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Neanderthal DNA Test

January, 2020: Andy is interested in taking another DNA test.  It is the DNA autosomal predictor of Neanderthal DNA in your genome test.  This test estimates how much Neanderthal is in your ancestry.

Neanderthal Map Map showing the European locations of Neanderthal artifacts, per BBC News /Nature.
Updated 1 Sept 2020

Andrews62's Ancestors:

Andrews62's ancestors can be found on, in the World Connect Project.  His file is andrews62.  On it's A_Andrews.

Special Links:

60 min. video: Watch "Are We the Last Neanderthals?" presented by John Hawk, University of Wisconsin biological anthropologist, on YouTube.

20 min video: Watch "Tales of Human History Told by Neandertal and Denisovan DNA That Persist in Modern Humans" on YouTube.

55 min video: Watch "CARTA: DNA–Neandertal and Denisovan Genomes; Neandertal Genes in Humans;Neandertal Interbreeding" on YouTube.

April 2020: String from Neanderthals is discovered.

By National Geographic:  " Ancient DNA reveals new twists in Neanderthal migration."

NY Times article: 3 Jun 2012:  " A Geneticist's Research Turns Personal" by Anne Gisenberg.NY

Cosmos Magazine's Distant human relative mixed with our cousins.