's Memphis Blues 3-91            Chelsea's Blue Mountain Lady 4-95             S Muha & L Freeman                 Linda Freeman

Chelsea's True Blue Tobias (D)               RM17099305           6/13/98          CH Chelsea's Memphis Blues 3-91            Chelsea's Blue Mountain Lady 4-95             S Muha & L Freeman                 Lisa Henneke 

Dejeune Sebastian Of Dunkan (D)           RM19078003            9/13/98          Dejeune Blue Blazer 2-97                         CH NXS Diva Of Dejeune 2-97                    D June & M Klingler                    I & E Holmes, D June

First Class Twotone Joe Tamarack (D)    RM19693002            4/4/98           CH Buster Brown Of Tamarack 4-97          CH Seabreeze Of Tamarack 4-97                Sally DeKold                              Jacquelyn Fogel

Gemar Tyk's Fantasia (B)                        RM20131201            6/14/98         CH Gemar Anything Goes 9-96                 Gemar's Kiwi Wicket 10-96                            G Ochs & G McGuire                  Karen Yohnka

Good Golly Miss Millie (B)                        RM19880602            4/25/98         CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91                   CH Fuzzi Logic Cache Controller 10-96       B Lundy & D Reddiconto           Donna Reddiconto

Leaning Trees Nell (B)                            RM15025401            9/5/98           CH Leaning Trees Harry 10-95                 Leaning Trees Lucy 10-95                           Diane Delle                                Diane Delle

Liberty's Les Miz Understood (B)            RM20525501            8/6/98           CH Liberty's Rain Beau Bleu 6-94             CH Liberty's Making Believe 9-95                  D Lehr & D Williams                    D Lehr & D Williams

Liberty's Rain Beau Connection (D)        RM16301801            9/13/98          CH Liberty's Rain Beau Bleu 6-94            CH Liberty's Daydream Believer 6-94           Desiree Williams                          D Williams,B Brooks, 
D Lehr
Meadowsweet Kant Say No (D)              RM15676805            9/27/98          CH Meadowsweet Bingo 1-96                  Meadowsweet Miss Spice 1-96                    Vanassa Sypher                          Vanassa Sypher

Meadowsweet Likeit Like That (D)           RM16549502            4/12/98          CH Meadowsweet Bingo 1-96                  Meadowsweet Fiesta 5-96                            Vanassa Sypher                          Vanassa Sypher

Meadowsweet Summer's Hot (B)             RM20903105             10/4/98         Meadowsweet Blujacket 4-97                   Meadowsweet Fiesta 5-96                            Vanassa Sypher                          Vanassa Sypher

NXS Last Dance (B)                                RM18622501             6/20/98        CH Doereen's Raymond Marvel 11-90     CH Misty Morn Chantilly Rose 10-89            Beverly Brandes                         Beverly Brandes

Rathsrigg Saxon Ruler (D)                      RM21729401             7/17/98         Rathsrigg Ranolph                                   Rathsrigg Reflection                                       Mr & Mrs I J Phillips                      L Freeman & D Egnell

Sangeo Azilikit (D)                                   RM20711206             8/30/98         CH Willow Wind Walker Of Okner 8-97      CH Celin's 'Aura' Mae Of Okner 8-97            Sandra Bethea                             Sandra Bethea 

Serendipity Golden Socialite (B)              RM21557304             12/6/98        CH Carillon Boulevardier 8-91                  CH Carillon Serendiptiy Calypso 2-97            L Heyman & P Pruitt                     Paul Pruitt

Sher-Meer Slaytor Gaytor (D)                RM19282305             10/18/98      CH Sher-Meer Margaritavil Jake 7-95      Sher-Meer Stony Lake Tornado 3-97            C & R Gooch                                Randy Janack

Silvery Moon My Blu Angel (B)              RM15508907             6/13/98        CH NXS Raynman 11-93                          Piperdene Pandora 11-93                             Terri Cardoni                                 J & G Kulm, T Cardoni

Starcastle's Aurora (B)                           RM16802701             9/7/98           CH Starcastle's Gingerbread Boy 5-89      CH Starcastle's Anastasia 6-96                       N & C Rappaport                          N & C Rappaport

Touchwood Myra of Wrightwyn (B)       RM12793903             8/15/98           CH Touchwood Raffles 7-94                    CH Touchwood Fools Gold CD 12-92            Lynn Hall                                      Brent Wright

Two Tone Jill Of Tamarack (B)              RM19693001             11/8/98            CH Buster Brown Of Tamarack 4-97       CH Seabreeze Of Tamarack 4-97                  Sally DeKold                                 Sally DeKold

Willow Wind Aragorn (D)                       RM21716908             4/19/98            Willow Wind Liquid Assets 11-97              CH Willow Wind Eowyn 11-97                        Mark Gilligan                                 M Gilligan & N McLaren

Willow Wind Pandemonium (D)             RM21716905              12/12/98          Willow Wind Liquid Assets 11-97             CH Willow Wind Eowyn 11-97                         Mark Gilligan                                 T Hirokawa & N Han

Willow Wind Tenure (D)                        RM21716904              6/13/98            Willow Wind Liquid Assets 11-97            CH Willow Wind Eowyn 11-97                          Mark Gilligan                                  N & S Han



Starcastle’s Lady In Blue (B)                 RM04995202              11/15/98       CH Agenor Vom Fasanengarten 11-92   CH Starcastle’s Hot Fudge 8-90                         Lt Col A & Mrs N Rappaport     
Nancy MacDonald

Willow’s Wiggles Of York, CD (D)          RM13794102              12/13/98       Chimneyhouse Webster Of York CDX 6-95/Chimneyhouse Sky Willow CDX 6-95            S & H Latz                                   S & H Latz