Internet Links That You May Find Helpful


Why don’t you just give us the complete URL?


Because, instead of giving you a “fish to eat”, I want you to be

“fishermen” and “fisherwomen”, so you can “catch your own fish”.


Or in other words, I would like you to learn

how to navigate your way around the Internet.


Below are websites that I have found helpful. An interesting website with links to many things associated with the Brütsch name.

To get to internet links, click on Internet Links, then Genealogy.

Martin County Genealogical Society, slide down to selection boxes and click on Links

To get to Werner Brütsch's database, click on WorldConnectProjectMainPage,

Go to specific database and enter wernerbrutsch (no spaces).  Then click on Advanced Search.  Enter  Bruetsch  Michael  Born 1636 in appropriate spaces.  Click on Search.

Then click on Michael’s name and click on the various options available to the viewer.

To view the Hessen, Germany genealogical website:  In Rootsweb, go to Hosted Volunteer Projects and click on WorldGen Web Project.  Then click on Europe.  Then click on Cen Euro Gen Web.  Then under Germany, click on Hessen.  Then click on Website Home Page.  Be sure to check out the Research 101 for practical information.

Click on LIBRARY tab and then click on Family History Library Catalog to get to the search options.  Type in Zurbrugg in the Surname Search routine.  Under Place Search routine, type in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland.  (As examples)

Cyndi’s Lists with thousand of genealogical links.  Supplies, charts, forms under “S” ‘s.

The place to see Land Patents granted to homesteaders.  This is the General Land Office (GLO) records in the Bureau of Land Management.  Montana is one of the states.

If the site isn’t working, try   which is another US Dept of Interior,

Bureau of Land Management website.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.  Click on Passenger Lists to get started. Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz.  An on-line version of the Switzerland's Families  and Hometowns Book that was first printed in 1962.

The Swiss Genealogy website. A message board for most of Europe.  Register to be aware of special viewing features. Switzerland, Germany & Poland charts showing surname population densities from telephone books.

The Ellis Island immigrant records from about 1896 thru 1924.  Select Passenger Search and then click on New Search. A new 2005 website that gives a way of searching for immigrants, arriving in New York City, prior to 1896, from 1830 on. A Swiss family website just loaded with other links.

A website with many pictures from Montana.  Even Broadview, MT


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